The elders screamed and murmured, never had they seen a thing like that.

‘Silence!’ Roka took charge.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Dance of the Virgin S2- Eps Fourteen

For Andol to chop off his fingers meant someone had really betrayed him.

‘Who?’ Roka asked quietly, his fingers curling on his dagger. Life he was prepared to take, even if it was his sister’s.

‘I swear to you Roka, I do not know of this plan.’ Analin was terrified as she saw her brother wield the dagger.

Andol pointed at Alistarin, ‘Your advisor is working against you. She wants the throne for herself.’

Alistarin was shivering all over now, how on earth did this Hunani come up with such lies against her? Yes, she had planned to murder Roka, but she was not behind the attack of his men?

‘He lies Roka! He lies!’ Alistarin screamed.

‘You now call me by my name?’ Roka scoffed, feeling more insulted.

‘I am sorry my king, but Andol is a blatant liar.’ She fell on her knees, hoping her life would be spared.

Roka could see the bigger picture now, he had not trusted his adviser from the beginning.

‘I think you are the one that is lying. You were quick to report my sister, so I could push her aside and take you closer. You planned to betray me.’ Roka laughed.

Alistarin knew that her game was up, there was no escaping this.

‘You will regret this Roka! You will!’ She gritted her teeth.

‘And you give up so easily too…tell me, how did you think you were going to kill me and take over the throne? You murdered my men in Ozodo and Andol’s men, you will pay heavily for it.’ Roka replied.

He snapped his fingers and called to his guards.

‘Take her to the dungeon!’

Analin shook like a leaf where she knelt, hoping the same fate would not await her.

As if reading her mind, he turned towards her.

‘I know that you are my sister, but you are guilty and you deserve punishment. Find Nai’muri in seven days, else I would have your head.’ Roka tossed the dagger on the floor and trotted out of the hall leaving Andol and his men satisfied.

‘Do you think he believes us enough to trust us?’ Bello asked Andol.

‘If he didn’t trust us, we would not be standing there. That dagger would have pierced our hearts.’ Andol replied.

His eyes met the cold eyes of Analin, who would be his next victim.

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Roka took an evening walk in the flower fields, he was greatly burdened by the happenings in the day. How could his own sister turn against the woman he loved ? How could his own advisor plot his death?

He had instructed the servants to attend to the wounds of the Hunanis and see them well taken care off.

Now he was completely alone, nobody to trust, nobody to lean on. Analin had greatly betrayed him, his own sister.

Her confession had still not cleared his doubt, had Nai’muri really eloped because of Analin’s threat or because of her other lover? He felt jealous as he imagined her laughing and surrendering herself in the arms of another man.

He had come to this fields and gotten a flower for her, now she was no more. Roka had sent Harran and some other guards to search for Nai’muri all over the land, but they had not found her.

‘Perhaps she returned to Ozodo.’ Harran who walked behind him suggested, he knew his lord was thinking of the girl.

‘Not likely, Andol and his men would have spotted her’ Roka shook his head.

‘But we searched everywhere…’ Harran stopped as Roka rose a finger.

‘She had a maid servant, maybe the slave girl would know, find her.’ Roka commanded, Harran left immediately to carry out the instruction.

You’re reading: Dance of the Virgin S2- Eps Fourteen

Kamsi and her daughter stood at the palace gate, watching as the king strolled in the flower fields.

Zabaccha’s face mirrored her fantasies, she loved this man very much and she wanted to be with him.

‘I can’t wait for him to be mine mother…’ she sighed.

‘Same here, but we must work hard for you to get to that seat.’ Kamsi replied, her face was clouded with worry.

Zabaccha knew why her mother was worried, they were yet to see a guard that was willing to work with them. She had already offered herself to some guards, but they had rejected her once they realized she was the King’s guest.

‘I think I have found the one.’ She eyed Harran, the guard that Roka had just dismissed seductively.

‘Him? What makes you think he would be different from the others?’ Kamsi asked.

