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Dayo's Angel: Final Episode

‘Good evening, could you call back later Abu? I’m at a wedding party, do you mind’? Adaeze looked round nervously as she stepped into the area where guests parked their cars.

‘I don’t have time Adaeze, you said we could see, I am in’ Abu replied hurriedly, Larkin had spies all over the Harem and it wouldn’t be funny if the man started suspecting him.

‘Wow, what changed your mind? Are you setting a trap for me? Did Larkin put you up to this’? Adaeze paused. She wasn’t stupid, maybe Abu had told Larkin of her plans and he’d set a trap for her.

‘I swear, Larkin doesn’t know a thing about this, so are we still meeting tonight’? Abu asked.

‘Sure, Blue Lounge by 9.P.M’ Ada replied

‘Okay’ he brought the call to an end

‘Phew, the game has just begun Larkin, you’ll have to let me go’ Ada sighed. She was beyond happy that Abu had accepted her proposal, now they needed to see each other after so many years; they needed to draw up a plan, one that would disfavor Larkin.

Dayo's Angel: Episode fourteen

‘I can’t wait, Blue Lounge, 9P.M’ Abu inhaled deeply and stilled as he felt a human presence, then he swirled round and found Shantal staring at him.

‘I need to talk to you urgently’ she licked her lips nervously.

‘Yes bitch what do you want and how long have you been standing there’? Abu sneered angrily at her.

‘Do you always have to be rude? I just came here to ask for a favor’ Shantal replied coolly.

‘What is it bitch’? Abu yelled.

‘Tell Larkin we’re running out of Cosmetics, I noticed this as I was preparing Moyo for her first Job tonight’ Shantal replied.

‘So why do you need me? You could go tell him yourself, I have other things doing’ he walked out on her.

‘Really’? Shantal wondered why Abu was always rude. Linda had agreed to include him in their plans but she had a better idea, the rude boy would be used as a pawn in their own game, she would use him to her advantage.

Without wasting time, she left for Larkin’s study. She knew what she was about to do was risky and could cost her life but she was prepared for it.

‘You are awfully quiet, not what I expected’ Cindy stepped into the dressing room, word travelled fast in the Harem, and she’d learnt that her new friend was about to start her job.

‘Cindy’? Linda cautioned her, she knew how talkative Cindy could be, it even scared her that the girl would destroy their plans.

‘What? Don’t you remember your first time in this hell hole? I cried like a baby and I was so scared, but Moyo is handling her shit well’ Cindy glanced at her once more.

‘I am not. I am very much terrified as you were, but instead of focusing on the fear, I’m focusing on how I could harness this to our advantage’ Moyo turned and faced her two friends.

‘Harness what exactly? Linda please tell her about Larkin, that man is dangerous’ Cindy’s eyes widened in shock.

‘Cindy is right; tell us about your plan’ Linda asked.

‘I know girls are not allowed to share anything personal with the clients, but I’ll try and do this, even if it would cost me my life, that’s the last thing I’d do before dying’ She replied.

‘Girl, you are either plain foolish or too brave, don’t do anything stupid. Just get in with whoever you’re to sleep with, who is a Sheik by the way, it wouldn’t take hours, you’d be out again and our plan would be in motion’ Cindy bit her lip as she mentioned the Sheik.

‘How did you know who her first client would be’? Linda was the first to notice that Cindy had shared information only someone like Abu was privileged to gain.

‘I…it’s not what you think, I can never betray you guys, though it crossed my mind, but we’re in all of these together’ she rose to her feet as Moyo and Linda’s gaze penetrated her like a sharp sword.

‘It crossed your mind to betray us? Seriously? Moyo was right about you, why are you sleeping with Abu when you know how badly he treats us all’? Linda was angry and felt betrayed.

‘It’s not what you think and I am not sleeping with Abu, I overheard Larkin talking to the Sheik’ Cindy said.

‘Larkin? What were you doing in Larkin’s office’? Moyo asked.

‘I am sleeping with him, but I have a good reason for that, I’m equally working on something’ she replied.

‘Oh Heavens! Sleeping with that brute that blinded me in one eye, fuck you Cindy, just get out of here’ Linda screamed angrily.

‘Please hear me out, I could help you, here’s what I found in his study, I could snoop around more if you want but I swear, I could never betray you’ tears welled up in her eyes.

‘Linda, please, I think she’s being sincere, let’s hear her out’ Moyo rose and put her arms round Linda.

‘You think’? Linda asked.

‘Yes’ Moyo answered with a nod.

‘Here’s the picture, Adaeze’s, I could even check for documents’ Cindy showed them the picture she’d taken from Larkin’s study.

‘Adaeze….’Moyo’s mouth flung open in shock, wasn’t this Dayo’s sister? It was all making sense now.

‘What is it? Do you know her’? Cindy asked.

‘Yes and I know the man she is living with, he was the doctor that treated my wound when I got an injury’ Moyo explained.

‘My brother, you’ve seen my brother, please tell me what he looks like’ Linda was excited by the news.

‘Well, I am not very good with descriptions, but from the little I’d seen, Dayo is an angel’ Moyo smiled and pressed her hand to her beating chest.

Larkin was still contemplating on what to do with Adaeze when his door flung open, he looked up and realized it was Shantal, how could she barge in on him like that?

‘Please sir, I have something very important to tell you, you must hear me out’ Shantal quickly explained.

‘I see, what can I do for you’? Larkin exercised patience.

‘Please promise to act on the information I am about to release, and promise to shield me from evil’ Shantal went on her knees.

‘What are you talking about’? Larkin rose to his feet and shut his door. She seemed terrified; whatever she must have seen was grave.

‘I went to Tell Abu about the things we’ll need when next he went shopping, then I heard him talking to someone on the phone, from the little I’d heard, this person was Adaeze and they have a plan to meet tonight at Blue Lounge Bar by 9P.M and you’re not left out of that plan’ Shantal said. Her heart thudded against her chest, she wasn’t lying but she prayed Larkin believed her over Abu his loyal servant.

‘This isn’t true, Abubakar would never betray me, not after everything I have done for him. I saved him and Ada from the streets, I made a lot of sacrifices for them, so I don’t believe you’ Larkin quickly poured himself a drink.

‘I swear on my life, I heard him, I only told you because I care’ Shantal replied fearfully. His eyes had suddenly gone dark as he took some of the liquor.

‘On your life’? Larkin stared at her intently then fetched a gun from his drawer and pointed it at her.

Without hesitation, the gun made a clicking sound as he pulled the trigger.

‘Oh My God’ Shantal gasped for air as she realized the gun was empty, how could he do this to her?

‘You passed the test, Abu would pay for this, call me Ikenna, I need to speak with him’ Larkin ordered. Ikenna was one of his other boys and was at his beck and call.

‘Alright sir, as you wish’ Shantal rose to her feet, feeling pleased he’d listened to her.

‘Wait’ Larkin handed her a piece of paper.

‘We have a new client, he has paid for our services, Moyo shall be with him, see to that, you have been promoted’ he smiled.

‘Thank you sir’ she bowed her head and left.

‘Conspiracy’ Larkin fingered his gun. He decided he would go with the boys to the lounge to see Adaeze with his own eyes before he killed her and Abu for their betrayal, no one messed with him and went scot free.

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