He shrugged and stepped out of his house; he was sure the truth would eventually be unveiled.


 Brides at War S1- Eps Sixteen

The confidence he exuded further angered Dara; he walked around her company like he owned it; like he knew what she suffered, how she toiled. Well, she didn’t blame him, she blamed the fool she had married. Why would Edward want to ruin her life?

She had wanted to call her lawyer Melody but decided against it; telling her something like this could upset her and that meant date night would be ruined.

‘You shouldn’t stare at me that way Mrs Edwards, you are married’ Tanko scoffed and moved towards her. They were the only ones inside now.

From the moment he had set eyes on her, he felt glued. She was very pretty. He wasn’t a fan of “melanin popping” women but this one was different. She was strong and confident. How could one woman build such an empire by herself?

‘You can stop calling me Mrs Edwards, I have a name psycho’ she hissed angrily and prayed he would stop advancing towards her.

‘Really?’ His eyes darkened with desire for her plump body. She had a well-rounded backside, her breasts were full and she had killer lips.

He knew her marriage was in trouble; how could a husband that truly loved his wife take such a decision to sell her empire to the government, knowing full well that it meant so much to her?

‘Dara, call me Dara’ she held her breath as he walked closer. She was fighting for strength but she looked calm on the outside.

She had sent a text to the man she called husband; how could he be that callous? He had taken everything from her and now this? No, this wouldn’t happen. Although Edward was more wealthy and more powerful than she was, she would fight him with everything she had.


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Davina Diaries Fiction: Brides at War S1- Eps Sixteen

Brides at War S1- Eps Sixteen


‘Dara… It’s a nice name for a black beauty’ Tanko charmed her with his smile.

Suddenly the door burst open and Edward rushed in; a rage he didn’t understand crept inside of him as he stared at a familiar looking man standing close to his wife.

ding close to his wife.

‘Oh, your husband is here’ Tanko announced and quickly moved away from her, he saw the way her husband looked at him. He resembled a tiger in search of a meal.

‘Darling, I am so happy to see you’ Edward hugged her. She almost pushed him away but she controlled herself.

‘I’ll leave you both now’ Tanko bowed and left.

‘Why are you doing this to me Edward? Why do you enjoy hurting me? Why? Just tell me’ tears welled up in her eyes as she faced him.

‘Come on baby, I don’t enjoy hurting you; it’s just that you’ve refused to listen to me. You don’t want to give me another chance’ he reached for her hands.

‘Another chance? Are you kidding? I gave you several chances but you still wouldn’t learn. How is your new wife by the way?’ Dara scoffed.

She noticed Edward looked leaner and stressed up; she guessed it wasn’t only her that would be affected by their divorce.

‘You’re my wife Dara and you’ll always be, nothing can separate us. Only death can’ he replied.

‘I know I am not supposed to say this but let me make it very clear; I am filing for divorce in two days; Melody is my lawyer; I’ll advise you to get one’ she flashed him a grin and pushed him aside.

‘You cannot leave me. We are meant to be’ he was very scared.

‘Well, that’s not why I called you. What are you trying to do here? If you don’t enjoy hurting me, why would you call that stupid guy to come here and mark my building?’ She felt like punching him in the face.

‘If you promise not to leave me, I will call them back’ he replied.

‘Is that a threat?’ Her heart skipped as she realized Edward was trying to trap her in a miserable marriage with him.

‘No honey, remember this, we are meant to be’ he smiled as he spotted the fear in her eyes.

‘Really?’ She arched a brow. She suddenly hated him more than she ever loved him; she decided she would take Shayera’s advice and find a man for herself. He wasn’t even sorry for breaking her heart; instead he came out with more ways to prove she couldn’t do without him.

She could do without Edwards and she would prove it to him.

‘Yes Dara, we are one and nothing can separate us’ he repeated confidently.

‘You are wrong Edward. Watch me leave’ she flashed him a mischievous grin, then trotted outside. She was about to do what she had never done before.

‘Hello, Mr Tanko’ she walked over to the cute guy that had flirted with her.

‘Tanko please’ he decided to tone it down.

‘Okay, Tanko here is my number, call me whenever you are free, let’s have a drink’ she winked and walked away.

‘Oh, I’ll look forward to that’ he was surprised and thrilled. The woman he had met minutes ago seemed shy and boring. He loved this new version.

From where he stood watching, he knew that Dara had exchanged numbers with the familiar looking guy. Anger coursed through him as he imagined another man making love to Dara. As he imagined her cute lips parting in primal groans for another man, his face tightened and he became lost in a world of fantasy; one in which he killed his wife’s lover with a sword.


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Brides at War S1- Eps Sixteen

‘Sir…’ Tiwa stuttered as she stood next to her boss’ husband. He seemed lost.

‘Mr Edward’ she tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

‘Oh, Tiwa, how are you?’ He snapped out of his fantasy and faced the young woman.

‘Fine, are you okay?’ She inquired. Why were they both acting weird? She had noticed a change in Mrs. Edward and now him?

‘Yes, yes’ he forced a smile. He had always known his wife’s personal assistant had a crush on him from the way she acted but he couldn’t do anything with her; one, she was too young for him and more importantly, it would mean dishonoring his wife.

It was that thought that convinced him he had not slept with Caro. If he didn’t, then who did?

‘I have a job for you, I promise to pay you handsomely if you’ll help me’ Edward fetched her hands. From the way her brown eyes melted, he knew she would do it.

‘You see, your boss and I had a little argument and she moved out of the house; I don’t know where she is staying. If you help me find out, I would take you on a date’ he promised.

‘Wow, you’ll really do that?’ Her eyes danced.

‘Of course, just get me what I want’ he replied.

His next plan was to check the familiar looking guy out; when he had met the head of the electrical company, he had not seen that face, who was he?

‘Hello Mr, I am glad you guys responded swiftly. You can pause for two weeks, I’ll speak to your boss. I need to convince my wife to get on board with this’ Edward walked up to him.

‘Mr Tanko Adams’ he nodded.

‘Alright, that won’t be a problem at all, we’ll come back in two weeks’ Tanko put on his cap and gave a signal to the guys to pack up their machines.

‘Tanko Adams’ Edward murmured. He didn’t like the way he had stared at his wife; he would look into that.

But first, he had to discourage Melody from tackling the divorce.


Brides at War S1- Eps Sixteen

To be Continued….


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  1. Tanko again??? Abeg Dara use your brain o, make una no regret am o.
    Shayera would make you enemy of she finds out. it had better be fake. Tanko is bad news. Edwards Goodluck with Melody but beware,you might get slaps and lots of screams,that is if she grants you audience. That woman is a Tiger! Lol


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