‘I know you probably know I slipped poison into your coffee and tried to kill you. If you are looking for an apology, you won’t get it. So many people judge me and see me like this hard hearted devil, but they know nothing about me.’ Julia knew Gavin had come for a reason, she was eager to know it.
He smiled and leaned closer to the table, ‘Have you ever wondered why your poison didn’t work on me?’
Julia scoffed, ‘I don’t know and I don’t care.’

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Gavin shrugged and relaxed against his chair.
He had been told by the Spirit to tell Julia about his love for her. The Spirit had revealed that it wouldn’t be easy, but he shouldn’t give up.
He had decided to do this without Ore’s presence and permission; this was the reason he had called to know where exactly she was.
‘I know what you are trying to do.’ Julia scoffed.
It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in God, she guessed he existed but not for someone like her.
‘I know you found I and Delilah kissing in your office and you are still mad about that. You have come to preach to me about my sins, hoping I will buy into your gospel of lies and deceit. I am sorry Gavin, I don’t believe in God, maybe he exists.’ She rested her arms against the table.
If God were truly alive, why had her sister been raped and brutalized so many times?
What about her? Why had the Phoenix gotten to her and a hundred of innocent little girls whom they turned into monsters?
‘Delilah was my lover of many years, just so you know.’ She hissed.
‘Oye,’ Gavin’s tone was stern, but she was not moved by it.
‘You will be in here for a long time because of the crimes you committed. I got you a very good lawyer who would defend you and help reduce your time, if you comply with the Police to reveal the secrets of the Phoenix and their actual location.’
‘What is your point?’ Julia cut in rudely.
‘You need his love to overcome all things. Believe me, this place is not easy. But if your time could be lowered to five, you’ll be alright.’ He ran his eyes over the place.
Julia already knew she would be made an offer.
‘I am comfortable spending my days here. I have seen the world enough. I am satisfied.’ She grinned and rose to her feet before he could say more.
‘Why are you so afraid of surrendering your life to Christ?’ Gavin joined her on his feet.
‘I fear no one. I make the rules for my life.’ Julia replied defiantly.
‘No, the way I see it, you are afraid of surrendering to Jesus because you are still mad at him. You are blaming him for what happened to your sister and yourself.’ Gavin could see the pain truly flashing through her eyes.
He hit a nerve; she cringed when he was done speaking.
‘I am beyond saving, just go and be with my sister. Tell her that I love her and I miss her. She should stop by sometime.’ With this, Julia pulled back her chair and strolled away.
Gavin sighed as he watched her leave. He had not expected her to receive Christ instantly. He had met many people like Oye, but he was not deterred.
He would keep her in his heart like a prayer.
Now that his visit was over, he needed to speak to Ore before it was too late. He was yet to confess his love for her, but he was ready now, even though she was still mad at him.
As he walked out of the station, Gavin remembered the parable of the sower- some seeds fell to the earth, some to the rocks and some to replenished ground.
He was determined to win Julia for Christ. Though he knew it would be a long walk, he was prepared to fight for her soul.

                You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP15

She found it difficult to start the car. Even after twisting the key in the ignition three times, the car just wouldn’t start.
Ore sighed and grabbed her handbag, she had made up her mind to see her sister today, and nothing was going to stop her.
She had not gone to see Julia earlier because the Police men that worked with Gavin had advised against it.
‘Nothing would stop me today.’ She got down from the car and began walking towards the road, hoping she could see a taxi.
She felt bad for speaking to Gavin that way; she knew deep down that it was wrong, but she couldn’t help it.
A lot of things had taken place in her life within a short span, and she felt overwhelmed, by discoveries and revelations and even witnessing the death of two people.
Ore sighed as she thought about Paul, the man she had once loved. She never could believe he was a member of the Phoenix, the organization that Julia was forced to work for.
Now, all the visions concerning Paul she had was starting to make sense. She remembered the night she went out for dinner with Gavin, he had shared a similar vision, and had mentioned her ex.
‘Lord, just help with my sister. Help her get out.’ Ore prayed silently.
God had done everything she desired. Gavin was safe. She had reconciled with her sister. The pain she carried for a lot of years was gone. In its place, was a beautiful feeling of being loved and cherished.
Her scars were now beauty marks, and this was made only possible through the love of Jesus.
‘Wey you dey go?’ A rickety blue taxi stopped by.
‘Um, Central Station,’ She replied, not quite comfortable with the overall appearance of the car.
Just in time, she sighted a black Honda Civic, which looked like Gavin’s.
‘No,’ she licked her lips, and decided to get into the taxi to avoid speaking to him, but she was too late as he had read her mind. He quickly pulled over, and hopped out of the car, towards her.
‘Ore!’ Gavin knew she was trying to avoid him, but she had already gotten into the car.
He needed to think fast, he needed to find a way to stop her from running away from him and what she truly felt.
‘Oye sends her greeting! She says I should tell you that she loves you and you should take care of yourself!’ He yelled at the top of his voice.
Ore was about shutting the door of the rickety taxi when she heard this; at first, she didn’t want to believe him. He could say anything just to spend time with her.
But she knew deep down Gavin would never lie to her, so she got down and rushed towards him, leaving the old taxi driver in confusion.
‘You for kukukma tell me say you no get money.’ The man hissed and drove away angrily.

To be continued…

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