‘Okay then’ Damola shrugged, ignoring the lightskinned woman totally.

‘I don’t understand, Isn’t that supposed to be your fiancé’? Marian whispered to Tolu.

 A Bride For November S1- Eps 16

‘Not now Marian, I’ll tell you everything when we get home’ Tolu returned. ‘Whatever, keeping secrets ain’t the best’ Marian sighed. She needed to focus on what was ahead. Mmayen had to lose the baby and her life too.

Unknown to Ife, she had included a poisonous substance in the syringe; one that would end Mmayen forever.

‘Well, for the records, he isn’t my fiancé, he happens to be in love with Mmayen, so get your eyes off of him’ Tolu said through clenched teeth, it was so obvious Marian was checking Damola out.

‘What? Does he Know Mmayen’? She felt defeated.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: A Bride For November S1- Eps 1

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Tolu said nothing. She focused on Mmayen, how was she doing now? How was she faring?

Damola pushed the door open, the door to the private room he had paid for her to be kept.

His heart raced as he stared at the empty bed.

‘Where is Mmayen’? Tolu asked as she followed him into the room.

As they moved closer to the bed, they realized the drips were abandoned. It seemed she had pulled them out.

Mmayen was gone.

‘She lost the baby’ a doctor walked into the room.

‘She lost the baby’? Damola stared at the doctor wide eyed.

‘Yes…but not through accident. I should leave now’ the man bit his lip as he realized he had shared too much.

‘Wait…did you tell her this’? Marian came forward, her heart raced as she imagined what Mmayen would do if she suspected Ife was behind her miscarriage.

‘Yes, she deserved to know the truth. I told her once I realized that she was stable. She is strong, the pain would fade away before tomorrow’ the doctor replied and moved out of the room.

Tolu was dumfounded, if Mmayen didn’t lose the pregnancy because of the accident, then something was wrong. She wasn’t going to let this one go, she needed to see the doctor in private. She needed to get down to the root of this matter.

‘Can you escort me to the doctor’s office’? Tolu whispered to Denzel, who was as confused as the rest of them.

‘Sure, why not’ Denzel took hold of her hand and they moved towards the door.

‘Where are you two going? We need to find Mmayen, I need to see her, please, where do you think she would be’? Damola threw the question at Tolu, still not comfortable with the light skinned woman next to him.

‘Can you give us a minute? I’ll be back, I promise’ Tolu said, she needed to speak with the doctor first.

‘Okay, I would wait but please hurry, there is no time’ Damola nodded and watched as they both moved out of the room.

He felt horrible that she had lost her baby. It wasn’t making sense, could the doctor be lying? The pregnancy had to be aborted by the accident, except…

‘Except she was already experiencing the miscarriage and that was why she lost control of the steering’ he voiced out his thoughts.

‘Oh my God’ he exhaled sharply.

‘Are you okay’? Marian had been watching him the whole time, he was so handsome. More adorable in reality, she had known right from the start that Tolu wouldn’t get to keep him. He was too good for her. But she wasn’t happy about Tolu’s recent revelation, that this Adonis was in love with Mmayen.

‘Why must everything be about that bitch’? She thought to herself.

‘I am fine. Thank you’ Damola offered her a polite smile. He had never felt this aversion for anyone before, but from the moment he set eyes on her, something inside of him repulsed her.

‘My name is Marian, I am Mmayen’s cousin and you are’? Marian tried to get close.

‘Damola’ he replied simply.

‘Um, so how do you know my cousin, I hear you are in love with her’ she parted her lips into a smile.

Of course he was in love with her, but it wasn’t anybody’s business, particularly Marian. Luckily for him, Lila chose to ring him at the same time.

He sighed, Mmayen’s accident had created a rift between him and his plans. He had been on his way to meet with Ifedayo Legacy, he knew Lila was calling to find out how the meeting went.

‘Lila…’ he pressed the phone next to his left ear.

‘Damola…where are you? I need to see you urgently’ Lila was eager to tell her brother all what she had discovered.

‘I am in the hospital with Denzel, I had an accident’ Damola replied.

‘I hit someone, it turned out to be Mmayen’ he added.

The line fell quiet as silence kissed her.

‘I don’t understand, which Mmayen’? Lila held her breath, this was fate.  She needed to tell her brother the truth of what her mother and Aunt Imisi had done.

‘The one I have always loved, the one I grew up with. She is so beautiful Lila, you need to see her now’ a smile brightened his face.

Lila was  excited and scared. Her emotions were a mixture of sweet anxiety.

‘Um, when you are back, I’ll tell you something very important. I also found something about Iris and I am paying her a visit to keep her in place’ Lila diverted.

‘Iris Legacy? Please Lila, tread with caution, that woman is a viper’ Damola warned.

‘I know and that is why I wouldn’t be going alone’ Lila said.

‘Who are you going with’? Damola asked.

‘Dad. I have a feeling he knows something about that woman. I watched his face the whole time, and I guess he must have had an affair with Iris while being married to mother’ Lila was very smart and she knew how adulterous her father had been.

Damola paused, he had felt this too, but he hadn’t wanted to confront his father, the chief, knowing very well the man would deny it.

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‘What makes you think he’d agree to go with you’? Damola wondered where Lila got this confidence.

‘Don’t worry, I can handle dad’ Lila sighed. She was still bothered about Mmayen, how would Damola handle the news that her mother had a hand in her parents death?

‘Alright dear, I have to go now Denzel is back’ Damola broke the call and rushed towards his brother.

Her heart twisted bitterly as she had listened to the call, he was in love with Mmayen and it irked her that a man as handsome as this would be hers yet again. She wouldn’t allow it.

So she had to play her cards, this was a game and she would win.

‘What did the doctor say’? Marian asked seeming very concerned.

‘Nothing. He wouldn’t disclose a thing to us’ Tolu replied.

‘So, where can we find her’? Damola asked.

‘Obviously, that bastard’s house, she has gone back there to weep in his arms’ Tolu blurted out angrily.

‘Tolu’! Marian cautioned her.

Damola’s fears were confirmed; maybe the man she was in love with wasn’t treating her well. But he wasn’t here to fight for her love as she had someone else; he just wanted her to be happy.

‘Take me to her, please’ he turned to Tolu.

‘Okay…’ Tolu sighed, regretting the words that had flown out from her mouth.

‘I am coming along’ Marian joined in.

‘Lila is calling me Damola, I must return home’ Denzel called to his brother and then rushed towards Tolu’s side and planted a swift kiss on her forehead.

‘I’ll be back for you’ he whispered.

….To be Continued

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