‘She is possessed, a woman from the water; a daughter of Jezebel and her job is to tear down marriages with her unholy adornment. Women who wear heels are not good; women who wear make-up and weaves will all go to hell. That lady is not a daughter of Zion, you should avoid her, warn the girls to do the same’ Wale waved a finger in her face as warning.

Jane’s mouth fell open once her husband was done talking; she totally believed him.

Brides at War S2 – Episode 5

‘I knew It! From the moment that lady walked into the hall, I knew she was trouble. Honey, I am so sorry for accusing you wrongly; I am so happy that the Lord is using you now. I am so happy that he has filled you with his wonders’ she moved over and hugged him.

That was God speaking to her through her husband; she would stay away from Beyonce or whatever she was called and she would warn her friends too, if only they would listen.

‘You know what? I want us to engage in a powerful midnight prayer session tonight, I want us to be stronger than ever. What do you say?’ Wale suggested.

‘Honey, you know my answer already. I am happy I married a God-fearing man like you; you are so wonderful my husband; I am happy that God has pushed earthly things away from your mind and you are now so focused on Him’ she rubbed his head gently.

‘God bless you my wife’ he replied and placed a light kiss on her lips; after which, they walked hand in hand into the house.

‘Welcome’ Blessing bent her knees in greeting. Her heart skipped as she saw them walk in. Since she moved into the house; she had never seen them hold hands that way or even display any romantic affection; had Wale confessed to Jane what happened in the kitchen earlier?

‘Blessing, get us something to eat. We were both waiting on the Lord’ Jane snapped her fingers.

‘Alright, I’ll do just that’ Blessing replied. She tried making contact with Wale but he kept avoiding her eyes.

She hoped he had not changed his mind about her; if he did then she was doomed; Wale was the only way out of her current financial situation.

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‘So what do you think about my friends? Do you like them?’ Shayera asked. Yahaya was driving; they’d had a swell time at Dara and Edward’s wedding ceremony.

‘Your friends are very unique; a healthy mix of crazy and not so crazy’ Yahaya laughed. He had loved interacting with them, especially with the lawyer, the one that introduced herself as “Melody”.

‘I know Melody can be a mouthful but I assure you, she is a very nice person’ Shayera knew her friend must have made her husband very uncomfortable.

‘Oh, don’t apologize; although I have not met Dara, I think I like Melody most’ Yahaya returned.

‘Are you serious? Jane and everyone else seems to have a problem with her. She is self centered; talks carelessly and is very opinionated’ Shayera laughed, she couldn’t believe her husband would favor Melody.

‘I don’t know about that but I know this: she is open minded and totally honest with the way she feels. That is the most important thing in this life, being yourself; staying true to the way you feel about things. One might need to be caged in sometimes, but it is important that we stay honest the most part of our lives’ Yahaya replied.

He was a very honest man and he believed that was the best policy; his greatest turn off was deceit. One of the qualities that had drawn him to his wife Shayera was her humble and honest nature. He knew his family did not like her and had tried to paint her black before him but he threw away the calabash of lies that was being offered by Hawanana because he trusted her. He loved her completely.

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‘That’s a nice thing to say’ Shayera released her breath once he was done talking. It seemed his words were meant for her, she was dishonest and was living a lie.

‘Yea, I like Jane’s husband; he is a cool guy to hang out with’ Yahaya quickly added.

‘Yes, Wale is a very nice person, she helped Dara and Edward get back together’ Shayera informed him.

She quickly fetched a bubble gum from her bag and threw it into her mouth as nausea washed over her; the urge to throw up had come again. She needed to control herself; she needed to see Jerry as quickly as possible.

‘Are you okay?’ Yahaya noticed his wife seemed very pale, like blood had been drained from her face.

‘Yes, I just felt like chewing gum’ she winked and made a popping sound.

‘Oh, that’s nice’ he nodded but he wasn’t sure she was alright.

You Are Reading: Brides at War S2 – Episode 5

Hawanana and her mother had arrived the house hours earlier but they had not met Yahaya and Shayera at home.

‘Mother, are you sure these two didn’t scurry off and leave an empty house because we told them of our coming?’ That was Hawanana’s first thought.

‘La, La, that would be stupid of my son’ her mother exclaimed.

‘I know it doesn’t make sense but that bitch has her fingers curled over Yahaya; he doesn’t have much in his brain these days; she has trapped my brother in between her legs’ Hawanana hissed angrily.

‘There’s no need to be bitter child, the fool will be disgraced today’ her mother patted her shoulder; gently reminding her that the absence of the couple would give them ample time to think and work up an effective plan.

‘He claimed the whore was a virgin; he swore it to me a hundred times before she got married to her; now she is two months pregnant according to this test; she is a two-faced liar’ the older woman hissed.

She knew her son quite well; one thing Yahaya was not, was a liar. Her son had never lied to her, Shayera must have deceived him.

‘But what if Yahaya had touched her before marriage? It would make us fools before them’ Hawanana realized this could happen.

‘You are wise Hawa, that is the reason we would be spending some time here; we do not just wake up and slap Shayera with this’ she raised the envelop that contained the results.

‘So what do we do?’ Hawa wondered.

‘We take it step by step. We watch her every action and reaction’ her mother explained.

‘I think they are back’ Hawa rushed to the window.

‘Good. Make sure you play your part well’ the woman reminded her daughter of their plans.

Few minutes later, Shayera walked in with her husband; they were both laughing but once they sighted the intruders, their smiles faded and was briefly replaced by unwelcoming frowns.

‘Welcome Hajia, Welcome Sister-in-law’ Shayera greeted them.

‘Mother, Hawanana’ Yahaya acknowledged them.

‘Save your greetings children, I know you both don’t want us here but we came here for something other than interfering with your marriage’ the woman faced her son.

‘I am very sorry for the things I said about your wife Yahaya; you must forgive me. I met an Iman some days back and he prayed for me; he told me that the only solution to my illness was to apologize to you and pray in your house for one week’ Hawanana went on her knees.


….. To Be Continued.

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