Gingerly, Lily snatched the phone from Delilah’s fingers and stared at the screen.
At first, the name made no meaning to her, but a closer look at the lady’s profile picture made her heart skip.
‘No, maybe I am dreaming.’ She turned the phone off and stared outside the window.
Delilah had expected her to be upset about her brother’s philandering ways, but the expression she saw on Lily’s face, was one of disgust and fear.

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‘Do you know this Ore Martins?’ Delilah was forced to ask.
Lily bit her lower lip with her tongue in a swift manner, ‘No.’ The face was familiar, the eyes held the same sadness as always and her face was still the same, though more mature.
‘Don’t lie to me, did you know about this woman? Does she have a child for your brother? Is that the reason you are protecting her?’
Delilah felt hurt and betrayed. It was obvious that Lily was not being truthful.
‘Delilah, sometimes the truth is meant to be protected. My brother would never date this kind of woman, I swear it. Gavin has got class and taste. He knows that neither I nor my mother would support him being with this whore!’
Lily buried her face in her hands, she remembered Ore Martins quite well. She was a low level tramp that no one wanted to associate with.
She had been abused and used by many men, how could her brother be with someone like that?
‘Can you just tell me about her? When I first saw that picture, it felt like I had known her from somewhere, but…I just couldn’t tell where.’ Delilah took the phone gently from Lily and starred at the picture once again.
Lily was so upset with this new discovery, ‘She was just very loose. I heard she did a lot of abortions too. Look, I don’t even want to talk about that sort of person. Gavin would never make the mistake of bringing her into our lives.’
Hearing those words made her heart spiral into an orgasmic wave of expectations. She felt loved and accepted; she was reassured of Gavin’s preference of her.
‘Why would he even flirt with her in the first place?’ Delilah laughed.
Men, he was probably using her to satiate the wants of his loins.
‘You know, I tried seducing your brother the other day in the kitchen…’ she giggled.
‘Did he fall for it?’ Lily raised a brow.
‘No.’ Delilah shook her head, and they both laughed.
Lily told Delilah a little about her love life, which was not very interesting.
‘Tell me about your sex life, I want to hear about that.’ Delilah teased.
Lily sniggered, ‘Well, I am straight. I have never been with a man before though, I plan on waiting.’
Blood tweaked Delilah’s cheeks at the mention of “straight,” she was nothing near straight. She realized that she also had a secret to protect.
Now that she had fallen in love with Gavin, she could never let him know about her past with Julia, whom she had not set eyes on for some months now.
‘That is nice.’ Delilah kept a straight face, silently praying that her past wouldn’t show up to ruin God’s plan for her life.
Ten minutes later, Lily was in Gavin’s office where she waited to receive the man that had come all the way from Carida to see her brother.
‘Are you sure you don’t mind my presence here?’ Delilah asked.
She had wanted to take Lily’s office, where she could relax and play some cool games on her phone, but Lily had insisted they both stay together.
‘If you ask me, it is highly unprofessional. Mr. Paul may even feel uncomfortable.’ She added.
Lily had never done this before, she was not confident to face this man. Delilah’s presence in the room would make her feel bolder, but she didn’t tell Delilah about her fears.
‘I’ll handle everything Dee, just sit in that corner and wear your best smile.’ Lily winked.
She clamped her fingers together and placed them on the glass table, while waiting for the man to present himself.
As expected, the door flew wide open and a tall dark man strolled in with a bright smile on his face, which seemed to fade as his eyes met with Lily’s.
‘Good morning Sir, my name is Lily Adediran, I would be representing my brother in this meeting.’ She rose to her feet, acknowledging his presence.
Paul had expected gloomy faces and a melancholic atmosphere; he had a feeling that something had gone wrong.
‘Why is Gavin not here?’ He asked.
She was about to offer her response when the door flew in and Gavin’s secretary bellowed, ‘Madam, Ms. Irene is here to see you.’
‘Okay, let her in.’ Lily replied.
              You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP3

Gavin carefully took off the clothes from his body before settling on the bed. He still pondered on the reason why the Spirit had asked him to stay back from work.
He thought about the scary dream of the big bird that he had seen earlier.
What was happening to him? Why was he having revelations without clear interpretations?
‘Lord, you helped Daniel and Joseph; please hide nothing from your servant.’ He murmured and grabbed his phone.
Ore consumed other thoughts that had troubled him. She was primary, she was a treasure and he couldn’t lose her.
He had searched her house and called her many times, but she had refused to take her call.
Though he had never told her explicitly, he was deeply in love with her. What man in his sane mind wouldn’t?
He did a mental check on all the conversations he had with Ore, before she blocked him out of her life.
A smile danced at the corner of his lips as he thought about their first meeting.
‘She was heavily drunk.’ He whispered.
She looked pale, broken and lost, but there was something about her eyes, the innocence and the pain they carried called to him; he had found it hard to resist such a noble calling.
Then as they got closer, she had opened up to him about her ex, Paul, a man that had dumped her without a concrete reason.
Gavin missed her, more than she could ever imagine.
All of a sudden, he felt a powerful stir in his Spirit. He felt a prickly sensation, starting from the crown of his hair to his feet. The Spirit had come again…
Gavin secretly hoped that He had come to explain all the visions and dreams he had.
“Gavin,” The Spirit whispered.
‘Father…’He straightened on his bed.
“Get dressed, go to your office. I want to show them that I am God.”
Gavin had not expected this, why had God asked him to stay back in the first place?
“I will anoint your head, in the presence of your enemies.”

Ore was still tied to a chair, and she was starting to get uncomfortable. Why would the Holy Spirit want her to help someone who was deliberately punishing her for no reason?
She closed her eyes and did a mental rundown on all the conversations she had with Julia, her captor. Julia seemed like someone who was broken on the inside, but was desperate to paint a new image of her to others.
She presented a false definition of herself to outsiders.
Ore had noticed the way her hands had shook when she had held the gun towards her.
‘If she’d wanted to kill me, she would have done it by now.’ Ore murmured.
She sighed and looked at the ruffled bed, with packs of cigarettes and little vials of which she was certain contained hard drugs.
‘What a life.’ Ore rolled her eyes.
She also remembered that Julia had mentioned Gavin during one of her phone calls to an unknown person. This made her more curious about her captor. If only she could get closer to Julia, she would get to know her better and when she got to know her better, she could save her from the path that led to destruction.

To be continued…

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