‘What’s wrong?’ She noticed he looked worried


Brides at War S1- Final Episode


‘My mother and Hawanana want to come spend a few days here; I tried to stop them but you know how troublesome and forceful they can be’ he stuttered.

Shayera bit her lip; she knew how annoying her in-laws could be but she knew just how to handle them.

‘Don’t worry honey, we’ll be fine, I promise. They are welcome’ Shayera assured him.

A smile brightened his dull features as he stared at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; he loved this other side of her that she had shown him, Shayera was accommodating.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: Brides at War S1- Eps Twenty-Six

 Brides at War S1- Final Episode

Jane was fully dressed for the wedding. Her ensemble included a simple brown dress, grey shoes, and a black headgear. She wasted no time on frivolities like fashion; she believed a godly woman had no need for worldly adornments.

Little Angela was to stay home with Blessing while she and Wale attended the ceremony.

‘Blessing just told me that you have not touched your food, what is it?’ She stormed into their bedroom.

‘Nothing’ Wale avoided her eyes.

All night, he had dreamed of making love to Blessing in that kitchen; he yearned to squeeze her succulent bum and caress her glorious neck, things Jane wouldn’t let him do to her.

To Jane, foreplay was not necessary; she liked it straight to the point. Sex was a holy thing and those who indulged in it had to treat it as sacred.

Sometimes, they prayed before and after sex. Most women enjoyed foreplay but his wife did not, she was icy and unromantic. Blessing’s touch those many weeks ago had opened a new fountain of desire that he never knew he had in him.

‘I am fasting Jane. You were right, I looked at my life and realized I was lagging behind in my faith walk. It is good for man to concentrate on things that edify the spirit and not those that brought him mundane glory’ he rose to his feet when he was done lacing his shoe.

‘Haleluyah! God be praised. I have been praying really hard for you my husband, thank God you have seen the light’ she was thrilled by his confession.

‘You’re welcome, we should leave now’ he ushered her to the door.

‘Of course’ she replied.

‘Alright Blessing, take care of the house’ Jane smiled and stepped outside.

‘I will’ Blessing replied, eyes locked with Wale’s.

‘Have a nice day sir’ she said to him.

‘You too Sister Blessing’ Wale winked.

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Brides at War S1- Final Episode


Melody had prepared herself for the wedding and vow renewal ceremony; she was the doubtful one of all her friends. She was a lawyer and a feminist and had much experience with men like Edward.

‘She is still going to divorce him in the end’ she sighed.

Why was Dara so blind? Edward didn’t love her, he was only buying himself time; once his little act was over, he would return to his normal self and she would come back crying.

‘Baby, why aren’t you coming for this wedding? There’s no need hating on Edward. He is never going to change, a pig will always remain a pig’ she stared at Jerry who was still in bed.

‘I will not give him the honor of my presence. Let him rot in hell’ Jerry hissed angrily.

‘That marriage is not going to last; I can bet my savings on it’ Melody added.

‘You are right’ Jerry sighed and got out of bed. He had woken up erect as thoughts of Nkechi rubbing herself in the kitchen was glued to his memory.

There was only one way to get that memory out; by replacing it with a more powerful one and there was nothing more powerful than a man and his wife making love on a Saturday morning.

‘Um, what are you doing?’ Melody shifted away from him, his breath stank.

‘Make love to me baby, I want you’ he wrapped his hands around her waist.

‘What you need to do is brush not make love’ she moved away from him.

‘What did you say to me?’ He snapped angrily.

‘I don’t have time for this Jerry. We’ll talk later’ she replied.

‘Why do you always act like you are better than me? Better than everyone else? Who do you think you are?’ He was amazed by her words.

He felt embarrassed by the way she had addressed his morning breathe issue.

‘Maybe because I am better than everyone. Ciao’ she blew him a kiss and rushed out of the house.

‘Shit’ he slammed his hand on her dressing table. Getting married to Melody was a mistake. A huge one but there was nothing he could do now. He never wanted to be termed a divorced man.


Brides at War S1- Final Episode


Weeks had passed since he made love to Dara; he had been thoroughly embarrassed by her. She had only used him for her sex, not because she wanted them to be together.

He had genuinely felt an attraction from the first moment he had set eyes on her but she had lied. She did not feel anything. She was a horny woman who had a fight with her husband and used him to help her sex-starved situation.

Now he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

He had told himself that it was only because sex with her was the best he had ever had; it was even better than the times he spent with Shayera but weeks had passed and she still occupied a place in his thoughts.

