Aemon stared at her angelic face, she had him wanting for her but he couldn’t take her without her consent. He wanted to make love to her and kiss the breath out of her.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Blue Valley Ep.1


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‘Aemon’? My lips parted slightly, I wanted to kiss him but I couldn’t say the words.

‘Darling’? His hands fell on my shoulders, as if he read my thoughts, he bent his face and kissed me on my lips.

The kiss was chaste at first, then he slid his tongue into my mouth and I let him. It felt sweet, as his tongue glided with mine, the odd sensation spread all over my body and I began to yearn for his touch in places I had never explored before.

‘I want to make love to you’ he broke the kiss and stared into my eyes.

‘Yes’ I nodded, I wanted his hands all over my body.

Slowly, he recoiled from me, then lifted me to the bed. He began to kiss me again while his hands pulled off my dress. Blood rushed to my face as I lay nude on the bed. He noticed my discomfort and kissed me.

‘You’re beautiful, everything about you’ he leaned forward and took a tit into his mouth.

A soft cry escaped my lips as he fed on the nipple; he rubbed the other with his hand till it became hard.

‘I want you to enjoy this’ he muttered and bit my earlobe.

‘I want more’ I caressed his back.

He gave my two mounds a squeeze, then pulled out his tongue and trailed a fine line from between my mounds to my abdomen; I almost exploded from pure pleasure.

His hands reached for my thighs and caressed it softly, knead it like dough, before his slender fingers moved upwards and touched my core. I writhed in ecstasy as his fingers glided on my moist thigh.

A feeling of satisfaction climbed on me and my whole body shook.

‘Do you like that’? He parted my legs wider.

‘Yes’ I nodded.

You Are Reading: Blue Valley (A Sequel to ‘Black Sparta’) – Episode 6

He directed his core to my opening and plunged deeply; suddenly I felt overpowered as something dark took over my body.

‘Get off of me, you dick’ I groaned and pushed Aemon off of me.

‘What are you doing’? he rose to his feet as she pushed him away.

‘None of your damn business’ I replied and slipped on my clothes.

‘Oh no’ he whispered as his eyes went to her wrists, the iron rites that were supposed to prevent the grisnamoq demon from taking total control of her mind had been broken.

‘Where is the dagger’? I punched Aeomon harder.

‘What dagger’? He grunted and tried to fight me, but in this state, I was much more powerful than three vampires put together.

Aisis had used Vampire speed to reach Langoon, she waited at their house for Ngozi, and they needed to come up with a plan.

Her phone buzzed, Anne was calling.

‘Hello lovely sister, how are you guys holding up’? Aisis scanned the environment as she spoke.

‘Fine. Have you arrived’? Anne asked.

‘Yes, still waiting for the grisanmoq’s mother’ Aisis hissed, she was an impatient being.

‘Don’t call her that, she had a name’ Anne corrected her.

‘A name? Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts, we had a plan and we must stick to it’ Aisis had a feeling Anne had grown soft on Chisom.

‘I think we should forget about her powers, I have seen Aemon’s face when he looks at her, he is in love, he is happy, he deserves that’ Anne replied knowing her sister would be greatly infuriated.

‘You’re kidding right? Well hear me well, I would kill Chisom Premium no matter how long it takes, I don’t care about Aemon’s love for her. She is a means to an end’ Aisis snapped angrily at her sister.

‘Please you need to stop this Aisis…’ Anne paused as she heard a loud bang from Aemon’s cabin. Had they been attacked? She wondered briefly.

‘I have to go off right now, I’ll be right back’ Anne brought the call to an end.

‘Whatever’ Aisis hissed.

You Are Reading: Blue Valley (A Sequel to ‘Black Sparta’) – Episode 6

The hairs on her nape rose as she felt a presence, she wasn’t alone. She swirled round and found a little dove behind her.

‘Do you mind? We don’t have much time so you better change into a human being’ she rolled her eyes and moved away.

‘So what’s our plan exactly’? Ngozi had transformed into a dove and flown back to Langoon.

