I still couldn’t believe my mum was gone, how was that even possible? I saw her in my room this morning, she kissed me and made me breakfast,now she was dead.

‘Young lady, did your mother have any enemies? Did anyone threaten her’? a detective was asking me some questions.

Already a file had been opened to investigate my mother’s death,it was strange and mysterious and it led me into thinking deep. Why did my parents always have to die mysteriously?

First my dad had been mauled by some animal and my mom was stabbed with a wooden rod. What was really happening?


Black Sparta - Episode Two

Black Sparta – Episode Three


‘That would be all, we’ll send someone to watch you closely, do you have any other family we could contact’? the man asked.

‘No sir. I have no living relatives and I am an only child’ I replied.

‘Okay. My condolences, stay safe’ he patted my shoulder and left me to face my pain alone. The doctors had already assessed and confirmed her dead, there was nothing else I could do. I was so scared as reality hit me, how could I survive this cruel world alone? Whose shoulder will I cry on?

My body shook as I sobbed at a corner in the hospital. Mum’s body had been taken into the morgue, there was no turning back, no miracle, she was dead.

‘Chisom! Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say’ Oma rushed and hugged me. That was all I needed.

‘We heard the news and we decided to come see you, you’ll be fine’ Aka rubbed my back and more tears flowed.

‘Where’s Mark?’ I managed weakly and I noticed the way Oma and Aka exchanged glances.

‘He would be here later’ Oma replied.

‘Later? He isn’t coming is he’? I could read it on their faces.

‘How I’m I gonna survive without a mother. I am all alone in this world’? I cried.


Black Sparta – Episode Three


Aemon Le Premier was the older brother of Anne and Aisis Le Premier.

They were ancient vampires that had been turned on their request, they’d suffered, they’d been oppressed and the only way to pay the world back was to become a powerful creature, of all the creatures they knew of, they’d chosen to become vampires.

‘Where are you coming from and why did you kill her without my permission’? Aemon sensed his younger sister Isis as she walked into the house.

‘What are you talking about? I went to get my nails done’? Aisis smiled sweetly at him.

She was the stubborn and eccentric one of them all, even her brother Aemon who was the most feared vampire in the world didn’t scare her, he didn’t terrify her.

‘You killed Ngozi Premium, that wasn’t my plan’ Aemon turned round and faced her.

Their mother had been a fair skinned arab woman from Egypt, she was a slave before their father, King Djarla, King of Dahomey 1500-1625 married her. She’d given birth to the three of them and they’d inherited her features.

Her flawless light skin, her well shaped nose and curly hair.

‘No, I planned to kill her last though because of the common history we share, I even planned to make her death very panful’ Aisis replied.

They’d been born with a sliver spoon, well favored by their father who was a very powerful king, but their step mother had accused their mother of being a witch and she was banished from Dahomey, shortly after their banishment, their father took ill and died.

There was a revolution, Aemon was to be crowned king but their step brother, usurped the throne and sold them off to a popular slave trader of that time, Doka Premium.

‘Then who did? Because she is dead. She was found dead this morning close to her car. Check this out’ he showed her the picture on his phone.

‘Wow, whoever did that isn’t’t human’ Aisis said.

‘Definitely not. Maybe a werewolf or a witch’ Aemon fingered his chin thoughtfully.

‘Who are you kidding? Werewolves don’t kill people like that and not even at noon, witches butcher people in their coven, their secret places of worship, so maybe we have another vampire in town’ Aisis suggested, that was the only logical explanation.

‘Or maybe someone is trying to send a message. Death by the wooden rod is an open declaration of war, it is a challenge, whoever killed this woman is powerful and is daring us.’ Aemon said.

‘Well, our mission is to destroy the Premiums and the four families who conspired against us. Once we destroy them, we get the hell out of Langoon and go to Dahomey and carry out another round of revenge’ said Aisis as she poured herself some tea.

‘What if the Premiums have other enemies’? Aemon wondered.

