‘I found Shayera with a man at a hotel one day; the man bears a strong resemblance with Engineer Tanko; I feel he was the one she was cheating with’ Edward replied.

‘That’s not possible’ Dara found his story funny.

‘Why?’ He wondered.

‘Shayera got married as a virgin’ Dara explained, Shayera and Jane had been married as virgins.

‘And what makes you think she was telling you guys the truth?’ Edward asked.

‘Um, she is honest’ Dara replied.

‘Being honest doesn’t mean telling everyone your secrets; do you tell your friends everything about you?’ Edward asked.

‘No’ she replied calmly. Only Shayera knew about her fling, the rest didn’t. Her heart raced as she thought of Tanko; if Edward was right, it meant she and her friend had both been sleeping with the same man.

Brides at War S2 – Episode 17

‘Are you okay?’ Edward noticed how pale she had gotten.

‘Not really, I feel like throwing up’ she rushed towards the bathroom.

‘Sorry honey’ Edward felt excited, was she pregnant? It would be a great miracle after ten years of marriage.

‘Your phone is ringing’ Edward called out to her but she didn’t hear him. He decided to answer it.

‘Hello darling’ a deep baritone said.

‘Hello, who is this?’ Edward asked with a frown and then the line went dead.

He quickly searched the call log and stared at the name of the man that had just called his wife “Darling”.

‘So who called?’ Dara asked as she stepped out of the bathroom.

Edward didn’t answer; a jealous rage came over him and he felt like smashing the phone but controlled himself.

‘Darling? Are you okay? Is something wrong?’ Dara asked as she moved closer to him.

‘Why does Tanko have your phone number?’ Edward replied coldly and showed her the phone.

She froze; blood drained from her face, what was she to do?

‘Um, who is Tanko?’ She stuttered.

‘I can’t believe this, so you’re the lying one now! You better start talking’ he yelled angrily.

Obviously, she was lying; how could she deny knowing Tanko? The man that almost demolished “Edwardar” on his instruction.

‘I…I can explain, it’s not what you think’ Dara fiddled with her fingers. She could see the rage in his eyes; if she told him what had transpired between her and Tanko, that would be the end of her marriage; she was sure of it.

‘Go on, explain to me why Tanko would call you Darling’ Edward snapped at her.

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‘Maybe it’s a mistake’ she replied.

‘Really? I can’t believe this. Even when I cheated on you, I was always honest about it; I thought you were different, I thought you were better than I’ he moved past her and stormed out of the room.

‘Edward wait! I can explain, please’ she rushed after him but he stepped into another room and shut the door in her face.

‘Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into?’ Tears streamed down her face as she cried, why would Tanko do such a wicked thing? Was he paid to destroy her marriage?

Just when she thought she had figured everything out; just when she thought her marriage would be the most blissful one, this had to happen. She thought about the nauseous feeling she had, what if she was pregnant?

‘God, please I have been a faithful wife; I made just one mistake, just one; please have mercy on me. I still love my husband, I really do, please save my marriage’ Dara wept bitterly and prayed she was not carrying another man’s child.

She rushed to her room and fetched her phone, she needed to talk to someone and the only person that knew about her fling with Tanko was Shayera.

“Lets meet, I need to talk to you urgently, I think I am pregnant, but not for Edward she texted.

You Are Reading: Brides at War S2 – Episode 17

‘Are you sure I did the right thing?’ Tanko asked. Bee had sent him an address and he had met up with her.

‘Yes, don’t be scared that her husband took the call instead of her’ Bee assured him that everything would work out fine.

‘Um, what if he gets mad and hits her or something, I don’t want her to get hurt because of me’ he said.

‘Hey, nothing would happen; just stay calm. You can go now, I’ll still speak with my friend; don’t ever stop loving her, okay?’ Bee said to him.

‘Thanks so much Bee, I really appreciate your help’ he rose to his feet.

‘No problem. I know what it feels like to be in love with someone. I am with you, Tanko’ Bee reassured him.

‘Thanks, goodnight. I’ll await the next instruction’ he waved at her and strode out of the bar.

A smile curved Bee’s lips as she stared at the young man that had just walked out.

‘Poor you Tanko, you’re not just a fool, you’re a cute one’ she chuckled softly.

She wasn’t done with her plans, she was just getting started. Tanko’s call had set everything in motion.

If Edward had answered his wife’s phone and had heard another man address her as “darling”, there was bound to be trouble in paradise.

‘Good Evening Beyonce. I have carefully edited the voice recording, your voice won’t be detected, here it is’ Tiwa walked into the bar and stopped beside Bee.

‘Geez, what took you so long?’ Bee asked as she ordered a drink.

‘Um, traffic, can you make that two please?’ Tiwa said to the bartender.

‘Okay, let me hear it’ Bee snatched the phone from Tiwa, clicked on the audio file and listened attentively to it.

‘Brilliant, you can send it to Edward now’ Bee ordered.

‘Are you sure you really want to do this? Once I click “send”, there’ll be no turning back’ Tiwa wasn’t comfortable with this but she couldn’t say “No” to one million naira.

‘I’ll double your fee, two million’ Bee blurted.

‘Okay then’ Tiwa clicked on the audio file and sent it to her boss’ husband.

You Are Reading: Brides at War S2 – Episode 17

How could one woman have two pregnancy test results and who was Tanko Adams? The name sounded very familiar, that was why he had waited for his wife to fall asleep before sneaking out of their room to do his research.

‘Allah, please help me’ he whispered as he turned on his laptop. He was going to do a search for his wife’s lover boy.

Everything seemed unreal; it still felt like a dream that Shayera would sleep with another man; that she would get pregnant for him and try to pin it on him.

‘Tanko Brentwood’ he called one of the names that appeared.

‘No’ he shook his head.

There were hundreds of profiles with the name “Tanko Adams” but he wasn’t a novice when it came to things like this; he decided to narrow down the search by typing in his current location, state and city.

After that, there remained just five men with the name.

He took a scan of their profiles but one caught his interest. Maybe it was familiar fire in the dark eyes or the name of the secondary school but as he stared at that man, he realized he had seen him before. Tanko Adams was his classmate. He quickly scribbled down the address and shut the laptop.

….. To Be Continued.

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