‘It all comes back to us. She spreads her legs for him and gets pregnant and we are the ones that do the comforting. It still beats me why she is still with Ifedayo, the guy is a total jerk’.

                      A Bride For November S1- Eps 6

I agree, totally’ Tolu nodded, but that wasn’t the point. How would they help Mmayen out of this situation?

‘So what do you think about the pregnancy, how do you feel’? Tolu inquired.

‘I want her to abort it and get away from that guy’ Marian replied.

‘What? Whatever your reasons are, I am totally against it’ Tolu wasn’t happy with Marian’s opinion.

Marian could care less; this was the problem with Nigerians. They ask you for your opinion and when you give it to them, it becomes a problem she thought.

‘Take it or leave it, she is going to abort it because Ife wants nothing to do with it’ Marian rose to her feet already bored with the conversation.

‘I went to Iris’ today’ Tolu said, she narrated all that had happened in the rose garden.

‘See? This is what I am talking about. This baby is not wanted. Do you think it is fair to the poor child? I don’t want to be a part of this, frankly. And I am really starving, so, Let me go to the kitchen and fix myself something light’ Marian strolled out of the room without looking back.

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‘Insensitive but has a point’ Tolu rubbed her chin thoughtfully. She had not seen it from this angle, but she was scared. What if Mmayen lost her life?

While she made love to her thoughts, a phone rang. It broke into her thoughts. She had been expecting a call from her lover who was to return after seven days. She was taken to him.

Her expectations crashed as she realized, Marian’s phone was buzzing. She rose to her feet and fetched it. She intended taking the phone to her.

She was about reaching the door, when her eyes found the screen glaring back at her. A mischievous idea entered her.

She decided to check her friend’s messages. Marian had bragged that she was now dating one of Tomato Island’s rich hotel owner, Tolu was curious.

She tapped the screen and then paused as she found this: Laura, things are going tough here, the bitch doesn’t want to comply.

Tolu shrugged, who was Laura?

She decided to mind her own business as she did not want to have a fight with Marian.

As she was about stepping out of the room, her phone rang. She rushed towards it and was rewarded for her exercise. Her lover was calling.

‘Hello’ she whispered sweetly.

‘My angel, where are you’? He asked.

‘Home’? She raised a brow.

‘I am in Tomato Island, text me your address’ he replied.

‘But you were to come in seven days time….’she trailed off.

‘I changed my mind, text me your address’.

You are Reading: A  Bride for November – Episode 6

Read Another Blockbuster: Davina Diaries Fiction: Hadiza Forever S2- Final Episode

He had pummelled her face and bruised her lips; blood trickled from the sides of her mouth as she stared at the mirror in the bathroom.

She felt so hurt and alone in the world as she wept quietly.

How could love hurt this much? How could desire burn out so easily?

He had promised he would never, let her go through any abortion again; he had claimed he wasn’t ready to start a family back then, but he had been lying.

Maybe the voice of her heart was being truthful; maybe she was too stubborn to heed the advice of her best friends.

But she couldn’t help it, she loved him deeply. He had come into her life when she had nothing; no one. He had sheltered her and provided all her needs. If she left him, what will be left of her?

Her eyes travelled to the little mound of her belly; she had checked herself thoroughly and was a hundred percent sure that her baby was safe.

Tears burned her cheeks as she imagined going through another abortion.

‘No…You are important to me and i would never hurt you’ her lips shivered as she rubbed her belly. She was a month gone.

She wiped her face and reassured herself that with Tolu’s support and her self determination, she was going to win Ife over. She was ready to raise this child with or without him.

He will grow to like the baby, she assured herself as she dipped a foot into the tub, which was filled with warm and scented water.

She needed a bath; she needed to wash off her pain and heartache.

The feel of the warm water caressed her skin; it was sweet; fulfilling. Her eyes were firmly shut to against the world. Her long hair was kissed by the surface of the water as her back rested on the edge of the tub. In this moment, she felt peace.

She was unaware of everything around, lost in her own empire was she that she failed to notice the intruder.

 Ifedayo clenched his teeth as he stared at Mmayen’S naked form.

 He suddenly felt guilty for hitting her so brutally, but he couldn’t help it. He was in love with Marian, her cousin and Mmayen’s pregnancy would ruin everything.

‘I am sorry’ he said as he shut the door firmly behind.

Mmayen’s eyes flew open at the sound of his voice, the voice of the man that she loved.

‘Ife…’ she called to him with a broken voice. What did he want now? Had he come to hit her again?

‘I am sorry…’

‘I shouldn’t have hit you, Mma’ Ifedayo moved to the tub and sat on it.

She swallowed the ball of pain that clogged her throat. What did he want now?

‘Mmayen…I love you but you must understand’ he paused as his eyes travelled to the erected peaks of her breasts.

‘Understand what’? Mma asked in a weak voice.

‘I am not ready for this child; so many things are going on in my family, at work, that have gotten my attention. I love you and I want to be with you only when I am ready’ he cupped her beautiful face in his hands.

‘So, I and this child are not important’? Mmayen stared into his dark eyes; he was so handsome; dark and desirable. How could she resist him?

‘You are but…’ he stopped.

‘But what’? A tear escaped her left eye.

He wanted to say more but he knew she would argue. Only one person could convince her to get rid of the child. Marian.

‘Tell me Ife, don’t you love me anymore? You have been cheating but I said nothing, don’t you love me’? She begged, she cried for answers.

He licked his lips nervously, eyes still on her beautiful breasts.

‘I love you’ his mouth moved towards her mouth and closed it in a passionate kiss.

His mouth tasted sweet; it was hot and burning; hungry as it searched the walls of her delicate mouth; tearing down every mental barrier that she had set up against him. This man was a good kisser; this man was the man for her.

He adored the sweetness of her lips; his hands ran to her long and glorious neck and did a dance; slowly, it crept from her neck to the two mounds on her breasts; he was burning with desire. He couldn’t wait to take her right here, right now.

A soft moan escaped her lips as his hands gave her mounds a squeeze; only Ife knew her body so well, only his hands could quench the desires of her heart.END6

He was kissing her; he was adoring her with his mouth. She was on fire and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her.

….To be Continued

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  1. love can be foolish sometimes especially in your case Mmayenn .how could you be this gullible to think he still has feelings for you?? I’m sure that a ploy to make you do his biddings…i hope you think with your head and not your yeye heart this time.


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