Gavin strolled out of his office dejectedly, the Spirit had abandoned him, he was sure of it now.
‘Good day Sir.’ His secretary noticed the gloomy expression on his face.
‘Amaka, where did you say my sister went to again?’ He didn’t know if this was important, but he asked anyway. He just had the urge to ask that particular question.
Amaka repeated what she had told him earlier, ‘She left with the man from Phoenix Baby Care, Mr. Paul. It seems they’d wanted to check something out.’
‘Phoenix Baby Care,’ Gavin scratched his chin, his skin tingled and his heart was swallowed up in a racy thump of realization, that the baby care company may have a connection to the cult group that he had dreamt about.

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‘Is something wrong sir? Are you alright?’ Amaka had never seen her boss this way.
Gavin closed his eyes briefly and opened them. It seems the Lord wanted him to fight this battle on his own. Finding his sister was not his job, but he had no choice but to try something first as the Director of the Police Force had failed to take his calls.
‘Can you find me information on Phoenix Baby Care?’ He moved closer to his secretary’s table.
Amaka turned on her laptop immediately, ‘I will need specifics sir.’ She asked, because he looked like he needed that information immediately.
Gavin didn’t know what details to supply her with, ‘Try, the owners of the company and perhaps their logo.’ He sighed.
This was too much for him to bear. These strange men had taken two people that he loved, but there weren’t asking for money or gold. They wanted him, and he didn’t understand why.
‘It is headed by Waldo Ade Elarian and Ken Lafia. They have been partners in this business for a long time.’ Amaka supplied.
The names were not familiar with Gavin, these men had lived all of their lives in Carida.
‘Um, their logo is a phoenix.’ Amaka continued.
‘What?’ Gavin’s heart jolted.
‘It’s a bird, come and see it.’ She asked politely, and he obeyed.
A cold chill ran down his spine as he came face to face with the creature he had seen in his dream. The Phoenix existed, but from the look of things, the cult group were using the baby care agenda to cover up their tracks and their crimes.
Gavin remembered that the Holy Spirit had told him about the enemies in his office. This meant only one thing; the Phoenix had a spy in his office and this spy had slipped something into his drink.
Only two people had been around his coffee that morning, Angel Daran had appeared to him. Either Amaka or Ms. Irene had slipped the poison.
‘Anything else Sir?’ Amaka peered up.
Gavin clenched his teeth, pondering of the possibility of Amaka being a secret member of the Phoenix.
‘Have you ever heard about the Phoenix?’ Gavin watched her face closely to see if she was the Spy or not.
‘Nope, I’ve never heard about it.’ She replied curtly.
Gavin was lost in a cavern of confusion and uncertainty.
‘Please, speak to me now. I don’t know what else to do.’ He prayed within.
The Spirit had been waiting for an appointed time to speak, he had everything in place of the deliverance of the captives.
“‘Temple Blood’. Search that. When you find your answers, go to Rosydew Hotel, room 88.”

                You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP10
‘I know what you are thinking about me, Lily.’ Ore started.
‘And what am I thinking?’ Ore scoffed.
‘I am not who you think I am. A lot of people get their reputation tarnished by others. I was never a whore or a tramp as people assumed, I was merely a victim of circumstance.’ Ore licked her lips nervously, occasionally listening to Paul’s yelling, he had been on a very long call since he set foot in the bathroom.
Lily sighed and decided to listen to Ore. It wasn’t like she was interested. She just didn’t want to die of boredom while waiting for the Police to come and rescue her.
‘So who are you?’ She cast Ore a condescending look.
‘My parents died when I was young, leaving I and my sister Oye to fend for ourselves because our relatives had rejected us. We were later taken to the motherless children home, and then to the orphanage.
My sister was later kidnapped by some men, and I never saw her again…’ Ore bit her lip; she couldn’t reveal anything about Julia now.
She told Lily about the men who had taken advantage of her as a child, and that pattern had repeated until she was old enough to run away from that environment.
‘But someone saw you with our Math teacher, how do you explain that?’ Lily was deeply touched by this story, though she still found it difficult to believe Ore was innocent.
Ore smiled and blinked the tears that had gathered in her eyes, ‘He was raping me in the staff room. I screamed for help, but no one came. Why do you think he spread those lies about me? I threatened to report him to the principal, but he was smarter.’ She shuddered as memories from all the rape scenes invaded her brain with full force.
There was pain. There was anger. There was helplessness.
‘No…no!’ A loud scream emanated from Ore’s lips, before she blacked out.
‘Ore?’ Lily swallowed, as she had never seen anything like what had just taken place.
All of a sudden, she heard a clicking sound which was followed by the opening of the door and Delilah standing at the entrance.
‘Lily?’ Delilah arched a brow, surprised to see Gavin’s sister in Julia’s hotel room.
She had traced Julia all the way to this room. Even though she had to bribe the receptionist and the other workers, she didn’t regret a thing.
She had come to give Julia a stern warning, to keep away from her sister.
‘What are you doing here?’ She stepped into the room.
Lily was more concerned about Ore’s state than anything else.
Just in time, Paul, who had heard Ore’s loud screaming, returned to the scene with his gun.
‘You! What is she doing here?’ he pulled out his gun angrily and pointed it at Delilah who died a thousand times at the sight of the weapon.
Lily was lost on what to do. Here, Ore had passed out, and there, Delilah had a gun pointed at her face.
‘Please, don’t kill me…’ Delilah fell on her knees, pleading for her life.
But Paul was a bloodsucker, just like the rest of his brothers.
Without hesitation, he pulled the trigger. A loud fire burst through her skull, leaving a hole in her forehead.
Delilah dropped dead and a loud cry followed from Lily.
Julia who had been hiding away in the wardrobe couldn’t bear the pain anymore as she was well aware of everything that was taking place.
Her eyes were already blurred with tears when she heard Lily screaming about her sister Ore. She had been so touched by her sister’s sorrowful journey in life.
‘It is time I take care of her, I must take care of everyone.’ Julia set her teeth in a snarl and tightened her grip on her gun.
Paul walked towards Ore and pinched her cheeks, trying to resuscitate her.
‘What happened?’ He glanced at Lily briefly.
‘I don’t know, we were just talking…’ Lily wanted to say more, but she felt tongue tied as she noticed Ms. Irene walking gingerly out of the huge wardrobe behind Mr. Paul.

To be Continued…

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