It had been 4 years since Bertha and William welcomed their son Michael. Michael even as a baby had a lot of his father’s features.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Cords That Bind II – Episode 1

Freda, the family’s adopted child was excelling in school. She was a very intelligent girl, coming out first in almost every subject. Indeed, she never really belonged on the streets. She was a very brilliant girl. William and his wife were very proud of her and everyday, they thanked God they made the decision to bring her into their home.

They were convinced Freda will be a good influence on their son.

William’s work was becoming a little more demanding. He was spending more hours at work than usual. Bertha on the other hand was not the domestic type but everything had changed since Sandra betrayed her trust. Sandra would usually come over to spend time with her when she was home alone. Having enrolled Michael in school, Bertha was having a hard time dealing with boredom when the kids are away at school.

Just as she was settling in, she got a very lucrative job offer from an unknown man. She had no idea how the guy got her number and she really didn’t care. She was too pleased with the offer that she didn’t even bother to ask. However, she had a problem – her husband. Bertha knew very well that William would not allow her work considering her responsibilities at home.

Still, Bertha wanted to talk things through with him; she was very determined to persuade her husband to allow her take this offer. She figured it would also ease the financial burden on William, she thought.

William was facing very difficult times; his company was not making as much profit as expected. This contributed to him working late. He needed to keep the family going and that required making more money.

You Are Reading: Cords That Bind II – Episode 1

He arrived home that day very late and was surprised to find his wife still awake. She was waiting for him. He usually came home to meet his wife asleep. He knew something was up. Bertha understood the situation at work and if there was a problem, she usually would call him over the phone. To find her waiting for him at this time of the night meant there was something wrong somewhere.

“Hey dear, are you ok?” William asked

“Why aren’t you in bed?” He continued.

“You looked tired, your supper in on the table.” Bertha said.

That was a very smart way of ignoring William’s question and this even made him more suspicious.

“Is everything alright? You are acting strange.” William asked again.

“I’m fine, I just have something to discuss with you.” Bertha answered.

“Ok, that’s obvious. So shoot, I’m all ears.” He said.

Bertha began telling him about the call she had this morning concerning the job offer. William seemed a bit distracted, he was looking away while Bertha was talking. His lack of concentration frustrated Bertha and when she couldn’t bear it any longer, she bursted out.

You Are Reading: Cords That Bind II – Episode 1

“William, look at me! I am talking to you for Christ sake!” She said.

“I’m sorry, but how come Freda’s door is open at this time of the night?” He said.

The door to Freda’s room was widely open. It got their attention and Bertha quickly excused herself to go and close the door.

Upon getting the Freda’s door, Bertha noticed that Freda was not in her room as expected. She went inside the room and went to the bathroom to find out if she was in there but Freda was nowhere to be found. Bertha began looking for her, going from room to room but it appeared Freda was not in the house.

She rushed back to find her husband and inform him of Freda’s sudden disappearance.

“What do you mean she is not her room? Didn’t you see her after school today?” William asked.

“She came home after school. She even helped me prepare supper. Then I asked her to shower Michael while I went to our room. I later came out here to wait for you.” Bertha said looking and sounding very depressed. “That was the last time I saw her”

Where could she have gone? William and Bertha went again to look for her around the house but couldn’t find her. There was no sign of forced entry anywhere. That meant she left the house of her own accord. This even made them more worried.

They were surprised as they knew Freda to be a very well behaved girl. How could she leave the house at that time of the night without telling anybody? There must be something wrong somewhere. They were so confused, not knowing what to do or who to even call to inquire about Freda’s whereabouts.

They resulted to looking for her around the neighborhood but there was no sign of her. Bertha was freaking out. She was so worried that she couldn’t sit in the chair William offer her when they returned from the search. She kept pacing to and fro the living room looking very frustrated.

William tried calming her down but the more he tried, the more Bertha freaked out. That night was the longest night of their entire lives since they had been married.

They had no sleep. They just sat there hoping that Freda will eventually show up. They continued like this into the following day. Finally, they had no option than to call the police and inform them of Freda’s disappearance.

It was at that very moment they heard the doorbell ring. Bertha quickly rushed to the door with William to see who it was. And to their amazement, there stood Freda and Sandra.

….. To Be Continued.

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