‘We will split. Use your shape shifting skills and find all the information you can at the Laveraux museum where Crystal is being worshipped’ Aisis said.

‘I hope you’re not ordering me’ Ngozi wasn’t please with her tone.

‘I am a thousand years older than you, maybe I have the right to’ Aisis sneered at her.

As they approached the La premier mansion, a sharp arrow landed on Ngozi’s back and she gave a loud scream.

‘Shit, we were surrounded’ Aisis used vampire speed and vanished.

‘Wait, take me along’ Ngozi groaned as blood soaked her back.

‘I see you have returned to my city, tell me Ngozi, why did you sneak in uninvited? I guess you have a plan’ Crystal’s eyes twinkled as she came face to face with the grisnamoq’s daughter.

‘Get away from me, you sick bitch’ Ngozi groaned.

‘I need to take this Ngozi’ Crystal winked.

‘Hello Justin, how are you doing’? She hoped he had found the girl.

‘Majeste, I found the girl you described, but there is nothing peculiar about her. She seems like an ordinary girl, I don’t know why you saw her in a trance’ Justin replied.

‘Are you sure about this? My mother doesn’t lie, stick around Justin, don’t let her out of your sight, I have a feeling something good will come out of this’ Crystal was confident.

‘As you wish Majeste’

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‘Aemon? What happened’? Anne rushed towards her brother, he seemed unconscious. She searched the room for Chisom, but she was nowhere to be found.

‘The demon took over her’ Aemon groaned and rose to his feet.

‘What do you mean the demon took over her? Wasn’t she wearing the iron rites’? She noticed the hesitation in his eyes.

‘She was, it just broke off and she overpowered me’ Aemon replied.

‘This cannot happen Aemon, we’re landing  in the next thirty minutes, now we need Chisom most, I have done another spell that would lead us straight to the witch, if the demon has taken total control of her, then there’s nothing more we can do. So you better tell me what transpired between you because you are hiding something from me’ Anne glanced at her watch.

‘We were making out’ he licked his lips nervously.

‘Making out’? Anne arched a brow.

‘We were about making love’ he gritted his teeth and looked away from his sister.

‘And?’ Anne waited.

‘She just changed, she became so energetic and pushed me off her, she was totally different’ Aemon explained.

‘Wow, then we have got more problems on our hands, we need to find her and put those back on her’ Anne pointed at the iron rites.

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‘I am sorry Anne, I never knew something like that could happen, if I did, I wouldn’t have touched her’ Aemon apologized.

‘No need, nobody knew this would happen and you love this girl so much. There’s still so much we do not know about grisnamoqs, this shows the information on the book we found in her house is limited. I wish we knew just how to conquer this demon once and for all’ Anne replied.

‘Yes. Let’s go find her before the demon influences her to do something stupid’ Aemon fetched his sister’s hand and pulled her along with him.

‘She would still be in this ship, there’s no escaping, and we’re surrounded by water’ Anne breathed nervously as they stepped outside the cabin.

‘Chisom? Wherever you are, come out, we are here to save you and not to hurt you’ Aemon yelled.

‘Excuse me sir, is there a problem? Seems you’re looking for something’ one of the cabin boys approached Aemon.

‘Yes, I am looking for Chisom, have you seen her anywhere’? he asked.

Anne closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she felt so frustrated. If the grisnamoq took total control of Chisom, there would be no saving her and all her hard work would be in vain.

As she was about to open them, she had another vision, she saw a dagger. This one was quite different from the first she had seen, it seemed shorter and sharper, what did all these mean?

‘Are you okay’? Aemon stared at her.

‘I keep having visions of knives, I don’t understand it at all. I have never been in this kind of situation’ Anne sighed. She felt like the weight of the whole world was on her shoulders.

‘If this wasn’t such a bad timing, I’d have taken you to an old friend who resides in New Orleans’ Aemon rubbed her head.

…… To be continued.

You Have Been Reading: Blue Valley (A Sequel to ‘Black Sparta’) – Episode 6

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