‘20% or not, he agreed to this, so, if you’ll excuse me, there’s so much work to be done’ He flashed her a smile and trotted into the building.

Brides at War S1- Eps Fifteen

Shayera pressed her hands firmly on the sink; she had a headache; her head spun like she had ridden a merry-go-round. What was happening to her?

And to add to her suffering, she had this strong urge to vomit every morning; she needed to see her doctor.

Thoughts of Tanko consumed her as she remembered the way he made her feel; Yahaya was a loving man no doubt but he wasn’t as great in bed as Tanko; he was still fresh out of sex bakery; he did not know half as much as Tanko.

The pain in her head increased; she left the sink and pulled open the fridge. She thought of the girl’s date night and looked forward to being with her friends once again. She had missed their times together and she felt excited about it.

‘There’ she exhaled and dropped the bottle of water on a table.

‘Are you okay?’ Yahaya noticed his wife looked pale.

‘I don’t know. I just feel pain and nausea; plus my mouth tastes bitter. I guess it’s typhoid’ Shayera sighed.

‘Or maybe not. Should I call the doctor?’ He searched her eyes, he was concerned. He couldn’t stand it when she was in pain.

‘That’s a good idea but I have a doctor already’ she informed him.

‘Oh? I guess I have never met him’ he returned.

‘Melody’s husband Jerry is a doctor’ she bit her lip. She had advised Yahaya to stay away from the guys; particularly Edward who had seen her coming out of a hotel with Tanko. Now he was out of the picture, maybe it was time her husband interacted with them.

‘Oh, I think I have received text messages from him. He invited me for a game but since you’d said it wasn’t okay to hang out with him and the other guys, I had to respect that’ he always had her interests at heart.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: Brides at War S1- Eps Fifteen

Brides at War S1- Eps Fifteen

‘Oh, maybe you should hang out with them. Maybe I was wrong to think that they could influence you. I know the man I married, he is not easily influenced and I am so proud I married him. Besides, there was only one bad egg amongst them and he is gone now’ she caressed his face.

‘I love you so much Shayera’ he smiled and held her hands.

‘I love you too baby’ she continued with the touch.

‘I’ll be going over to Melody’s house later today’ she started

‘Oh! To see her husband? The doctor?’ He asked eagerly, he wanted to join her.

‘That’s part of it. He could run a test on me but that would be some other time. The girls and I are having date night’ she explained.

‘Oh ok. That means I’ll be home alone. I’ll miss you honey’ he hugged her. Her body felt warm.

‘I’ll miss you too darling but I have to go, I miss my friends’ she replied.

‘Give my love to them’ Yahaya kissed her.

‘Of course, I will’ she answered.

She felt happy she would be away from Yahaya that night; she had the urge to see Tanko; maybe she could even call him.

‘Just once’ she thought. She would only see him once and never again.

He realized just how foolish he had been as he took stock of his life; his life had been vague and empty till he met Dara and they got married. She was the sun that brightened his life; the moon that gave it shine and the star that twinkled it. Dara was everything he wanted in a woman and more.

She was hardworking, loving, caring and kind but he had gone too far. He had gone too far by getting someone else pregnant. He wasn’t sure he truly did it but he had deflowered her. He remembered the blood stains on the bed, although the act of making love to her was blurry.

He had come up with two plans. H had initially planned to meet up with the guys so they could talk to their wives to beg Dara but that was no longer feasible. From the way Jerry had reacted, he wouldn’t dare meet any of her friends, that was a lost cause.

He had tried calling Dara for three weeks but all to no avail; she wouldn’t answer or return his calls. He didn’t know her current location.

‘What are you thinking of darling?’ Caro strolled into his room and climbed on the bed.

‘I wonder if our baby would be a boy or girl’ he smiled.

‘Wow, such sweet thoughts’ she kissed him. She thanked God she had taken his mother’s advice and stayed patient with him; finally, Edward had grown to love her and that made her the luckiest woman in the world.

He was extremely rich and caring. Who wouldn’t wish for that?

‘If it’s a girl, I’ll name her Cheyenne and if it’s a boy, I’ll call him Edward’ he said.

‘Edward the second’ she chuckled softly, he joined her.

He was only acting his part; he was following the script he had written in his mind. Something was missing and he was sure of it; something had happened that night and if he could get the truth out of her, that would mean hope for his marriage. This was his first plan.

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Brides at War S1- Eps Fifteen

As for the second plan, he had already set things in motion. That was the only way he could get close to Dara, by threatening something she held very dear to her heart.

He was a silent partner in her perfume production and distribution business; he heard that a government-owned agency was in need of a strategic location for their company; he had quickly offered to sell ‘Edwardar’

Sooner or later, Dara would be forced to contact him; he knew just how much her business meant to her. If she filed for divorce, he would threaten to take it away from her; that was another way of saving their marriage.

‘So when last did you hear from Dara? Have you filed for divorce yet?’ Caro kneads his back.

‘I have not seen her in a long while; I’ll file soon enough’ he replied.

‘Good. I need to take a call, my phone is ringing’ she replied and rushed out of his room.

‘Good riddance’ he raised his buzzing phone as she left him.

His heart stopped as he read the text, he had finally gotten Dara’s attention.

‘Are you headed somewhere?’ He noticed Caro was fully dressed.

‘Yes, um, my mother is really ill, she wants me to see her immediately’ Caro stuttered.

‘Oh, wait, let me give you some money. Give my love to her’ Edward dipped a hand in his pocket and handed her some naira notes.

‘Thank you dear’ she kissed him and rushed out of the house.

‘Fishy’ that was what he thought about Caro’s behavior. She seldom left the house, he didn’t even know she had family members as she never spoke of them. Suddenly, she now had a sick mother.

He shrugged and stepped out of his house; he was sure the truth would eventually be unveiled.

Brides at War S1- Eps Fifteen

To Be Continued….

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