‘I am sorry darling, I will make sure he doesn’t hurt your or anyone else’ Jimmy replied, believing his daughter had seen the creation of her imagination. Walter didn’t exist here, she had just been terrified of being left alone.

Baby Surprise S2- Eps 4

‘Aw. So cute’ Mia smiled as she watched father and daughter.

Rose Legacy had been described by a lot of people as “hard” but even the hardest of hearts could be softened by just looking at this emotional scene.

It was the display of true love. Seeing him with such a pretty girl made her views about him to waver. Jimmy really looked like a different person.

The way he cuddled the child in his arms, protecting her against the world, the way he whispered into her ears showed he was a loving father.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: Baby Surprise S1- Eps One

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She loved the aspect of him, it reminded her of the relationship between her and her late father. They had been really close and he had loved her with everything in him.

A tear ran down her cheeks as she suffered flashbacks of her father’s love.

‘No’ she shook her head, she couldn’t let go of what Jimmy did to her. He dumped her for a woman and probably had a child by that same woman, what was there to forgive?

She quickly wiped her face before anyone could see the tears that ran down her face.

‘Good morning Miss Legacy’ Jimmy said to her, once he was done comforting his daughter.

‘Morning, I hope you know that this is a formal establishment and we would not tolerate family here’ she started in an icy voice.

‘Yes’ Jimmy nodded, he had expected this.

‘Good’ she clenched her fists together and trudged towards her office.

Jimmy felt really bad, maybe bringing Nora to Legoil had been a very bad idea. He desperately needed Rose’s forgiveness, seeing Nora would hurt her the more.

‘Um, you wanted to ask me for something’ Mia cleared her throat.

‘Yes, Can you help me babysit Nora while I walk in the garden?’ Jimmy asked.

‘That wouldn’t be a problem, I love kids’ Mia paused, fear returning to her eyes ‘I can’t say much for my boss’.

‘You don’t know her Mia, don’t judge her. She has been through a lot’ Jimmy warned.

‘Whatever, I’ll take care of your little princess’ Mia returned with a smile.

‘Thanks’ Jimmy nodded while watching her closely.

Mia was not a happy person, she was only wearing a cover; a protective shell to look tough but in reality, she was anything but tough. Something was eating her up and he would find the answers to the questions that bugged his mind.

‘I will be back soon dear, stay well with Aunt Mia, will you?’ Jimmy patted her head.

‘I will dad’ Nora smiled at her father.

‘Such a pretty girl, my name is Mia and you are?’ Mia smiled at her.

‘Little Nora’ she returned the smile.

‘I see that you are friends already, see you later girls’ Jimmy waved at them; it was time to resume work.

Working with Rose wasn’t going to take him to the place that he needed to be, the place of a father. He needed a job that could afford him pay that would be enough for Nora and the rest of his family.

His thoughts dwelt on the cab driver from the night before, praying a job should fall through. He would take it without looking back.

She found it difficult to focus on other things except for Monica. So she had decided to go to her office and for documents that may exonerate her.

Her eyes scanned the surfaces of the cupboards; she checked the drawers, the floor, and the trash bin but there was nothing.

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This was not enough to proof her innocence.

Sweat broke out on her forehead as she regarded the office she had turned upside, why couldn’t she find anything that connected Monica to what Eli had accused her of? Or anything that could alleviate her from the accusation? This was getting more confusing, but she was sure in her heart that Eli couldn’t lie to her.

‘He just couldn’t’ she sighed, deciding that maybe Monica had only sought Walter out to work with him against her.

Rose didn’t want to bring Mia in, she didn’t want to question the girl. She had worked with her for a long time and she knew just how timid Mia was. Most times, timid people didn’t lie, Mia would definitely not lie to her.

She bent carefully and started to gather all the files that she had scattered.

Her mind returned to the little girl she had seen, Jimmy’s daughter; the girl had mentioned something about Walter. Maybe Walter was the key to this puzzle.

‘Maybe I should ask Shaheed for his picture, which could go a long way’ she thought to herself.

Abruptly, she rose to her feet and reached for the door, she certainly needed to set eyes on that criminal bastard that was set to defraud her.

She took one look at the files that were sprawled all over the floor, ‘I’ll be back for you,’ she shook her head and returned to her office.

She had not walked far when she sighted Eli, her heart began to race as she remembered his kiss earlier, and she really hoped that he had forgotten all about their quarrel in the morning. Once this problem was over, she planned a vacation for them both. The Caribbean was a good place to start. How romantic it would be, waking up to the glory of the rising sun, dancing in beaches and sleeping under the full glare of a colourful moon.

Eli had seen her first. He had been in her office searching for her. He had a strong feeling that Rose was up to something. She was hiding something from him. He could tell that she did not trust him anymore and that was bad, it was a disastrous ingredient to the recipe of his plans.

He had tried making contact with Walter, but all to no avail.

‘Baby…’ he rushed towards her. He had made a terrible mistake in the morning by snapping at her, he shouldn’t have acted that way, that alone would push her far from him which was also bad for his plans. Rose was like a pet, he knew how to feed her desires, he knew how to bend her will and that was just what he would do.

‘Eli’ she held her breath as she looked into his seductive eyes, desire burned her skin. She felt like holding him close, but she remembered the things she had to do.

‘I’ve been looking everywhere for you, where have you been?’ he caressed her face with his slender fingers.

‘I…’Rose paused not knowing what to say. She didn’t want to lie to him, but she couldn’t tell him the truth either, she didn’t want him to be mad.

‘You don’t need to lie baby, tell me everything. You can trust me, you know?’ he kept stroking her face like that of a baby.

This was it; the urge to trust him had come again. As she looked into his light blue eyes, she saw genuineness, kindness and the willingness to be involved in whatever bothered her.

‘But Jimmy had been that way too’ a voice whispered to her mind.

‘Enough of him’ she shut her eyes and ears against the voice. For how long would she compare Eli and Jimmy? They were two different people; one was a saint and one was a devil.

‘Let’s go to my office, I have a lot to tell you’ she decided to let him in. She was really confused; she believed she could trust Eli.

………To be continued

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