Ore had never felt this at peace and at ease with herself. Most times, she woke up wearing a scowl on her face; other times, she woke up heavily discouraged and depressed.
But right now? She felt lighter, and different.
‘The joy of the lord is my strength.’ She smiled and held the door handle, ready to go out and face the world.
But the door failed to open, even as she exerted more pressure on the handle.
She sighed and glared at the saffron curtains that covered the window, preventing the yellow rays of sunshine to burst in.
With fear, she watched as the curtains danced to the rhythm of the wind, as she felt a strange presence within her.

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Ore could swear someone was with her in the room, but she couldn’t see anyone.
‘Lord help me,’ she shrugged and turned to the door handle, she had to find a way out of this place before it was too late.
She froze as she felt a light tap on her shoulder.
“Ore,” a deep baritone called her name, but she was too afraid to turn.
Again, she felt she was hallucinating or going crazy.
“I have a message…” the baritone rumbled.
She had heard stories of people seeing strange creatures, but she had never believed in them.
With deep courage, she swirled round and came face to face with a man in white. A man whose eyes were burning coals, and whose feet were trapped in sandals forged out of pure gold.
His hair was pristine, and he had a friendly and welcoming smile.
‘You…you can’t be…’ she struggled to breath as his gentle eyes bored into her.
“Yes, I came to see you.” The man in white smiled, but her fears wouldn’t let her return it.
‘Please go away, I am not Holy.’ Her lips trembled and she fell to her feet.
The man in white simply chuckled and helped her up her feet, “I didn’t come for the holy. I came for the broken, wayward, lost, controversial and deviants.” He replied calmly.
Tears splashed her cheeks. Joy welled up in her. Her heart bubbled with untold testimonies of the divine visitation that she had.
“Have you noticed anything about yourself today?” The man in white asked.
‘Yes. I woke up feeling happy.’ Ore replied quickly.
“Good. It will always be this way…” He moved closer to her and touched her shoulders, “You have cried enough. You have carried your burdens enough; I took them away from you. But I had to make you fall into a deep sleep.”
Ore lifted a brow, ‘You did?’
“Yes, and I am here to complete your healing process, if you will let me.” He asked.
‘Please Lord, heal me.’ She nodded.
“Should I take the memories away completely?” The man in white asked.
Her heart skipped as she remembered the pain attached to her childhood memories. She saw the faces of the men that had raped and defiled her; she heard the laughter of the mockers all over again.
But what would she be without these memories? What would her life be like without the past?
Ore had an option, to either carry her memories with her for the rest of her life, or to have them erased totally.
Silence hung in the atmosphere as she deliberated on the right option for her.
‘If I let you take my memories away, I will not be able to encourage others who have passed through this situation. Can you take the pain that comes with remembering without touching the memories?’ She asked, feeling more relaxed with Him.
The man in white smiled and pulled her closer to him, “I came to heal the brokenhearted. I came to men broken minds. I came for you Ore. I love you.” He whispered.
She surrendered herself in his arms and allowed his words to sink deeply into her.
‘But why did you let those people hurt me? Why do you let humans hurt each other?’ She asked.
When she finally opened her eyes, she realized he was gone! Ore staggered, but she quickly found a balance by the door frame.
The man in white had come to her! He had taken away her pain, and now she felt brand new.
‘I saw him! I saw him! I saw the lamb of God.’ Tears watered down her eyes, as she began to celebrate her victory over depression, anxiety and worry.
For in that moment, she realized that he loved her first, and he knew what was best for her life.
“Find Gavin, he is your destiny.” The Spirit whispered in her mind.
‘What about my sister? Why are you not saying anything about her?’ She waited for him to speak.
“Blessed are those who suffer in my name, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”
                      You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP13
Gavin confirmed the pictures on the International Passports as Oye’s.
‘I don’t understand, how could one woman bear five different names?’ He was stunned.
‘She works for a secret group. An echelon of men obsessed with power and greed. They love to control the affairs of the society and clip anyone who stands against that.
This is the reason they own assassins.’ The officer explained.
‘Assassins?’ Gavin kept staring at Ms. Irene’s passports, he didn’t even know what to call her.
‘Yes, a lot of deadly men and women work with this group, but your employee stood out amongst them. She kills her victims very quickly and in an unnoticeable manner. We picked her trail when the President of Gambia was assassinated. We had a feeling she will be coming for you next and we prepared ourselves, though she escaped us once.’ The man bragged.
‘What does she want with me?’ Gavin was now sure Ms. Irene had poisoned his drink, he just needed more details.
The officer explained that Gavin’s declaration in his Church had angered the men in the group, and they hated people who stood up to them like that.
‘So, she was sent to kill you.’ The man shrugged.
Gavin still had a lot of questions, ‘Do you have a name for this group?’
The officer was hesitant at first, ‘Templeblood. It is a popular fraternity in the Island of Carida. We are very sure these men are behind the kidnappings and assassination of prestigious men who stand against them. We just didn’t have enough proof to go directly after them, but we do now…’
‘What is your proof?’ Gavin swallowed, the Spirit had already revealed all these to him.
‘Your employee has a tattoo of the phoenix bird on her nape. She is the assassin we have been looking for. She will tell us everything we need to know about that organization.’
For a moment, Gavin was tempted to tell the Senior Officer about the Phoenix Baby Care company and how the fraternity used that as a cover up, but he decided to leave them to their jobs.
He felt satisfied with everything that had taken place. There had been numerous revelations and victory.
‘I must take my leave now, I just wanted to tell you about her before we proceed.
The man we found was her master, he was in charge of this particular assassin.’ The officer continued.
‘Paul?’ Gavin inquired.
‘Yes. Paul. He works with Phoenix Baby Care Company and he thought coming close to you would be wise. We are still investigating this Fraternity, I have a feeling, and we would find a lot of interesting things.
For now, I have to take my leave. I will send some men to your house to keep watch. These men don’t back down, till their victim is taken off the surface of the earth.’ The office shook hands with Gavin, and walked briskly out of the hospital.

To be continued…

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