Larkin became serious and turned on the television.

Moyo went still as she saw her aunt crying on T.V, so they’d noticed her absence?

‘Who is that woman? And why did you run away? Tell me everything’ Larkin commanded.

‘I don’t know her’ Moyo inhaled deeply as tears welled up in her eyes, she had not meant to cause the woman’s tears, but her husband had made advances towards her.



Dayo's Angel: Episode Seven


Dayo’s Angel: Episode Seven


‘Don’t toy with me girl, I could be very dangerous, now tell me everything’ Larkin repeated coolly. Seeing that he wasn’t very patient, she had no choice but to tell him the truth about how she ran away from home.


‘So how did you find yourself here’? Larkin asked.

‘Someone hit me and took me home then his girlfriend chased me out’ she replied.

‘I guess that’s how my boys found you’ Larkin chipped in and she nodded, but he needed to be sure she was telling the truth.

‘So when this man hit you, Why didn’t he take you to the hospital’? Larkin wondered.

‘He took me to his doctor friend who tended to my wounds’ Moyo replied wondering where he was headed.


‘Doctor friend? What’s his name’? Larkin asked.

‘Dayo, Dr. Dayo’ Moyo replied.

‘Dayo? Let me see the wound’ he ordered, that was the name of one of the key players in his game.

‘Here it is’ she showed him her ankle.


‘Fine, can you describe this doctor? Maybe we could arrange for him to come here and continue your treatment’ Larkin suggested and she took it without thinking.

‘Sure’ Moyo was excited, she couldn’t wait to see Dayo again, without thinking, she gave Larkin a brief description of him.


‘Good, go back to your room, we’ll talk later’ Larkin dismissed her.


‘Isn’t that the doctor brother of Adaeze’? Abu asked as Moyo left.

‘Sure he is, what a coincidence’ Larkin rose to his feet.

‘What do we do now’? Abu asked.

‘Find out everything you know about Moyo, kill her aunt and everyone who knows about her’ Larkin ordered.

‘And the doctor? Are you really bringing him here’? Abu asked.

‘No, but soon, he’ll be brought here’ Larkin replied.



You are reading Dayo’s Angel: Episode Seven


Kayode couldn’t sleep all night, he needed to see Dayo, Moyo must have been in some kind of trouble and maybe she actually ran away from home.


‘Where are you off to’? Emem asked quietly as she observed him dressing.

‘How’s that your business’? Kayode retorted rudely.

‘That’s no way to talk to the mother of your child, and if it’s about that bitch you brought home, be rest assured I’d use my rifle on her should I set my eyes on her again’ Emem hissed.

‘Keep deceiving yourself, I could never marry you even if you were pregnant a thousand times, once you give birth, we’ll go for a D.N.A test to prove that the thing you carry in your tommy is actually mine. Luckily, if it turns out to be, then I’ll gladly accept my child but know this, I could never marry a woman like you, you’re below my standard’

Kayode shoved her angrily out of his way.


As expected, his words stung her like an angry bee whose sugar sucking was interrupted, that did it, she needed to find Kayode’s girlfriend and end her, how could he speak to harshly? Calling her a woman below his standard?

Tears stung her eyes as she scanned everywhere, she needed the girl’s picture first, then she would send her assassins after her, that way Kayode would never be happy as he’d robbed her of Joy first.


‘I’ll kill you’ she sobbed as she searched every drawer in Kayode’s room, she needed the girl’s photograph. A shiny box attracted her in his drawer, her heart skipped, what if he’d already proposed to her?

She quickly brought it out and forced it open, she’d never seen anything like it before, it was exquisite, surprisingly no ring or any form of jewelry was enclosed within, papers were neatly folded inside and that got her attention.


‘What have you done Kayode’? her eyes twinkled wickedly as she read what was written on the document.

From what she could comprehend, Kayode was doing something fishy at his workplace, maybe this was all she needed to tie him down, maybe killing the girl wasn’t so necessary after all. She smiled happily and took out the papers and neatly replaced the box in the drawer.

‘You are mine,my sweet Kay’ she laughed.



hmmmmmmm…. this is Dayo’s Angel: Episode Seven



‘Goodmorning doc, are you not going to work today’?

Wale the lawyer arrived Dayo’s house early, they had a lot to discuss. He’d searched the net all night for his half sister’s dad but there was no discovery, that was indeed weird.

‘No, I am on leave, welcome Wale, so what do we have’? Dayo asked.

He had been restless since he learnt Moyo had been declared a missing person, she was a total stranger yet he felt so emotionally attached to her, just like they shared a soul tie.


‘Where is your sister, Adaeze’? Wale scanned the house nervously.

‘I don’t know, we had a fight yesterday, I guess she’s still sleeping’ Dayo glanced at the clock.

‘I don’t know how to say this, but something really fishy is going on, I think we should find out more about your sister’s dad before you sign the papers that would make half of your inheritance hers, what do you think’? the lawyer suggested. He’d been deep in this business, and when it came to inheritance, many things could go wrong. He just realized that they both didn’t know much about Adaeze though she had passed the D.N.A test many years back.

