I read your chat with Tanko, your loverboy. I think you should go back to him, he will be more than happy to take you’ Yahaya pushed her away.


 Brides at War S2 – Episode 26

‘Please’ she cried.

‘I have forgiven you Shayera but I cannot love you the same. I would never trust you again. Just leave me, leave my world. If you really love me like you claim, you’ll forget me; you have hurt me enough’ Yahaya grabbed his car keys and stormed out of the house, leaving Shayera in a pool of tears

‘I’ve lost everything. Where do I go from here?’ She muttered to herself.

She couldn’t blame Yahaya for divorcing her; this was all her fault, she had caused him great pain. He was right, she needed to let him go.

Days had passed since Wale reported the matter to the police but there had been no positive response.

‘So why do you think Blessing is behind this?’ Jane asked amidst tears. It had been three days since she last set eyes on Blessing but she wasn’t worried. Blessing had dropped a note saying she had to urgently go to the village.

Jane cried till all her strength failed her; why had God forsaken them? Even the banks didn’t have a solution to their problem. It was too late for them now, all their money was gone and they were back where they started.

‘I think she had access somehow to our ATM cards and cheque books, there are missing remember?’ Wale fiddled with his hands.

He was plagued by guilt; he had a strong reason to believe Blessing was the perpetrator of the crime but how could he tell his wife the truth? How could he look Jane in the eye and confess to her that he had been sleeping with Blessing under the same roof.

‘Only someone that has stepped into our bedroom, especially the wardrobe where we keep our bank files, could have had access. Wait…’ Jane trailed.

‘What is it?’ Wale asked.

‘Oh my God! I had a little dairy in my purse and I remember asking her to fetch it for me; the diary contained all our bank codes’ Jane swallowed.

‘What?’ Wale folded his hands in shock.

Maybe God was trying to save his marriage; now Jane shared part of the blame in their predicament, there was no need for him to confess his adultery.


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He could, however, attempt to absolve Jane of whatever guilt she felt.

‘Honey, you don’t need to be too hard on yourself, God will make a way for us and his judgment will fall on Sister Blessing one day’ Wale comforted her.

‘This is all my fault; I allowed her into my bedroom, I sent her there to fetch my purse. Will you ever forgive me, Wale?’ Jane asked tearfully.

Who was he not to forgive? This was God answering his prayers and shielding his fragile marriage.

‘Of course, I forgive you. God will bless us again, just that we must agree on something’ Wale said.

‘And what’s that?’ She asked and stared at him.

‘We will never have another maid’ Wale replied.

‘I agree, No maids’ Jane nodded.

‘I love you honey, please don’t feel bad about this’ Wale rubbed her face gently.

‘I love you too’ Jane managed a smile.

Why was her husband being so nice? She shrugged and decided that he was the perfect man for her. God was the giver of perfect husbands and Wale was a good example.

‘Edward, Dara, I am sorry’ the woman fell on her knees.

‘Mama, please get up, what is the meaning of this?’ Dara rushed to pull her up.

‘Mother, is everything alright?’ Edward had never seen his mother this sober.

‘Remember I told you of a lady I wanted you to marry?’ His mother fetched a newspaper from her bag.

‘Yes,’ they chorused.

‘First, it was Caro I brought here; and now this woman that I almost introduced to you, but for your firmness and undying love for Dara. I felt terribly guilty that I tried to ruin my son’s life by bringing him women of no consequence. I had to seek the Lord’s face for forgiveness and this is my penance’ she fell on her knees again.

‘What are you talking about mother?’ Edward was still confused.

‘This lady here is a fraudster; I met her at the airport while going to pick your father. She told me she was a blogger and a fashion designer and single too. I instantly liked her, please forgive me’ she showed them the newspaper she held.

‘Honey, isn’t this Beyonce?’ Edward showed the paper to Dara.

‘My God, that is Tiwa right beside her, why are they handcuffed?’ Dara was shocked.

‘Hmmmn, my dear, she is a senior criminal o. Her real name is Bunmi but she goes by the name Beyonce. She almost fooled me, I thank God I didn’t fall for her sweet mouth’ the woman said.


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‘I can’t believe Bunmi is a fraudster, she told the girls and I that she was married and based in New York with her three children; she said she only came to Nigeria for business’ Dara said.

‘Honey, there’s something that I never told you about Bunmi’ Edward turned to her.

‘Hmmmn. Do you know she actually wanted us to be partners? Apparently, she wanted to defraud me too’ Dara pressed a hand on her chest as if recovering from shock.

‘Do you know she met Tanko and told him you were still interested in him?’ Edward asked.

‘What?’ Dara was shocked again.

‘She must have been the one that sent me that recording’ Edward affirmed.

‘Why would she do something like that? Why would she want to ruin my marriage?’ Dara felt hurt Bunmi would do something like that to her.

‘What are you two talking about?’ Edward’s mum seemed a bit lost.

‘Nothing mother, let’s go inside?’ Edward led her in.

Oshey o, Love discussion eh the woman chuckled and went inside the house, away from them.

‘Remember you told me about ruining her relationship back in school?’ Edward whispered once his mother was out of sight.

‘Yes, you think she carried the grudge that long?’ Dara wondered.

‘Don’t be naïve Dara. Some people could go really crazy with bitterness. I am happy her evil plans did not work. As for your P.A Tiwa, I am not sorry for her. She deserves it. Only God knows what information about your company she was selling to Bunmi’ Edward said.

‘Abi o’ Dara rolled her eyes.

‘Enough of the Beyonce, abi Bunmi, talk. We are in love and we are happy and that is enough’ Edward kissed her face.

‘I am surprised your mother apologized to us; does this mean she likes me now?’ Dara raised a brow.

‘It doesn’t matter if she likes you, what matters is that I love you’  his hands went to her back and he touched her hips gently.

‘Aww, you’re so naughty’ she winked.

‘I want to do naughty things with you’ he winked and kissed her.

‘Hm, hm, hm’ the older woman cleared her throat as she walked in with a tray of fruits.

‘Mama, what is that?’ Dara quickly pulled away from her son.


….. To Be Continued.

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  1. This episodes are short yet it could have been better if it was done with in a while. It’s becoming unnecessarily long.
    Good job all the same.
    Shayera is done for.
    Wale you be yeye man, thought you would be man enough to confess to your wife.
    Dara and Edwards are just so naughty, love them anyways 😂😂😂


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