‘Make sure you don’t try anything funny.’ Julia scowled at her, then grabbed the phone that lay on the bed.
It was Master Paul.
‘Good morning Master.’ She greeted.
Master Paul sounded happy; she wondered what his reasons were.
‘I don’t understand Master.’
‘I am in Gavin’s company now, but he told his secretary to cancel our meeting because he cannot show up for personal reasons.’
Julia pressed a shaky hand against her belly, ‘Are you serious?’ She hoped this was true.
‘Yes, so your poison has worked on that fool. He is a dead man.’
Julia couldn’t hold back her laughter, ‘I can’t believe I conquered the great Gavin Adediran.’
Ore’s stomach rumbled at the mention of his name.
What relationship did this assassin have with Gavin?

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‘Why are you staring at me like that?’ Julia could see a glint of fear in Ore’s eyes, after she had dropped the phone.
Ore knew better than to tell Julia what she was actually thinking. She had mentioned Gavin’s name, and this meant something. There was a connection between the assassin and Gavin.
She felt a tremor in her tummy as her eyes met with Julia’s. She imagined Gavin being tied to a chair like she was.
What if she had meant to take Gavin in her place?
‘Oh…’ Julia chuckled. She knew exactly why Ore was staring at her in wonder.
‘You must have heard your boyfriend’s name.’ Julia sighed, feeling happy that she had accomplished a great feat.
The Phoenix would etch her name in gold. They would remember her in years to come. And she could even buy her freedom from them.
‘What business do you have with Gavin?’ Ore’s voice was shaky, unsure of what to expect.
Julia felt proud of herself, she had not imagined that her mission in Dania would be this easy and Gavin, a cheap hunt.
She ignored Ore and moved towards the bathroom, she changed her mind. She had to go to work today and see what his stupid company would be like without him bossing everyone around.
‘Answer me Julia!’ Tears dribbled down her face.
Julia bit her lip, to prevent her anger from taking its full course. Her hands tingled from the burning rage that started within her, accompanied by the urge to smash something into Ore’s head.
‘You have had enough. I told you, your God is dead. He does not deliver. He does not save.’ She settled for words instead.
‘You lie! You know deep down that he exists, the Bible records it.’ Ore cried, she hated herself for pushing Gavin away like that.
She wondered what he would be up to now: Did he think about her? Was he worried about her? Had he forgotten her?
‘Well, last I checked, the Europeans cooked up a bunch of lies and gave it to weak minded individuals like you and your stupid boyfriend. In return, you sold your brothers and offered them your mineral sources.’ Julia scoffed, ‘Such a mind bending magic, I never knew it still worked.’
Ore felt discouraged in her spirit, for how long would she put up with Julia’s crap.
‘Blasphemy, Jesus lives,’ She spat at Julia.
Julia was even more amused by her action, ‘Jesus lives, and yet you are tired to a chair.’
‘I can prove it to you!’ Ore yelled.
‘Okay…’ Julia folded her arms across her chest; she decided to listen as she had all the time in the world today.
‘When I was young, a lot of bad things happened to me.’ Ore closed her eyes, fighting with herself, knowing that once she let herself through the door of her past, there was no going back.
All along, she had been able to suppress the pain from the cycle of sexual abuse. She had carried the ashes of those bitter memories along with her. She had hidden them in safe place, the back of her mind, where no one could find.
“You are doing the right thing…” the Holy Spirit caressed her ears with his soothing voice.
Immediately, courage conquered fear, and comfort overwhelmed pain and she found herself travelling back in time, to where it all started.
‘I and my younger sister lost our parents. We didn’t have nice relatives, so we were shipped to an orphanage…’
Julia was not a lover of stories, she hated them.
‘You know what? You can save your sob story for later. I would remember to get a beer for both of us, so I can drown myself in liquor when you bore me to death.’ Julia breezed to the bathroom.
Truthfully, she was not bored by Ore’s story, she was troubled by it.
Before now, she hardly felt things this deeply. She had buried her emotions the day her initiation into the Phoenix took place at the Temple of Blood.
But here she was, staring at her hollow eyes, welling up with tears for the first time.
‘Oye.’ She murmured a name that had once belonged to her.
                 You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP2
Gavin moved back into the house, at the sight of the angelic beings that had surrounded his car. He would be a fool to disobey the Spirit, after receiving clear instructions.
‘I thought you were ready?’ Lily and Delilah approached the door, fully dressed for work.
‘Um, I feel a little blue, maybe you should preside over the meeting with Mr. Paul.’ Gavin instructed his sister. This was not the right time to tell her about his vision about the Angels and the warning from the Spirit.
Lily thought it was a little strange for her brother to stay back from work, and this important meeting.
‘Gavin, is something wrong? This deal with Phoenix is very important, why can’t you manage? I could call the doctor.’ Lily proposed.
Delilah who had been watching quietly could tell that Gavin was not being honest. She had a feeling he was staying back from work so he could have time to visit his other woman.
‘I am not feeling well Lily, I expect you to stand for me in the meeting.’ He replied calmly.
‘But this would give Mr. Paul a bad impression of you. Your absence could imply your disinterest in a partnership with the Phoenix. Have you thought about how great an expansion would be?’ Delilah chipped in; she couldn’t let another woman take her man away from her.
He felt irked that his sister and Delilah couldn’t respect his wishes.
‘Lily, I am not having this conversation again. I place everything in your hands, if you fail, there will be consequences.’ His voice was terse and unfriendly; his sister had never seen him that way.
Delilah spun on her heel, and made to follow him, but Lilly quickly pulled her back by the arm.
‘Let him go, I have never seen him like that.’ Lily sighed. She had a strong feeling, that her brother’s behaviour was linked to his revelation about being poisoned.
She had to be careful, whoever wanted him dead, could also want her dead.
‘What if I stay back? I could take care of him?’ Delilah offered.
‘No dear, Gavin wants to be alone. Don’t worry, I’ll show you around the company, I promise, you’ll have a lot of fun.’ Lily smiled.
‘Okay.’ Delilah shrugged. Again, Gavin was rejecting her, but she wouldn’t give up on him already. She still needed to get more information on the lady she had found on Facebook, Ore Martin.
The ladies strolled towards the deep blue Bentayga, there was a driver, so they simply hopped into the back of the vehicle ad relaxed.
‘I love your brother Lily. I never planned for it to happen, but I feel strongly within, that we are meant to be together.’ Delilah confessed her feelings.
Lily watched Delilah’s face glow as she talked about her brother, this was love in its purest form and it was the best of him.
Not many highly achieved women like Delilah would offer themselves the way she was, to any man. She was a gift to her family; Gavin was left with no choice but to accept.
‘There’s no need to fear, I am on your side. How many times do I have to tell you this?’
Delilah pulled her phone out of her designer bag and offered it to Lily, ‘You think this is easy for me? Your brother is seeing someone else; I think I may have found her.’

To be continued…

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