Was this more than the sex? Did he have feelings for her?

He felt scared as he knew the consequences of nursing feelings for a married woman; he needed to find a way to get rid of Dara forever.

Someone rapped on his door. It was Saturday and he was not expecting any visitor. He didn’t even keep many friends. Shayera had been everything to him till she got married and he was left to face the hollowness of his social life.

‘Coming!’ He shouted. It was probably one of his neighbors.

‘Good afternoon Tanko’ she stood there with swollen eyelids.

‘Caro? What are you doing here?’ He stared at her in shock.

He had gone to a party one time, she flirted with him and they had sex; in the morning when she discovered he was a broke ass, she left without a word.

‘I am pregnant with your child’ she rubbed her belly.

‘Come in’ he opened the door wide.

Edward showed he was ready to treat his wife better. He deleted and blocked the phone numbers of all his mistresses and warned them sternly not to call his phone any longer.

He bought his wife expensive gifts, made her breakfast and reassured her daily of his love.

‘I love you Edward’ Dara whispered as she stared at him. They were both in the back of  the Limousine that was to transport them to the venue of their vow renewal ceremony.

‘I love you too’ he replied.

She looked regal in a silky white dress and a tiara that stood proudly on her head.

‘Fine woman’ he muttered and moved closer to her.

‘Fine man’ she muttered back and they both laughed.

The laughter ceased as their eyes met and locked together, bound by flames of desire, fostered by new found love.

‘I want your hands all over my body’ she licked her lips nervously. She wanted her husband to prove that he loved her.

‘Right here?’ Edward was amazed.

‘Yes’ she replied.

He closed the curtains that separated them from the driver then slid a hand under her white dress. She gasped as the hand yanked her panties and found the centre of her desires.

‘Kiss me darling’ Edward murmured and pulled her closer to him.

She obeyed and brought her face close to his; he took her lips in a rush, possessed by his love for the angel of his life.

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Brides at War S1- Final Episode


The venue of the wedding ceremony and renewal of vows had been set. The halls were decked in roses; everywhere was decorated with ribbons and balloons. In the beginning was a wedding, and in the end was another.

Three friends sat close to each other, this time with their husbands.

‘Where is your husband?’ Shayera asked eagerly as Melody joined them.

‘Um, he wasn’t able to make it’ she flashed the rest her best smile.

‘Oh’ Shayera’s face fell. She needed to see Jerry before it was too late.

‘And here they come’ Jane clapped excitedly as the couple marched into the hall.

‘Those two look like they just had car sex’ Melody rolled her eyes, then quickly noticed how the rest stared at her.

‘What? Don’t you all have sex?’ She snorted.

‘I am sorry darling; my friends can be a little forward’ Shayera rubbed her husband’s hand.

‘It’s okay, I like “forward”’ Yahaya’s eyes met Melody’s, he smiled and she returned it.

‘Ladies and gentlemen rise as we welcome Mr. and Mrs. Edward’ the Master of Ceremony announced.

‘Here we go again’ Melody was the first to stand.

One by one, they peeled themselves from their seats and rose to honor Edward and Dara.

They doubted, they prayed and hoped that being offered this second chance would cause love to reign supreme.

Brides at War S1- Final Episode


To be Continued Watch out for Season Two….

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  1. Awwwwwwww I can’t wait for the next season biko…these bride’s are really @war
    Tanko is always everywhere. I know that guy was no good news.

  2. hmmm episode 2 will b tough, I sense dara has took in for Tanko. melody I swear u are pushing jerry to wat he doesn’t want to do. madam Jane even d Bible is not against sex in marriage, I just pity ur selfishness in d name of religion. pregnant Virgin keep deceiving urself. can’t just wait for d episode 2

  3. Was! can’t believe I read this story to the end even though I’m late to it, I learn many things from this story, one,is an eye opener to very one, both married or singles. U can never value the worth of a thing until u lose it,two,Faithfulness in a marriage matters a lot, pls ladies let’s learn how to satisfy Our men and also know that our body belongs to them and to them alone Ephesians 5:25 downwards says it all and lastly don’t employ a house help in ur homes they brings in Temptation! it takes the grace of God for one to avoid them when they ar in ur home.I’m a very busy woman with three kids,I schedule my works each day and also still have time for my Husby when he comes home, if he wants it b4 going for work I give it to him at any where he wants it. Old ladies, let’s try to amend somethings in our homes so there Will not any space for the devil to crept in.DD ,more ink in ur pen and am waiting for the continuation of this.


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