‘You think? She avoids talking about her father, I’ve asked her many times, I don’t even have a picture of this man but my mum kept mentioning him in the letters she left behind, his name is Larkin’ Dayo ran his fingers through his hair.

‘Okay, we’ll delay the signing for some months till she tells us more or we find out more’ Wale said.


‘Good. So,how about Moyo? What did you find’? Dayo asked eagerly.

‘Why do I have a feeling you have a thing with this girl? She is very pretty’ Wale opened his briefcase and presented Dayo with her photograph.

‘How did you get this’? Dayo held his breath, she was perfect.

‘One, I am a lawyer, we get everything, two, her pictures are all over the net, ‘Pretty girl goes missing’ Wale pointed out.


‘So what do we do now’? Dayo asked.

‘Tell me, how did you even meet this girl’? Wale asked.

‘Actually, I brought her here for some treatment’ Kayode sauntered into the living room right on time, he recognized Dayo’s lawyer.

‘Welcome bro, have a seat, tell the lawyer how you met Moyo, we could start from there’ Dayo instructed.


‘Morning my lord’ Kayode teased and Wale smiled.

‘I found her on a street, I don’t know it well but that was Maryland’ Kayode explained and gave details on how he’d hit her. That day he’d been heading somewhere to meet some representatives of a foreign company, he had his own plans to get rich just as Dayo.

‘Man, ‘A street is nowhere’ think, tell us more’ the lawyer was impatient.

‘I don’t have anything more to say’ Kayode replied, he didn’t even have her number.


‘Then we are on zero level, your girlfriend did badly, now we’ve lost her, we don’t even know if she’s in trouble’ Dayo paced the room.

‘Your friend is really taken with this girl, we must do everything to find her’ Wale watched Dayo.


‘Okay then…’ Kayode swallowed hard. How could Dayo like Moyo? He had noticed how concerned he’d been, but he wouldn’t allow that, Moyo belonged to him.

‘Excuse me gentle men, let me make some calls, then we’ll know where to start from’ the lawyersaid as he stepped outside with his phone.


‘I just pray nothing happens to her’ Dayo settled in a chair.

‘Me too’ Kayode’s eyes darkened in anger.


Minutes later, the lawyer returned, but he didn’t look particularly cheerful, with his connections, he’d traced the police station where the missing person file had been opened, something bad had happened.


‘I am sorry Dayo, something bad has just happened’ Wale said.

‘What is it? What happened to Moyo’? he asked.

‘Not Moyo, her family was murdered in cold blood last night, their bodies were identified by some neighbors, something is going on, this cannot be a coincidence, just keep your ears to the ground, find anything I could work with, I have a feeling your Moyo friend is in trouble, maybe she was on the run from whoever killed her parents’ Wale said.


….. To be concluded. End of Dayo’s Angel: Episode Seven


Ghen! Ghen, this story is interesting oh!!. See all the twists and turns. Even a snake doesnt have as much of these turns.

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  1. Emem has got a hook on kay&kay would try preventing dayo from being together with Moyo. Moyo might be used as a leverage on dr dayo&adaeze would strike dayo knowing he’s getting suspicious about her background….. Kunle might try getting Emem off his back which might get dirty….. D story is truly bent… Nce work DD

  2. Comment:honestly DD with these few episode I have learnt a lot
    (1) when kayode lie to moyo that adaeze is dayo wife , I realize that on the long run Kay will loose moyo to dayo. that it is our integrity is more important than our selfish ambition
    (2) in this life only the fighter survived
    (3) we should be careful on how we expose our love’s one and family problem to stranger .. moyo ignorantly tell larking about her family and why she ran away from home..
    that mistake alone lead to his family death thanks DD for letting me know some important fact about life. I will apply it positives in my life
    more grace to you DD God bless you

  3. I think i could relate the plot, settings, characters and theme of this fiction to most of the stories have read while growing up and also to most of the telenovelas been showed on tv. i like where this is going, this will really brings out the true colour of each character.
    A. Emen is in for a loss though she has something she can use as a leverage on Kayode but she should not forget that Kayode is also smart and will only be a fool with her for a little while for him to plan is strategy to get rid of her to enable.

    B. A sense of being betrayed by Dayo will make Kayode do things which he ill later regret and Larkin and his gang will face the law for all his deeds. I see lawyer Wale betraying Dayo in future(probability).

    C. Adaeze is in for a loss, if she thinks Dayo will forgive her once the truth is revealed.

    C. I realized that we should all maintain our coolness and temper when we are under pressure, we should always think before reacting so as not to react irrationally(Moyo”s mistake of disclosing her guardians information)
    To guardians, we should not Mal-treat any child be it maid or family in our care, if Moyo’s guardians were treating her right, i guess she won’t have left the house and not have come in contact with Larkin and his gangs which later lead to their death.

    DD thank you for this fiction, learnt a lot and still looking forward to learn more.


  4. Interesting…but you guys should pls arrange ur stories so that it can be easily accessed or create links to the next episode underneath an episode, thnks.


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