I will be right there.” He said and hung up.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Cords That Bind – Episode 5

This wasn’t funny. Freda didn’t understand what was going on. She had no idea what these women were talking about or who they were even referring to. She felt they had the wrong person. She didn’t even know William by name. She referred to him as ‘sir’ and that was all. Besides, William and her never really spoke.

She simply considered him her angel. She felt that God had sent a helper to rescue her from her troubles. As if the first one was not enough, Sandra gave her another slap that made her cry bitterly.

Sandra, take it easy. I’m the victim here, this girl is just a child” Bertha said.

Her toughness on William aside, there was no doubt that she had compassion. Sandra had allowed  herself be influenced by her friend but she still had a conscience. She felt strongly that what they were doing to this girl was not right. She may have slept with her husband, but it didn’t change the fact that she was just a teenager. She in fact felt sorry for her.

You see, you are the cause of your own problems Bertha. Why won’t your husband cheat on you all the time if you continue to act like mother Mary!” Sandra scorned her.

It hasn’t gotten to that Sandra, that is not why we even came here.” Bertha said.

Oh really! So can you tell me what we actually came here for?” Sandra asked.

For some reason, Sandra was over reacting. You would expect all the drama she was displaying to be coming from Bertha who was the victim her, not her. Bertha ignored her and went close to Freda.

Look young lady, you have to tell me the business you have with my husband before I also get angry.” She asked her.

Madam, I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t know your husband” Freda said.

Bertha began wondering if they were actually in the right room. The poor young lady looked really innocent and incapable of sleeping with someone’s husband.

Sandra, do you think we are in the right room?” Bertha asked.

Oh! so now what? You actually believe that snake!” Sandra said,

Why are you being overtly dramatic? It was just a question.” Bertha said.

Just then, William rushed in to meet his wife and Sandra in Freda’s room.

You Are Reading:  Davina Diaries Fiction: Cords That Bind – Episode 5

Freda was in tears. Because of her condition, William just ran towards her to see if she was alright, ignoring both his wife and Sandra.

Are you ok, Freda? William asked.

Freda kept on on crying. William took out his handkerchief and gave her to wipe her tears.

So it’s true, you have finally settled down with young girls now, right?” Bertha said.

I have had enough of you already Bertha. Grow up for once!” William said. He was really upset now and couldn’t deal with the attitude his wife’s attitude any longer.

What William?! Did you really say that to me?” Bertha who was very much shocked by William’s reaction asked.

I told you Bertha. I told you!” Sandra said.

Will shut up there you old fool! Why won’t you go and find your own husband?” William shouted at Sandra.

Sandra drew back, startled. William had never spoken to her in that tone before. He had finally succeeded in shutting her up now.

You don’t talk to my friend that way William!” Bertha said trying to stand up for her friend.

Whatever. This girl you see here is just a poor ophan I met on the streets. She was in labor when I met her, so I had to help her out. I tried telling you but you wouldn’t listen to me. I can’t believe you will think I’m sleeping around with her.” William said.

Stop it William, stop lying to me! How can you make up such a story? I’m not a kid” Bertha said.

I don’t care what you think. Now that you know who she is, she is coming home with us.” William said.

What? You can’t be serious!” Bertha shouted out.

We have always wanted a child; take a good look at the poor girl. Don’t you think we should start parenting her, rather than you standing here making baseless accusations?” William said.

Sandra signaled Bertha to excuse herself so she could talk to her without William hearing them. Bertha did just that and went towards Sandra.

They began talking in hushed voices. William couldn’t hear them even if he tried.

You Are Reading: Cords That Bind – Episode 5

I think you should consider what your husband is saying” Sandra said.

What? Whose side are you on anyway? Bertha asked.

Look, I know you think I’m crazy but the only way to find out if your husband is really cheating on you is by keeping an eye on the girl. And you are better able to do that from the comfort of your house, where you are in charge.” Sandra continued.

Hmmn, you have a point.” Bertha said.

Bertha decided then to play along. She was going to pretend she bought her husband’s argument but she had her own motive.

She went back to him and said; “William, I think I agree with what you said. Maybe we can be parents to her.” Bertha said.

You agree? It was never a request in the first place. That was my decision.” William said. He then took Freda’s luggage and together walked with her out of the room, leaving the two friends Bertha and Sandra behind.

Bertha I think you should really prepare for what’s coming because I can see something really bad happening.” Sandra said.

Hmmn. I hope we made the right decision.” Bertha said.

…. To be continued.

You Have Been Reading: Cords That Bind – Episode 5

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