He saw the men in suits, though their faces weren’t clear. They were in a maze like structure, with masks on their faces. They were clapping and cheering, but suddenly stopped as a huge black bird appeared in their midst.
Without warning, the men fell on their faces and began to worship this bird. Blessing it for protecting them and offering them immense wealth and blessings.
The vision faded from his eyes when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
Gavin dropped the mug that contained coffee and moved his head backwards; his sister Lily had been the one that had tapped him.

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‘Good morning bro, I see that you are ready for today’s meeting.’ She pulled a chair and joined him on the dining table.
‘Sure.’ Gavin replied curtly.
He had prayed this morning. He had studied the word. He just found it hard to understand this vision.
He had seen men in suits and a huge bird, he had a lot of questions, but he couldn’t ask them now.
‘What are your plans?’ She poured herself a glass of water, while waiting for his response.
‘Send for Ms. Irene, I would love her to be present at the meeting.’ Gavin said to his sister.
Lily was surprised by his request, ‘Why is that? These are very important men from Carida, why do you want her there?’
‘She is from Carida you know; she could say a good word about our company to these men from the Phoenix. This deal would help us establish a brand over there. We need to take it seriously.’ He explained.
Lily shrugged; she now understood why he wanted the newest worker in her department.
They fell silent after that. Lily could tell that something weighed heavily on her brother’s mind, she rarely saw him like this.
‘Are you alright Gavin?’ She asked.
‘Yes.’ He nodded and rose to his feet.
‘You don’t look fine to me, but if you insist.’ She took her eyes from her brother and focused on her plate.
Gavin was ready to leave for the office. He couldn’t wait for Delilah or his sister who had formed a habit of going late for almost everything.
He needed time alone with the Spirit; he wanted to hear more clearly. He needed answers to the things that troubled him.
‘Ore…’ he thought of her. Why had she hardened her heart against him? Gavin had tried her number early that morning, but her phone was switched off.
‘Good morning darling…why won’t you wait for me?’ Delilah purred sweetly and strolled towards her man.
His hands were already on the doorknob, he was about pushing the door open when he heard the still voice, and it whispered: “Don’t go for that meeting.”
Gavin thought he had not heard well, that was his mind speaking to him, he was sure of it. This deal with the Phoenix was the biggest deal he had in years, staying back, meant that he was not interested.
‘See you at the office Delilah.’ He swirled round and faced her.
‘Okay then, I can’t wait.’ She blew him a kiss, and then returned to the dining table.
Gavin pulled in a deep breath and calmed his nerves. He reassured himself that his mind was deceiving him as he heard the soft voice a second time, “Don’t go for the meeting.”
‘Is something wrong Gavin?’ Lily noticed her brother had been standing by the door for too long.
He quickly shook his head, ‘No, I am good.’ He pushed open the door and stepped outside, what he saw after that was unexplainable.
‘Lord, it was really your voice. It sounded like my mind.’ Gavin was stunned as he saw a team of Angels surrounding his car. They were all dressed in blue and their faces were almost invisible, as each had their face covered in silvery glitter.
Fear gripped him as he stared at the mysterious scene before him.
“You knew it was my voice son, you just wanted it to be yours.” The Spirit whispered.
‘But this is a big deal for me.’ He explained to the Holy Spirit.
“I know Gavin…I know all things. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I know what will bring you glory and what will bring you shame.”
He didn’t understand the Spirit clearly, but he was too afraid to ask for explanations.
‘I am sorry for disobeying you. I know this is tough, but I am willing to do your will.’
“Good, you can start by staying away from the Phoenix. Even the Angel of darkness comes as an Angel of light. Be careful.”
               You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP1
‘What are you?’ Julia’s heart pounded fast against her chest as she stared at her captive whom she was not able to kill.
First, Ore knew her by name. Then she had found it difficult to pull the trigger when the bitch had challenged her.
Julia was stunned out her mind, she couldn’t believe those things had actually happened.
‘I am the child of the Living God.’ Ore replied tiredly, she had not slept throughout the night, because Julia had tried endlessly to pull the trigger, but all to no avail.
Hearing the word, “God,” alone, irked her. Who did Ore think she was? Just because she could pull off a few parlor tricks didn’t make her special or anything.
‘You’re nothing. You’re just a joker, when I am ready to deal with you, I will find your secrets and torture you for making a fool out of me.’ Julia hissed angrily and left for her wardrobe.
Ore’s strangeness angered her, she was always the one in control of a situation, yet her captive had succeeded in instilling fear in her.
Well, all was not lost, she focused her thoughts of Gavin Adediran and that made her very happy. He was going to die today; she was a hundred percent sure about it.
‘I know your likes Ore, you all think you have this big and amazing God that can save you from anything, but you are all liars. You are delusional because there is no God. Soon, you’ll hear about me and the great things I have done. Your God is no match for me, so if you love your life, don’t ever mention him.’ She flashed Ore a warning, her eyes reddened as she glared at her.
Julia planned to take a bath and change her clothes. She planned to go walking later, but work was in the way of it. She wanted to hear about his death the next day when she walked into the building.
Ore gritted her teeth as she listened to Julia’s boastings. She wanted to shut her up and tell her about the beautiful God that had created her and given her life but she held herself back on the command of the Holy Spirit.
“Stand Still and see the glory of the Lord.” He had said to her, who was she to fight his battles?
She missed Gavin, she felt horrible that she had walked away from him. She loved him so much. She wished her time here would come to an end, and she would start her whole life with him.
Her throat was parched; she needed to quench her thirst.
Ore was about asking for some water, when Julia’s phone buzzed.

To be continued…

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