‘Lila is calling me Damola, I must return home’ Denzel called to his brother and then rushed towards Tolu’s side and planted a swift kiss on her forehead.

‘I’ll be back for you’ he whispered.

                       A Bride For November S1- Eps 17

She felt hurt, broken and fooled as she stared at the mirror on the wall. Her face was bruised, her lips were wounded. Her whole body ached but the doctor assured her she would get better.

He had not wanted her to leave the hospital as she had just been brought out from the theatre, but she didn’t care. She didn’t want to play victim anymore.

She wondered who the kind stranger was. He had hit her, taken her to the hospital and had paid all her bills. Such a kind act really touched her heart and she decided she would find the stranger and thank him.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: A Bride For November S1- Eps 1

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The accident wasn’t the stranger’s fault, it was hers as she had lost control of the steering wheel.

‘I was such a fool to have trusted him’ her lips shook.

Her baby was dead now. She felt alone and empty knowing he would never love her again. Hell, he was the devil himself.

“How is my baby doctor, I hope she is fine”? Those were the first words she had spoken once she came out of the theatre.

Her face had been bright with hope, expectation and desire of a future with Ife.

“Your baby…” the doctor had paused, he looked down on her with pity, something she hated and that was when she suspected something had gone wrong.

“Yes, my baby. Her father is such a lovely man and we are going to get married real soon” Mmayen had smiled, even in that painful condition.

“Um, I am so sorry madam but your baby didn’t make it because you tried to ruin that pregnancy” the doctor’s voice was cold, it poured on her like ice on a cold night.

“Excuse me? Are you accusing me of attempting an abortion”? She felt insulted.

“Then why did I find traces of poisonous substance in your womb? Your blood flowed with it. Why would you take Sodiumizin if you didn’t want to terminate that pregnancy”? The doctor asked.

She paused as she was confused. She had aborted for Ife other times but she had never for one day thought of killing this child. Something was wrong.

‘Bastard!’ she thought as tears ran down her cheeks as the memories vanished.

Her friends had warned her to leave him; it was just this morning that Tolu had advised her to be wary of Ifedayo but she had not listened. She had been carried away by his passionate lovemaking; his kisses that had been filled with empty promises; his stares that had been filled with lies.

She hated him now. Her love for him was frozen, dead. Never to be reawakened.

But before she left him, she was going to tell him a thing or two, she would leave a mark on him that he would never forget.

‘Mmayen, are you in there’? She heard him knock the door of the bathroom.

A darkness rose inside of her as she heard his voice, the voice that had once hypnotized her.

She drew a deep breath and wiped her face. This wasn’t the time to cry or the time to play victim. She needed to face Ifedayo head on.

He had been in his office working on some files when he’d received a text from Marian. Marian had informed him about the situation, with Mmayen fleeing the hospital, their plan had to be halted till she was found.

He had tried her number severally, but stopped as he realized she must have lost the phone in the accident. He knew she would be at home, crying and yearning for his love and that was the reason he had abandoned all his files and rushed back home.

He was incredibly happy that she had lost the pregnancy. There was nothing else to tie him down, he was going to send her out of his house once she recovered fully from the accident.

‘Baby…oh My God, I heard about the accident. Marian told me’ Ifedayo cried as she stepped out of the bathroom.

Mmayen scoffed, her feet hurt so she was limping. Ife was obviously mocking her, why was he acting like he cared? Hadn’t he done enough?

‘Baby…I am so sorry about the baby’ he moved closer to her, he wanted to embrace her when she grabbed his hands.

‘Don’t touch me with those hands, murderer’ she said through clenched teeth.

‘What’? Ifedayo moved back.

‘What’? She mimicked.

Why was he acting like a saint when he knew what he had done?

She had been so stupid to believe him; to believe something could happen between them.

‘You know, I planned to say nasty things to you or do something crazy to you like kill you…’ she trailed off.

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Read Another Blockbuster: Davina Diaries Fiction: Hadiza Forever S2- Final Episode

‘But I’ll leave you to posterity, what you do unto others, others shall do unto you’ she said to him, and then limped to the place where she kept her boxes. She was going to leave Ife, once and for all. She was never coming back.

‘What are you talking about? Are you threatening me’? Anger shot through him as he watched her pack her things. This wasn’t the Mmayen that he knew, this was a different woman and he hated the power that exuded from her.

His Mmayen was weak and naive, foolish at best. This woman scared him and he hated her instantly.

‘I said, what are you talking about’? He moved towards her and grabbed her hair.

He thought she would cry out and beg him to stop, but she didn’t.

‘If you don’t get your hands off of me, I would do something miserable to your already miserable life’ she bit her lip, she wished she wasn’t in so much pain. She would have dealt mercilessly with Ifedayo.

He released her immediately, afraid of this new version of Mmayen. He didn’t understand her, she confused him.

‘You think I am stupid Ife? I should’ve known you were up to something the minute you started kissing me in the bathroom, but I was slow. I parted my legs and welcomed you, scum of the earth and I hate myself for it. You slipped a poison into the breakfast that you prepared, you made me eat it, knowing it would destroy the baby you really hated. Why? Why didn’t you just tell me that you were not interested? I would’ve walked away but no, you killed that innocent baby and posterity would judge you’ she dropped the words, slowly, icily as they tasted bitter in her mouth.

‘I don’t know what you are talking about’ he moved away from her.

‘Of course you wouldn’t but I know I was poisoned. Tolu and Marian would never poison me, you on the other hand? You are capable of anything’ she hissed and resumed packing her things.

‘Don’t be so sure of your friends, one of them must have betrayed you. Bitch’ Ifedayo rose to feet as he heard a car horn. Who was that? He wondered as he wasn’t expecting anyone.

Mmayen paused too, she moved to the window and so did Ifedayo.

The car looked really expensive, she had never seen that make before in Tomato Island. Whoever was in it, was incredibly rich and that made her even more curious.

She knew Ifedayo was rich but the owner of that car had to be a hundred times richer.

‘What is this bastard doing in my house’? Ife scowled as he spotted Damola Oulwatosin alight from the car.

….To be Continued

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