‘There is something you need to know about Ore.’ Lily lifted her head from Gavin’s shoulders. Her head was throbbing from too much crying, she couldn’t keep all of her pain to herself.
She knew her brother wouldn’t be too happy with this revelation, but she had to tell him.
‘It is about Ore,’ Lily mustered up courage.
‘What about Ore?’ Gavin listened carefully.
He was deeply affected by the events of the day, but this pain never clouded his reaction whenever Ore’s name was mentioned.
Gavin had been afraid seeing her numb on that chair, but a closer examination revealed that she had been alive and that was enough for him.
The Spirit had already told him that Ore had a secret she was keeping from him, but he was not interested. He wanted her to come to him whenever she was ready.
All he desired was for her quick recovery and the chance to tell her how he truly felt.
‘She was my classmate in secondary school and I was not nice to her…’ Lily started.
She told her brother about how the other girls and the teachers treated Ore like an outcast and how rumors of her promiscuity flew around the school.
‘She doesn’t look promiscuous to me, she is a virtuous woman.’ Gavin was slightly confused.
‘Of course she is, rumors are never true. She told me the truth about her childhood today…’ she sniffled and wiped her eyes.
Gavin was growing impatient, ‘Talk to me Lily, tell me everything.’
‘She was a victim of sexual abuse and rape. And this continued for a very long time till she was old enough to run away from the orphanage and start a new life on her own.
Her parents both died when she was young, and her relatives dumped them at the nearest orphanage. She also told me about how she lost her sister one evening and never found her…’
‘What really happened to her?’ Gavin asked.
‘I don’t know, while she was talking to me, she just gave a loud scream and fainted. I couldn’t understand why. And…’ Lily paused.
‘What?’ Gavin searched her eyes for more.
‘I think Mr. Paul and Ore were once an item.’
Gavin’s heart broke into a thousand pieces on hearing this. Slowly, the pieces of Ore’s enigmatic life came together and he came to understand why she had been so impulsive and difficult to be with.
He remembered the first night they had met in the bar, where he had found her drunk and sobbing over a man, which she later named as Paul.
God, he had been shown all of these things, but he had not taken them seriously.
‘I wish I knew this on time,’ He bit his lip, he should’ve treaded more carefully with her.
‘I am truly sorry Gavin. Delilah went through your phone one night and found Ore’s contact. I had a feeling she was the woman you loved and I was prepared to fight her. Little did I know, that everything people had said about her were lies. Would you ever forgive me?’ Lily cried.
Truly, this was a day of deeper revelations. Gavin had not seen this one coming.
‘Delilah was never meant to be my wife, that was mum’s idea, now look at what happened to her. There’s nothing to forgive Lily, I am happy you learned the truth.’ Gavin exhaled slowly.
So this was the secret Ore had been keeping from him?
Well, even if she had been promiscuous, he didn’t care about her past. He loved her so much, just like Jesus loved him and gave him a second chance whenever he failed.
‘I can’t wait to be this over, I can’t believe anything that is happening. I don’t even understand why someone would want you dead.’ Lily complained.
Gavin suddenly remembered Ms. Irene’s last words before she was being bundled out of the room.
“Be careful, the phoenix is coming after you. Take care of my sister and tell her that I love her.”
‘Gavin?’ Lily tapped his arm lightly as a familiar police officer marched towards the waiting section in the hospital.
He pushed his thoughts out and rose to his feet to receive the man.
‘Mr. Adediran, we have a very big problem here.’ The officer had no patience for pleasantries.’
‘What could that be Sir?’ Gavin swallowed.
‘It turns out that your employee, Ms. Irene is not who you think she is.’ The man replied.
Still, Gavin wasn’t following the drift of this conversation. He exchanged questioning gazes with his sister, while waiting for the man to explain himself.
‘Do you remember the prevailing kidnappings of famous people and school girls two years back in Dania?’ The officer asked.
‘The reign of terror,’ Gavin nodded. One of his members had been kidnapped during that period, and this had propelled him into organizing a prayer night for his members.
It was on that night, that he had made a declaration under the influence of the Holy Ghost. He had declared that the sponsors of the famous kidnappings would be found and disgraced.
Unknown to him, he had launched a fierce and direct attack on the Phoenix.
‘I remember quite well, but what has that got to do with this?’ He wondered.
‘Everything, as the assassin that was behind those killings turns out to be the same woman that worked in your company whom we have been chasing for years. She is faceless, and ghost like. Only a few people have been opportune to see her face and stay alive.’ The man dug a hand into his pocket and pulled out a stack of five international passports.
‘Here, have a look.’
            You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP12
Ore was well aware that she was no longer in the Hotel room. Her eyes fluttered as she parted them, to see the new place where she was being kept.
A yawn escaped her lips, and her tummy rumbled. She was hungry and needed something to eat.
The bed which she lay upon was lush and very soft. It reminded her of the expensive hotels she had seen on Television. She smiled and touched the flowery bed sheet lightly.
However, the smile was short lived as she quickly remembered everything that had taken place in Rosydew.
‘No.’ Ore straightened on the bed.
Her sister had been hiding in the wardrobe, and Paul had been threatening her and Gavin’s younger sister with a gun.
She ran through her memories and found a great barrier; she couldn’t remember what had taken place beyond that, it seemed she was lost. Ore felt like she was in a world of her own.
Her eyes ran over the empty room, and the strange smell of the place.
‘A hospital.’
She quickly ran her hands over her body, to make certain that she was alright. Satisfied, she jumped out of bed and rushed towards the door.
She had to find Oye. She had to find Lily. She had to find Gavin and tell him everything about her before it was too late.
Her heart spiraled as she thought of his handsome face; she missed him greatly and was very glad to be given this second chance.

To be continued…

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