‘Well, we cannot rule that out, Doka premium was a slave master and made so many enemies. We all want to take out our anger on the remaining part of his family. That is fair enough’ Aisis said.

‘Fair? I think we should spare the girl, there’s something about her, we may need her in future’

Aemon with the help of his sister Anne, who was partly a witch,was able to enter her dreams to break the spell of banishment the four families had erected against them.

‘No one is going to be spared, this is war, I hope you have not fallen in love with a human’ Aisis smirked.


Black Sparta – Episode Three


My friends Aka and Oma were gone, Oma had dressed my bed and made me dinner, but I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t have the courage to eat, how could i? when the only pillar I had in this world was dead?

‘I love you mum’ I stared at her picture and stroked her face.

Immediately I spoke those words, I felt something move in me, like a slow wind passing through me, but I didn’t feel cold, it felt warm and reminded me of her sweet dear hugs.

I smiled briefly as I recounted the days I spent with her while she was alive.

Ngozi Premium was a hardworking woman, she was a caring person and didn’t deserve to die. I shrugged and pulled out my mirror, my eyes were puffy from crying.

I noticed how strong the semblance between me and my mother was. We were both light skinned, my grandfather Doka Premium was a light skinned Arab man though he grew up in Badagry, he was from Benin republic, the seat of rulership then, the kingdom of Dahomey.

I was not tall, I was short and chubby, my baby fat clung to my neck and gave it rings.

I had a round face, a rounded nose which could pass as cute, big eyes with a light blue color that resembled faded jeans, my mum said I inherited it from my great Grandfather, Doka premium.

I had heard his name so many times, but I knew next to nothing about my family. I had average lips, they weren’t thin or too thick, so I resembled my mum, the only difference was this, she was taller than I was.

I felt so hurt that my own Boyfriend couldn’t come to check on me, how cruel was Mark?

I decided to break up with him, the relationship wasn’t working, I would only be deluding myself to think he still loved me.

Besides, I had my education to worry about, though my mum had saved enough for me, I still needed to work hard and excel, I wanted to be the best writer in the whole of West Africa and the world.


You are reading Black Sparta – Episode Three


An hour had passed and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to go check my mum’s library, she was an avid reader and had ignited my passion for reading too.

‘What shall I read’? I was already in the library.

I scanned the shelf briefly, there were so many books in this library but I noticed they were all about Magic, mysticism and occult practices, that was creepy and I felt weird because we were Catholics.

‘The Premiums?’ I raised my brows as I saw the book titled after my surname.

‘This is a story, of truth and histories, the four families were merged into one, the foundation of all things, the guardians to humans and the destroyers. The Wolf, the Witches and the shape shifter.

The first family to settle in Langoon, the Premiums’ I read the words aloud, this wasn’t making sense.

‘Like seriously’? I scoffed, wolf and witches and shape shifter? This sounded like some vampire fairytale.

I had watched vampire diaries, True blood and the Originals many times, seeing this book in my mother’s library baffled me.

‘Geez’! I almost fell on the shelf as I heard a cat meow. I was sure of this, I knew whatever weird sound I’d heard was a cat and it gave me the chills.


As I was about to move out of the library, the lights went out and I was glued with fear, what the hell was going on here?

In Langoon, we had constant electricity courtesy of our Governor, Mr Providence, and whenever the lights were to go out, they’d been an announcement.

‘it must be that stupid circuit breaker’ it always gave us problems.

I groped in the darkness till I stepped into the living room, I don’t know why, but I felt a presence, the hairs on my neck stood up, I wasn’t alone.

This scent was very similar to my mum’s, she always wore Lavender spray, fear pricked me, what sort of trick was this?

‘Som’ I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and I was about to scream, a hand forcefully closed my mouth, then the lights came on again.

‘Mum?’ my eyes widened in shock, as I looked into my mother’s eyes, what was she doing alive? I couldn’t believe this.

end of Black Sparta – Episode Three

to be continued tomorrow by 8:30pm


Hmmmm, getting interesting. Nothing much to say here yet. Just read on and enjoy.


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