She stepped out of the wardrobe without making a sound. Lily could swear that she did it for a living.
‘What were you talking about?’ Paul’s focus was on Ore.
He had just received information from his superiors to get the ‘prisoners,’ and bring them over to the Temple of Blood in Carida.
‘I…I can’t remember.’ Lily stuttered as Julia came closer.
From the fearful look in Lily’s eyes, Paul had a feeling she had seen something he hadn’t, but before he could realize what was happening, a sharp pain pierced his skull and had him sprawling on the floor.
‘You!’ He stuttered as he realized who had attacked him, ‘Betray…er.’
Julia had cracked his skull in full force. She had no pity for men like him. He was just like the men who molested her sister, and she was going to take revenge on him.
Julia couldn’t fight the pain she had carried all these years. She couldn’t stop her tears from flowing as she remembered a certain teenage girl that Paul had introduced to her.
Her name was Ego, and she had been recruited by the Phoenix for training.
‘You dirty bastard. I will kill you.’ Julia lifted the gun, and prepared it for firing.
Paul was confused by her decision, she was a sworn daughter of the Phoenix and she would abide to the rules.
‘You know the consequences of killing me.’ He bragged, he was sure his life was now safe.
Julia wiped her face with the back of her palm and replied, ‘Consequences be damned.’ She’d rather die, than watch Master Paul or any member of the Phoenix touch her sister.
‘Goodbye Master Paul,’ she fingered the trigger.
She was about releasing it, when Gavin arrived with a dozen of Police Men.
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With the help of his secretary, he had found a site, ‘TempleBlood’, on the internet. A closer look at the site revealed it was a fraternity, posing as a game site, but the logo of the phoenix had betrayed them.
With a little research, he and Amaka had discovered that this Fraternity had something in common with the Phoenix Baby Care Products company.
The names of the managers were first on the list, of members that belonged to this Fraternity.
Gavin had not been quite sure of the next action to take, but on the orders of the Holy Spirit, he left to the nearest Police Station and told them about his sister’s kidnapping.
They were hesitant at first, but they agreed to follow him to Rosydew hotel and here they were.
‘I told you…’ Gavin turned to the Police men that had agreed to follow him. Again, the Spirit had led him straight to the lion’s den where his loved ones where being held captive.
‘No! Don’t shoot him.’ Gavin rushed to take the gun away from Julia, but it was too late. The bullet she released ran through Paul’s heart, and she didn’t have any regrets.
Lily was heavily shocked to see her brother in the room. He was the last person she had expected to see. However, the joy of seeing Gavin was extinguished by the sorrowful display of two dead bodies, one of which was Delilah’s.
‘Ms. Irene? What are you doing here?’ Gavin swallowed, as he stared into the face of his employee.
Julia ignored Gavin and rushed towards her sister, Ore had passed out and she had to find a way to bring her back to life.
‘We should arrest this woman pastor! She is a murderer.’ One of the officers spoke up, as the rest were tired of waiting for his orders.
Gavin had seen it all for himself. It was obvious that Ms. Irene was the enemy here, she had killed two people and taken his sister and Ore captive. It was all starting to make sense.
‘Get away from her, murderer.’ Gavin was bitter as he realized she must have been the one that had slipped poison into his coffee.
A brief scene of his first meeting with Ms. Irene flashed through his mind. He had known there was something off about her, but he couldn’t place it. Now, all had been revealed.
‘Don’t you ever call me that.’ Julia clenched her teeth, and focused on freeing her sister from the cords that bound her wrists.
How could Gavin walk in here and hurl insults at her? He knew nothing about her past and present, not even Ore’s.
‘Please, you have to take her away. I think she also made attempt on my life.’ Gavin snapped his fingers, inviting the officers into the Hotel room.
Julia’s heart jolted at his command, she wouldn’t let anyone take her away from her sister.
‘I didn’t kill Delilah! I only defended her.’ Julia screamed.
Lily was too shocked to say anything in Ms. Irene’s defense, even though she had witnessed the killing.
‘You’ll tell us that when we get to the station.’ One of the officers grabbed her wrists and dragged her roughly towards the entrance.
Julia bit her lip angrily, she had the strength to kill all of these men with her gun, but she wouldn’t. The more people she killed, the more her sister’s life was endangered.
She had a feeling that this was the end of the road for her, everything that lay ahead was uncertain.
‘Wait…’ she bit her lip.
She knew the Phoenix would still come after Gavin, knowing he was still alive. She had to protect her sister first, and the only way she could do that was to tell Gavin the truth.
‘Shut up and move!’ The officer screamed.
‘Gavin,’ she hollered his name.
Gavin sensed the urgency in her voice, he was equally surprised by the manner she had addressed him.
‘Yes, Ms. Irene?’ His brows furrowed together.
‘The Phoenix will come after you, be careful, they are everywhere.’
Gavin’s heart galloped at the mention of that name, ‘How do you know them? What do you know?’ He rushed towards her.
‘Just take care of my sister Ore. Tell her that I love her.’ Those were Julia’s last words before the officers bundled her out of the Hotel room towards the black Maria they’d come with.
‘We’ll torture you until you confess!’ One of the officers scowled at her, but she ignored him and gently climbed into the van with her hands cuffed.
She ran her tongue over her lips nervously as she stared at the bird soaring with unbent wings in the clouds.
A cold chill ran down her spine as she recognized the Phoenix.
They were coming for her.
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‘Talk to me Lily, what really happened?’ Gavin tried his best to stop his sister from crying. He had rushed Ore to the hospital, and they were now waiting for the doctor’s report.
The hotel room had been bounded by yellow tapes, as some officers had stayed behind to carry out a proper investigation into the death of Mr. Paul and Delilah.
‘Delilah didn’t deserve to die, I don’t know why she came there. I was so shocked to see her.’ Lily sobbed against her brother’s shoulders.
Gavin felt her cold tears soaking deep into his shirt, but he didn’t mind. His mind was focus on Ms. Irene and the last words she had whispered to him.
‘Paul bound my hands the moment he followed me out of the office. He bundled me into his boot and drove straight away to Rosydew Hotel, where I found Ore…’ Lily swallowed, she couldn’t tell her brother what she had been discussing with Ore before she passed out.
‘Paul?’ Gavin lifted a brow, that was unexpected.
‘I don’t know his purpose for doing that, but he seemed really after you. And the only way to get you to come, was to take me.’ She waited, as he cut in.
‘Invariably, Ms. Irene had been paid to kidnap Ore, but Ore’s absence was not enough to lure me into their trap.’ Gavin rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
His sister shrugged, maybe they were right or wrong. But she wasn’t interested, she was only concerned with Ore’s life.
‘Ms. Irene didn’t kill Delilah, she only shot Paul as revenge.’ Lily explained vividly, everything that had taken place.
Gavin sighed as he quickly remembered Ms. Irene and Delilah kissing in his office. He couldn’t tell his sister that, he only felt pity that Delilah had not given her life to Christ before death had come.
‘I am just happy you are okay. I am trusting God that Ore will be fine.’ He whispered to his sister.
Lily began to sob afresh as she thought of Ore’s condition. She felt very guilty for the way she had treated Ore in the past, because she seemed like someone that had been wrongly accused.

To be continued…

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