Zabaccha simply smiled, ‘I don’t know, but I have a feeling he would.’

Before her mother could say more, she marched forward and stopped his entrance into the palace.

‘How may I help you?’ Harran eyed the King’s guest, he knew she was Nai’muri’s sister.

‘You are a very desirable man, come to bed with me. Let me be the balm that heals your pain, that soothes you at night.’ Zabaccha whispered.

Harran moved a step back, he had never seen a woman this forward.

‘I do not have time for nonsense, the king sent me on an errand which I must accomplish.’ His tone was arrogant.

Kamsi laughed and joined them, ‘I know you Harran.’

Harran turned to the girl’s mother, ‘You know nothing about me, now get out of my way, you two.’

‘If you be with me, I’ll speak to the King in your favour. He shall give you a promotion, a land and a very pretty wife. I swear it. The king believes in me, he is my lover.’ Zabaccha licked her lips nervously, looking for every means to trap him.

Harran was well aware of Nai’muri’s absence in the palace. He was on duty the night the King had taken Zabaccha into his chambers. What if she was telling the truth? What if she had the power to tame Roka and make him carry out her wishes?

‘What do you want me to do?’ He asked.

‘Tell the King that Nai’muri fled with one of the slaves in the flower field.’ Zabaccha said.

Harran shook his head, ‘I can’t. There was a massacre in Ozodo, where would she run to with this slave? The King is not a simple man, he would know about my lies and behead me.’

‘There is another land far from Ozodo, you can say they both ran to Gayensith…’ Kamsi suggested.

‘The empire of the Hunanis?’ The guard asked.

‘Yes.’ The women nodded.

‘That would implicate Andol…I don’t want to cause any trouble.’ Harran wanted to reject their offer.

‘I would lie with you Harran, anything you want me to do, I will.’ Zabaccha pleaded, this was her only chance to win Roka for herself.

Harran could see how desperate they were. His blood rushed as he imagined himself in a romp with one of these women. The guards that had ravaged some women from Ozodo confessed they tasted really great, maybe it was his time to share in this joy.

‘Fair…I shall tell the King that Nai’muri escaped with her lover…but I must lie with you first.’ He pointed at Zabaccha’s mother.

‘My mother?’ Zabaccha was not pleased.

‘Don’t worry child, it is a small sacrifice compared to the glory I’ll have being the queen’s mother.’ She patted her daughter’s arm.

‘Very well then.’ Harran bowed his head and rushed into the palace to search for Liala, Nai’muri’s maid servant.

‘He has no respect mother, he should’ve chosen me in your place.’ Zabaccha complained, not comfortable with Harran’s decision.

‘Don’t worry child, if I were you, I’d go over to the flower fields and join the King. He seems lonely and worried, use your charms on him.’ The woman called her daughter’s attention to Roka, who was not in the business of plucking and inhaling flowers.

‘I will do as you have said mother.’ Zabaccha covered her chest with her shaky hands, she couldn’t wait to stand by his side. She couldn’t wait to hold his hands.

She held her breath and began to walk nearer to the fields.

You’re reading: Dance of the Virgin S2- Eps Fourteen

The Hunanis were given one huge room in the palace, where a myriad of maid servants and palace concubines attended to their needs.

Andol leaned against the window, his eyes transfixed on the flower fields. He watched as a young woman joined the King. He was filled with joy that he was finally able to take out his greatest threat to the throne, Alistarin, she would rot in the grave soon enough.

‘I told you Bello, I always have everything planned out.’ Andol laughed.

Bello pointed at a slender slave girl that mopped the floors, signalling him to switch to their native tongue so she would not be a part of their discussion.

‘Oh, I see…hak su miga ana…’ Andol chuckled.

‘Thank you.’ Bello bowed his head, Andol had just called him a wise man.

Andol immediately switched to their local tongue, telling the men of his plans.

‘What are we going to do next?’ Bello asked.

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