‘Aisis’ he tapped her lightly on the shoulder. She had fallen deeply asleep after their meal together, now, it was almost dawn and she was still sleeping.
He watched as she slept. She was so beautiful, just like a baby would sleep, she was so relaxed and comfortable and she had no care in the world.
‘Aisis…’ he touched her lightly again, they didn’t have much time. He knew that the dark lords of Emerald would be on the lookout for them very soon. They need to come up with their own plans, they needed to find a way out of this place.
She could feel his gentle hands on her skin. She knew he was trying so hard to rouse her from sleep, but she couldn’t open her eyes. Aisis was having a vision.

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Her spirit was carried to a barren land where all she could see were trees. Suddenly, a bright light came from the sky, it was so bright that it almost blinded her.
‘Princess! Wake up, we need to leave Doom’s Dome, we need to return to Emerald before it is too late.’ He shook her more violently. He had a feeling that she was trapped in the Spirit world, but he wouldn’t entertain his fears just yet.
With all the strength she had left in her, she pulled in a deep breath and exhaled sharply, before her eyes cracked open.
‘I sense trouble in my Spirit, something is wrong, Devan.’ She straightened at once on the bed.
Hell, he knew something was wrong. The dark lords were searching everywhere in the City for her and if they failed to move fast, they could catch up with them.
‘We both know that your life is in danger. There is a great political war going on and you are in the middle of it. We need to ride to Emerald.’
Aisis understood where his thoughts were coming from, but deep and she had shared this same plan last night, but she didn’t feel like leaving for Emerald.
‘Devan, I think this is not really about me anymore, I feel…’ she rubbed her chest with her palms.
‘What do you feel Aisis? This is not the time for you to express your stubbornness. I have to take you back, because…’ he bit his lip. He cared deeply about her and if anything should happen to her, he would never forgive himself.
Aisis jumped out of bed, it had been a long time since she had that sort of vision.
She always had that vision of a barren land and trees whenever something wasn’t right.
‘I am not going back to Emerald with you, I think staying here is the right thing. We could work together and bring down the dark lords.’ She was sure she could achieve this. All she needed was Devan’s backing and a few men from King Aemon.
He knew she had this stubborn streak in her, but he was surprised that she would let it blind her to a very dangerous situation.
‘Can I ask you a question?’ He moved towards his window and pulled it open slightly, letting in the stream of morning sunlight, as dawn had faded into the wind.
‘Yes?’ She crossed her arms against her chest, wondering what his question was about.
‘When those creatures attacked the village of Labry, how many were you able to kill? How many were you able to capture?’ He scowled.
Aisis reddened, suddenly ashamed of her failure.
‘That is different, I was only prepared to do battle with men or werewolves or some familiar creations of magic not those lower angels. But now, I have you. You know everything about these creatures, we can work together and make them extinct.’ She was sure her plans would work.
Devan scoffed, Aisis still couldn’t see the future.
‘Aisis, you still do not understand what evil lies in Doom’s Dome. We must leave before nightfall.’ He ignored her grunting and marched to the door. He had a brown horse in the barn, he had to prepare it for their journey back to Emerald.
‘I will not follow you. If I have to take those men down by myself, then I will.’ She settled on the bed, defying his orders.
His chest burned, anger shot through his veins but he ignored her. He knew what to do exactly, to get her to listen to him.
Aisis felt a little bit uncomfortable staying indoors alone, so she rose to her feet and marched towards the door, but stopped as she remembered she was still wearing the black clothes.
Swiftly, she changed into the white dress that Devan had gotten for her. She marched angrily towards the door and pulled the knob.
A gust of wind raised the helm of her gown, and refreshed her features. Doom’s Dome was coldest in the mornings and hottest at noontime, she saw a beautiful side of the dark city this morning.
‘You shouldn’t be outside…’ Devan held his breath as she marched towards the barn in the white dress he had gotten for her.
To say that she was angelic, was to say the least. He could stare at her face all day long, he could drown in her beauty.
Aisis was a jewel in the savanna. Her jet black hair poured down majestically on her shoulders. He porcelain skin melted with the white dress and highlighted the rest of her facial features.

                          Aisis is a sequel to Black Sparta and Blue Valley
‘What, I am a prisoner now?’ She scoffed.
She didn’t understand why Devan was so protective of her. She was strong enough to fight for herself and she had come to tell him this.
‘Look, I have fought dragons, werewolves, vampires like myself, witches and recently, lower angels. I can take of myself. It is okay if you don’t want to help me. I am not judging you, neither do I plan to hold it against you, but just don’t try to stop me.’ She marched towards the pale looking brown horse, which started to sneer incessantly as she drew near to him.
He said nothing. He welcomed the silence that had come to dwell between them. Only the fidgety movement of the horse disturbed him.
‘Shh, be quiet now.’ Aisis began to stroke the horse’s face.
The animal reminder of her dragon, she briefly wondered how the Ganla was faring.
‘Aisis…’ He drawled and erected himself at the sight of the creature running towards them.
‘Yes?’ She followed the direction of his gaze, she was surprised to see him here, and how had he found her?
‘Isn’t that Ganla?’ Devan was surprised.
‘Yes. I am surprised he was able to find me. I had given him a command to return home should I not pick him after a night.’ She rubbed her chin thoughtfully.
Devan scoffed, ‘You know so little about your own self, how do you intend to save Emerald from the dark lords? You possess great and unimaginable powers and your heart remains pure. The imprint magic is a two way magic. It connects your victim to you; this is the only way Ganla was able to find you.’
Her mouth felt open, Devan was right, there were a lot of things that she didn’t know about herself.
She quickly rushed to receive the tired looking Ganla, ‘Boy, I know you are so tired. I know you searched everywhere for me. Where have you been?’ She kissed his face and rubbed his back.
All his anger fled as he watched her relationship with her dragon. Ganla looked perfect for her, she resembled a regal just standing next to the horse and he imagined what she would look like while riding.
‘Ganla…’ she froze as sapphire sparks flew from the dragon’s eyes to hers’.
‘Aisis!’ He rushed to the scene just in time to catch her from falling. This was one of the after effects of the special magic. He guessed that she had never experienced something like that.

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Her heart raced, her breathing was heightened. What was happening? Why was everything so different?
‘Relax, I have got you.’ He held her closely in his arms.
‘What was that?’ Her eyes fluttered.
‘Your dragon is one with your soul, he wants to tell you something and the imprint magic you did on him has bound you two together. Close your eyes and get his message.’ Devan commanded.

To be continued……

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