And right there as he stared into her frightened eyes, he knew he had been right. Elizabeth was set to betray him.

                        Baby Surprise S1- Eps 22

‘Who is this man?’ Trina wouldn’t cower before him. She wouldn’t show the thug that she was scared even while she channelling all her energy to warn her brother from returning home with Nora.

‘Please Trina, do what he says’ a defeated Elizabeth pleaded.

Walter watched all three women silently. He had known Jimmy’s sister from a distance, he hated her now, he hated women who exuded self confidence.

‘Get on the floor bitch else I’ll shoot’ he pointed his gun at her.

‘Go ahead, you think I am afraid of you?’ she scoffed.

‘Please get down Trina, it wouldn’t cost you a thing’ Monica tried to persuade her.

The room was tensed up, spiced with fear and anxiety. What would happen next?

‘Where is Nora?’ Walter repeated himself, his blue eyes running all over the room.

‘Please say something before you make him angry, where is my daughter?’ Elizabeth cried.

‘I don’t know’ Trina replied defiantly.

Silence, there was dead silence.

Walter was mad that this woman wouldn’t submit to his will; why was she so stubborn?

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‘Maybe I should rephrase that question, where is Jimmy? I guess Nora is with her father and you as his sister should know’ he moved towards her and placed the opening of the gun on her left breast.

‘I thought you’d know the answer to that considering the fact that you are the wisest person in here’ she replied, lacing her voice with sarcasm.

This infuriated him greatly; it was time to teach the bitch a lesson.

He lifted the gun from her breast  and swirled round quickly, his hands settling on the trigger at the same time.

Monica knew he was about shooting someone and all her hope was that he’d shoot her and so she screamed ‘No!’.

His blue eyes rested on her like a hawk would spot his prey, he released the trigger without mercy and a bullet flew right into the air, settling in Elizabeth’s skull.

“Elizabeth!” both women screamed as they realized what Walter had just done.

‘Shut up you two, now do you care to tell me where Nora is?’ he moved towards Trina.

Monica was frightened, Walter was obviously a cold blooded killer and nothing should be done to arouse his anger.

She was still yet to grasp the fact that Jimmy had a daughter; she wished she was still in talking terms with her friend Rose; they had a lot to discuss.

‘Please Trina; just tell him where Nora is before he does something to one of us’ Monica pleaded with her.

‘There’s no need of telling him, he’d still kill us all anyway’ Trina replied, she wasn’t touched by Elizabeth’s death. Only the fact that Nora may cry at the sight of her battered mother bothered her, after all Elizabeth was the cause of her brother’s downfall.

A slow smile covered his face as he spotted an older woman walking towards them with a look of bewilderment on her face.

‘By God, what is going on here’? The woman had been soundly asleep, but the sound of the gunshot woke her from sleep.

‘Mum?’ Trina was scared; her eyes were fixed on her mother. This was her weakness and Walter could use it against her.

‘You know what? I have a better plan considering I need to report the progress of my work here’ Walter reached for his buzzing phone, Eli had texted him, inquiring about Monica’s whereabouts.

‘And, I don’t like being tagged a failure. So I would do just as I was told but in a different way’ he mumbled as his fingers typed on the screen of his phone.

‘No, please don’t shoot my mother, I’d tell you where Jimmy is’ Trina sunk her knees to the floor as she realized he had something over her.

Walter laughed; the sound of it echoed maliciousness and pure evil.

‘I don’t need that information any longer, but you could be useful for something else.’ His eyes twinkled pure lust as his gaze settled on the fine mounds on her chest.

‘Please…don’t do anything stupid’ Trina clasped her hands together in prayer to him.

‘Nah, I love it when you call me names. It gets me riled up, but in a good

way honey. You’ll see.’ He pointed the gun at his hardness.

He then moved swiftly towards Trina, hitting her really hard with his gun, she passed out instantly.

‘No! What have you done to my daughter, who are you?’ The older woman yelled in fright.

Monica watched the scene carefully, not knowing what to do. Walter was a dog on loose and anything at all could  provoke him.

‘Shh…no noise, get me a pen and a paper’ he pointed the gun at the woman.

Tears poured down her face as she stared at Trina’s still form, was her child dead? She was so terrified, she wondered for a second whom she had offended to deserve this cruelty this stranger had unleashed upon them.

Blood from Elizabeth’s corpse turned the white marble floor deep red; her eyes were wide open and her tongue had fallen out.

‘Get me a pen and a paper, will you!’ Walter’s voice was now very stern.

‘Please, do as he says Madam’ Monica pleaded with her. She was terribly afraid of what Walter would do next; she was tired of crying knowing that wouldn’t get her out of her situation.

Elizabeth was dead, Trina probably too, who would be next?

Though he had not bounded her hands like he did Elizabeth, she didn’t have the nerve to try anything stupid, what if she did and failed? Walter would tear her into shreds. From the look of it, he was the type of killer that made his victims suffer excruciating pains.

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‘You know what? Let’s get the pen and paper together’ Walter grabbed the woman roughly, and moved towards Monica, doing same to her.

‘Please Walter, don’t kill me…I’d do anything that you ask’ Monica blinked away the tears that had settled in her eyes. She needed to strike a bargain with him, maybe that could work out, maybe that could save them.

‘Just shut up till I decide how best to kill you’ he shoved her roughly as they walked away from the living room.

Minutes later they arrived the study, where books and scattered sheets of paper where in abundance.

‘Take one and write a note telling your son that you and Trina had gone to visit one of your relatives outside of Tomato Island’ Walter pushed the woman forward, his gun back in hand.

Tears rolled down on Monica’s face as she watched the woman, whatever Walter was planning was grave. He meant to eliminate all three of them, but to what end? Trina and her mother had done nothing to him, they were not even connected in any way.

‘Please Walter, you should reconsider’ Monica licked her lips, desperate for an escape route.

‘One more word from you and you’ll be the first to die’ Walter waved the gun in her face after which he riveted his eyes back on the older woman whose back was bent on the table.

‘Walter…there’s something you must know about Eli. I was with him and Rose today and I could save you from what he is planning’ Monica started, ignoring his threats earlier. She had thought of something, and this plan was her best shot.

Walter ignored her completely, his eyes focused on the woman. After minutes of scribbling on the sheet, she straightened and swirled round.

‘Are you through?’ Walter asked.

‘Yes.’ She nodded with tears in her eyes.

‘Good, bring it’ he ordered, she obeyed.

His sapphire eyes ran over the paper and a sly smile crossed his lips, satisfied with the note, he grabbed the woman once more and together they all returned to the living room.

‘One thing done, this remains but it must be cleaned up properly’ Walter’s eyes settled on the corpse of the woman that he once loved.

‘Walter, Eli is not who you think he is, he would turn his back against you’ Monica chipped in another time.

Her statement was met with Walter’s icy stare, his eyes settled on her, scanning her face for the truth.

‘You know what, you talk too much’ he rolled his eyes.

The women had not expected this; Walter pushed them away and hit them both with his elbow. The attack was so abrupt and the blows were at strategic places.

The two women fell to the floor at once.

‘Now I have a lot of work to do’ he stared at the bodies, sweat breaking out on his forehead.

He was always the one doing the dirty work; he hoped Eli would share the money equally once the deal with Rose was closed.

………To be continued

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  1. I know Elizabeth was a Jezebel but I feel sorry for her to end that way… Walter has no conscience at all. I’m sure Eli’s gonna betray him in the end.


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