Andikan had retired for the day. He had gone back to the hospital and had brought his father back home, he was glad the old man was now well, they still had enough to discuss though.

He wondered why the Lord had asked him to save Unyime, what was his purpose? He knew next to nothing about her, and that would be his next assignment.

‘You look good, where are you off to’? his mother asked.

‘A date’ Andikan replied. He’d dressed simply in a jean and a T-shirt, he needed to spend time with the woman of his dreams. He was a man that believed all women craved attention and he needed to give that to her.

‘Wow, how is Naomi? When are you bringing her home’? his mother asked.


Amazing Grace Episode Ten


Amazing Grace Episode Ten


‘Excuse me Ma, I am done grating the tomatoes’ Unyime rushed into the living room and was taken aback by the handsomeness of the doctor.

‘Just wait for me darling, I’d be right there’ the woman replied, she was loving her new maid.

‘Good evening sir’ she bent her knee.

‘Well done Unyime’ he acknowledged her with a smile.

‘Thank you’ she muttered and scurried smile had pierced her heart, he was so handsome and she wondered if she was making a mistake by staying with him. What was his plan for her? When would he approach her for sex? No man could help any woman for free, things were always attached.

His smile had pierced her heart, he was so handsome and she wondered if she was making a mistake by staying with him. What was his plan for her? When would he approach her for sex? No man could help any woman for free, things were always attached.


‘So mother, talk to dad, Naomi is God’s will for me, please I don’t want us to fight anymore, you saw what happened. I intend to bring her home for official introduction a few weeks from now, I need your support greatly’ he pecked her face.

‘You’ll sure have it, let’s keep praying’ she smiled and waved him off.

Her little boy of yesterday, the baby she had carried in her womb was now a grown man and she was so proud of him. He took his responsibilities seriously, both as a pastor and a doctor. Her heart melted anytime she saw the man she had raised.

‘Thank you Jesus’ she whispered and left for the kitchen.


‘So you’re done with the tomatoes eh?’ she was curious to know more about the maid. She was reserved and shy, but she still needed to pry, who was she? And where had Andikan picked her from?

‘Here Ma’ she gave her the bowl filled with grated tomatoes.

‘So Unyime, tell me about you, where are you from? Where’s your family and how did Andikan find you’? she asked.

‘Uhmmmm…’ Unyime was thrown off balance, why would the woman ask her such a question? She couldn’t tell anyone about herself, she was a prostitute, a lowlife and if she got to know about this, Mrs Nkanga would throw her out of the house.

‘I am from Uduk- Ama village and my parents are dead’ she lied, she could never disclose which village she came from.

‘Oh? I see, I am so sorry about that dear’the woman replied, the girl was obviously lying to her and she would speak to her son about it; she seemed evasive and her eyes were restless, was she running from someone or something? What pursued her?

‘Yes, Ma’ Unyime replied. If care wasn’t taken the woman would influence her son to send her away and she couldn’t let that happen. She needed to work her magic on him, she had her plans, she would seduce him once he returned that night. That was her own way of repaying him for his kindness.


Amazing Grace Episode Ten


Her mum had known Naomi all her life, she had carried her for nine months in her womb and knew when she wasn’t alright. Naomi had been moody since her return from Elder Agu’s house, had something bad happened to her daughter?


‘What is it, Naomi? Why are you so quiet? Please talk to me’ her mother begged.

‘I am fine mother, I am just thinking of my future with Pastor Andikan. I had a dream that scared me’ she lied. She needed to distract her mother, how could she open up to her about what Elder Agu had done to her? About the way he had defiled her?

‘Please share this dream, we could pray about it’ the woman urged her on.

‘It’s very similar to yours, just that this time, he was the one that died, I am so scared mother, what does this mean’? she asked.

‘Praise God, I am happy he has revealed it to you, it means we must pray and fast for clarity and guidance. Are you sure you and Andikan were meant to be together? Did you pray about it’? the woman repeated the question.

‘Not really, but he told me he saw us getting married; could he have lied?’ she wondered.

‘Oh dear, so any man can just walk up to you and tell you about some weird dream and you’d accept their proposal without doing your own consultation’? she was mildly disappointed in her daughter.

‘Mother, Andikan is not just any man, he is an ordained man of God. He wouldn’t joke about something so important, I know him and I trust him.’ she replied.

‘Dear, men of God are human like us, what makes them different is their anointing but once that is gone, they are very much susceptible to sin. Don’t be deceived’ Mrs Usoro held her flesh to send home her point.

‘I don’t understand you mother, why are you against my relationship with Andikan? Why don’t you want us to be wed? why? From the first day I told you about our relationship, you weren’t happy, I am not a child. I know what I want and I will chase it’ she snapped angrily at her mother.

‘I can’t believe you’re yelling at me, all I am saying is the truth. Pray and fast one more time to be certain you two are meant for each other’ the woman pressed on.

‘Mom, I need to dress up now, I have a date with him and one more thing, I have already done all my prayer and fasting’ she hissed angrily and stepped out of the house.


‘Lord have mercy’ the woman was shocked at her daughter’s attitude.


Amazing Grace Episode Ten

‘I wish this pain would all go away, it hurts so much’ Naomi cried as she stepped out of the house.

If she told Andikan about how she’d been defiled, he’d abandon her for another, she was sure of this and she wasn’t prepared to lose him. She loved this man so much and there was no other for her. She cursed Elder Agu and his family another time, she would pay them back in their own coin.


‘Hello there pretty one, how are you’? Andikan smiled and pulled the car in front of their house, was she crying? Had something bad happened?

‘Sweetheart are you okay? Were you crying? What is it’? he rushed towards her and held her face in his hands.

‘Nothing. I am fine’ she had to cook up a lie.

‘You can’t tell me nothing when you’re crying, I am not blind, please talk to me’ he wiped her face with his palms.

‘You’re hurting me Andikan, we’ve been dating for three years now yet you haven’t taken a bold step to take me to the altar and you don’t even love me anymore’ she cried. She needed to lie, this was another person she had to distract.

‘Honey, I am sorry. I love you so much and you know it. I just have so many things on ground, but we’ll be fine. I promise I would try and see your people okay’? he pecked her head and guided her to the car.

‘I love you’ a tear slipped from her eyes.

‘Love you too’ he smiled.


end of Amazing Grace Episode Ten

to be concluded.


How will this end? right now everything seems to be in confusion and there are so many loose ends. Anyway…… let’s see how it goes


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  1. Comment:I think Naomi is loosing it, she should open up to someone (her mother or the pastor/doctor). If not pregancy will speak 4 her.

  2. Is better for her to open. Up since she never visited the hospital cos I’m suspecting pregnancy already well let’s watch the twist of things

  3. Unyime is definitely going to fail with her plan, as for Naomi I don’t know why she is complicating things for herself, if not for anything she should have told her mother now… Well done d.d.f You guys are the best can’t wait for tomorrow episode.

  4. Naomi, since u understand the Andikan very well, y not open up to him,I believe he will understand and also he will know were that is coming from since his father suggested Agu’s daughter for him and he declined it, than telling him lies or do u want the holy spirit to tell him that.

  5. Naomi is not been truthful with this relationship and I don’t think she can make it this way

  6. In a situation like dis, is not easy to open up. It takes the grace of God to be able to utter out the truth. To me, I believe in the God of second chance.


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