Baby Surprise S1- Eps One


The sting of the night was cold as the trees were dancing and the wind was cold. Water poured down from the skies, melting the earth’s dusty resolve. It rained heavily.

The mansion stood like a jewel in the woods; glowing, dazzling fine but a heavy dose of gloom saturated the atmosphere.

‘This year’s Christmas is not going to be nice, I sense evil’ Trina said to her elder brother as she leaned close to the window.

‘That Zodiac thing you got going doesn’t suit you, you should learn a trade or better still go back to the university’ Jimmy yawned and poured more soup into his plate.

‘You don’t believe in your sister much’ his mother pointed out.

‘Nah, you don’t just predict the beauty or ugliness of a month by its weather conditions’ Jimmy replied.

It was raining on the first day of December, which seemed an anomaly to Tomato Island, the little town which was known for its sparse rainfall conditions.


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Davina Diaries Fiction: Baby Surprise S1- Eps One

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‘But I predicted her elopement…I predicted that she would leave you’ Trina peeled herself from the window and drilled a hole in her brother’s heart by the cold stare she gave to him.

She hated it when he undermined her or when he made her feel terrible for dropping out of the University to pursue a career in astronomy, something that she really liked.

‘How dare you’? Jimmy pushed his plates aside and rose to his feet.

‘You know the truth; you know I have a gift and what you do is undermine it with your unbelief. I told you Elizabeth was going to leave and she would leave you high and dry, but you refused to listen, now we have lost everything. All thanks to you’ Trina hissed and left for her room.

‘Did you just hear that? She is so rude and I will put her in her proper place’ Jimmy started for his sister’s room but his mother came to her rescue.

‘Come on, you don’t have to do this, you are bigger than this. Take a chill pill and finish your food. You still have that interview tomorrow’ his mother tried to pacify him.

‘But she needs to watch her tongue, how am I not sure she was the one that made Elizabeth leave with her witchcraft powers’? Jimmy yelled.

‘We both know that is a lie, that crazy ex wife of yours was never meant for you. Now finish your food and prepare for your interview’ his mother successfully calmed him and guarded him back to his seat.

He washed his hands, ready to eat but he realized that his appetite had fled him. He realized that his sister’s words had sank deep, he was only mad because she told her the truth.

‘I am not hungry, goodnight mother’ Jimmy pushed the plates aside and rose to his feet.

‘Oh dear, is this because of what your sister said’? The older woman asked.

‘No. I need to rest my head’ Jimmy replied and strolled out of the dining room towards his bedroom.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he stepped into the empty room that was now his’. He had loved her deeply. He had been a fool for love and she had manipulated him to the fullest. He swore underneath his breath that he was never going to love a woman till his dying breath.


You are Reading: Baby Surprise S1- Eps One


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Elizabeth had defrauded him, more than half of his inheritance was gone, he was left with almost nothing; the business he had established had crumbled. She had eloped with another man.

Right from the moment, he brought her home to meet his mother and his sister, they had not welcomed her, but he had reminded them that he was an adult and was capable of taking decisions on his own.

Thereafter, they got married in the court and that was the beginning of his problems. A month into their marriage, he realized she was a total stranger.

She smoked, drank like a fish and partied like a whore. She had no respect for him and whenever he confronted her, she would attack him physically.

He had just been married for three months when he decided he wouldn’t have the energy to tolerate her wildness, and that was when he decided to file for divorce. Unknown to him, she had already taken two steps ahead and his present condition was caused by her betrayal.

He had paid off the numerous loans he had gotten with the money she left him, sooner or later he was going to be broke, but he had decided to swallow his pride. He was going to work, everything that had happened was his fault and he needed to fix it.

His eyes scanned the scanty wardrobe before him, this was his first interview and he needed to appear his best. Wasn’t it ironical how things changed? He was once a boss and now he was going to be “bossed” by a woman, one he shared a history with.

He had dumped her for Elizabeth.

He shuddered at the thought of seeing her again; the thought of looking into the face of the woman he had betrayed.

‘Fuck me’ he forced his eyes shut. This was his last chance and he needed to take it as he had gone for a lot of interviews elsewhere but he had ended up rejected.

Losing his inheritance had taught him a great lesson. Most of his friends had abandoned him; all the rich circles he belonged to had shunned him. He was alone now; he had to be strong as the waters were rough.

All these had taken place, five years ago. It had been five years and still he had not been able to recover financially from the loss of his stolen inheritance.

‘Lord help me out of this’ he whispered a prayer, he had not prayed for a very long time.

Sleep was calling, so he sank into the small bed that now replaced the bed he had shared with his ex-wife; he needed to rest his head so he could wake early.

He had not shut his eyes for a few minutes when he heard a loud cry.

‘What is that’? He sat up abruptly. The rain had subsided, it was drizzling now. The cry was one of despair, of hopelessness.

He rose to his feet and rushed outside his room, hoping neither his sister nor his mother were in trouble.

“ Arh”! he heard the cry again, this time, he traced the direction of the sound and it led him to his front door.

He took a deep breath and pulled the door open quickly. Confusion washed over him as he stared at the little child standing right in front of him.

‘What the hell is this’? He scoffed, hoping he wasn’t hallucinating.

‘I am sorry…I scream a lot when I am scared’ the little girl replied with an angelic smile.

‘Are you real’? Jimmy brushed his eyes with the back of his hand.

‘Good morning Daddy’ she grinned.

‘I am finished’ Jimmy couldn’t believe what was happening. Who was this little girl and where did she come from?


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