‘Patience son, we have a hundred more maidens coming’ her son’s attitude provoked a laugh.

 Dance of the Virgin S1- Final Episode


Seven other virgins came and did their dance but yet still, the Prince was not satisfied.

He decided to spite his mother by not choosing Mazi Ekere’s daughter as his wife; he prepared his mind to select another maiden other than her.

“The next virgin, Galia, daughter of Nkosi, the widower”  the priest announced.

Galia came forward, she looked confident; she was a very good dancer but she wasn’t from a noble home and her face wasn’t attractive as the rest.

After Galia, came Koqsi and two other girls yet still there weren’t chosen.

“Zabacha, daughter of Mazi Ekere and Kamsi, the great hunter” the priest announced.

‘This is the girl that I have chosen for you, you must present to her your crown’ Jaja Nana whispered to her son.

Zabacha danced into the circle; her eyes were focused on the prince; she wriggled her waist and stamped her feet; she shook her hips and everything in her. She was lost in this dance; she danced for victory knowing very well that the crown would be hers.


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Her dance was the longest as she expected the Prince to rise towards her but he didn’t. Eventually, the drum beats faded and so did the sound of the flutes.

‘Omiro, give her the crown’ Jaja Nana whispered in a stern voice.

‘No mother, I shall choose my own wife’ he replied.

Tears welled up in Zabacha’s eyes; her head swirled as she stared at the Prince in frustration; what was he waiting for?

‘You have to step aside for the next virgin’ the priest whispered to her but she wasn’t listening, her eyes were fixed on Prince Omiro.

‘No, I am supposed to win this competition’ she felt like fainting, she couldn’t feel her legs.

‘Leave the circle honorably else I shall call the warriors to take you away’ the priest replied.

Other maidens had already started giggling and making mocking statements; Zabacha scanned the crowd for her mother but Kamsi quickly looked away and rushed out of the palace as the shame was too much for them to bear.

“I call on Nai’muri, daughter of Mazi Ekere, for her dance’ the priest announced.

At the mention of her name, the crown was thrown into a frenzy.

‘What is going on’? Jaja Nana rose to her feet.

‘My Queen, she is my other daughter, I don’t know what to believe, maybe she is a ghost as she died in the fire’ Mazi Ekere rushed towards the Queen to explain.

“Silence! Let the maiden come forth” the priest beckoned on the drummers.

‘Meekhabash’ Omiro rose to his feet as she danced into the circle.

‘You know her’? Jaja Nana asked.

He did not reply, he took off the crown on his head and walked towards the circle.

He watched as her whole body shook; he loved the way her waist beads jiggled on her waist; he loved the way her feet played with the sand as she tapped them.

He loved the smile on her face; her eyes were as beautiful as ever but he noticed her hair was gone; it was no longer the same but shorter but she was still as beautiful as ever.

‘Meekhabash’ he whispered a second time and signaled the drummers to halt.

‘Where have you been’? He asked.

‘The woods, I took refuge there’ she replied in a shaky voice. She had pondered on her father’s words on the road to the river; she realized she had been a fool for trusting Kamsi so easily, so she had taken a leaf which was known to cure all poisons. After chewing the leaf, she inserted a finger into her throat and vomited all the cassava porridge.

The night Kamsi had come to burn her, she had escaped from the window and she had come back for her final revenge, one that put her own life at risk.

‘Refuge from’? The Prince was curious.

‘Why did you lie to me? Why did you tell me that you were a slave’? He asked.

‘My mother was a slave’ Nai’muri replied quietly.

‘I declare her my queen, she would be my Jaja Nana’ the prince cut her short, raised his crown up and placed it on her head.

‘I adore you’ he was about to place a kiss on her face when he heard it.

It was a loud scream of a woman “Run! We are under attack”! And then he heard the galloping of a hundred horses.

His heart stopped as an arrow flew from the sky and pierced into him.


****************************The END*********************



Thanks for reading in case you missed it you check out Episode one Here. Get ready for Season Two.


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