Her ankles were starting to throb. Her wrists were reddish and swollen from the ropes that bound them. Her tummy rumbled, as Julia had not offered her anything for breakfast.
‘How long is this supposed to continue?’ Ore felt deeply hurt and frustrated.
She had a life outside this hotel room. She had students who loved her lessons and her warm personality. She had Gavin!
‘This is my fault, I should never have left him that night.’ Her voice was broken and cracked.

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She wished she could go back in time, and make everything right.
“Are you telling me that you regret meeting with Julia?” A still voice whispered in her mind.
Her careless thoughts fled at once, as she realized the Spirit had come to her.
She licked her flaky lips swiftly, and pondered on his question. Did she regret meeting with Julia?
Ore sighed, ‘No, I don’t. I am beginning to like her, but it is not reason enough for her to keep me like a common thief.’ She replied.
“So, if you had a chance to leave this place, would you leave her behind?” The Spirit asked.
This was a very difficult question. She admitted that there was something about Julia that attracted her, but what if she had the chance to run away from this place? Wouldn’t she take it without deliberation?
She pulled in a deep breath, and held her hands in position as they had began to tremble. This always happened whenever she was hungry.
‘Lord, truly, I don’t know what I would do should I regain my freedom.’ It was better to tell the Spirit the truth, than to lie just to please him. After all, he was the reader of all mortal thoughts. Nothing could be hidden from him, and nothing should be hidden from him.

“Very well then, you will have your freedom but remember that your destiny is entwined with Julia’s.” Those were his last words, before he went quiet.
‘I don’t understand what destiny? What are you talking about?’ Ore’s mind whispered to the Spirit, but she felt a wall of coldness within. As usual, he had gone quiet on her.
She sighed and rested on the chair, still trying to figure out, what his words truly meant.
Did she have a destiny? If then, what possibly could it be?
Tired of speculations and cooking up theories, she pushed the thoughts in her mind away and began to hum some Christian Hymns.
‘What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and grief to bear…’ she hummed slowly, leaving her burdens and worries at his feet.
Ten minutes, she felt a knock on the door. At first, she thought she had imagined it, but when the tap came a second time, her eyes cracked open to reality.
It was flagrant, that someone other than Julia had come to see her as it wasn’t Julia’s style to knock on the door.
Freedom had come.
‘Can you open the door from outside? I am not really strong.’ Ore called to the knocker.
‘Good morning Madam, it is Room Service.’ A female voice bellowed.
‘Oh, you can come in.’ Ore repeated, she knew they had their own keys.
‘Okay…’ the attendant sounded hesitant, but she opened the door anyway.
When she walked in, her feet were glued to the spot as she noticed Ore had been tied to a chair.
‘Please don’t run, just close the door.’ Ore begged.
‘What is happening in this room?’ The sturdy female asked, eyes wild in bewilderment.
‘Can you not ask me any question just yet? Close the door and I will tell you everything.’ Ore replied in a cool voice, she didn’t want to startle the attendant.
The attendant shook her head and moved back, ‘something very criminal is going on in this room, and I don’t want to be a part of it. I am calling the Police.’ She returned.
Ore couldn’t let her do that. Yes, she wanted freedom, but not at Julia’s expense. Julia had not killed her, she had done nothing wrong to her. The least she could do, was to protect her from the law.
‘I can explain what you’re seeing here, but it is quite disgusting…’ Ore licked her lips. She closed her eyes and considered telling the attendant that Julia was her lover, and they were just doing one of their sex things. But she couldn’t, that would be lying and the Spirit didn’t like that.
The attendant raised a brow, and allowed a crooked smile take full control of her oval face.
‘Are you a lesbian?’ She scoffed.
Ore laughed, she didn’t offer a rebuttal or an admission. She just shrugged and relaxed against the chair.
‘Can you get me out of the chains? She wouldn’t come back any time soon and I forgot to tell her that I would need some fruits.’ Ore winked.
The attendant chuckled and quickly shut the door behind her. She moved straight to Ore’s position and quickly helped with loosening her.
‘I came to check if you guys needed anything. It is part of our duty to be sure our customers have maximum satisfaction.’ The lady explained while working on the chains.
‘That is really nice; my name is Ore, what’s yours?’
‘You can call me Fatimah.’ She flashed a smile.
‘Beautiful name, can you get me something to eat? I am really famished.’ Ore rubbed her wrists the moment the chains fell freely off them.
‘Sure, what would you like?’ Fatimah returned.
‘Something light, like yoghurt then you can give me French fries.’
The Spirit had kept to his words and had offered her the freedom she sought. What would she do with it?
                  You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP4
Delilah had been surfing the web, trying to figure out more about this Ore woman that was bent on stealing Gavin away from her.
She was not listening to the conversation between Lily and Mr. Paul, the man who managed Phoenix Baby Care. She wanted to find dirt and substance on Ore. She had to find a way to bring her down before Gavin, and this was the only chance she had.
‘Would you come back another day or would you like to come to our home?’ Lily smiled.
She knew this man was a big deal for their company and she couldn’t let him go easily.
Paul was not pleased with the turnout of things. He had expected an atmosphere of gloom and sorrow, but the look in Lily’s eyes made him certain that there was nothing wrong with Gavin.
But he had to be sure, in his experience, he had met people who could handle grief very well. Lily could be one of such people.
‘I think going to your house to see him is the best.’ He smiled.
Lily averted the man’s eyes, when the door flew open and Ms. Irene strolled in.
‘Irene! Good morning, I haven’t set my eyes on your for a long time. You look very beautiful this morning. Tell me, are we celebrating anything?’ Lily had observed that their latest recruit loved to wear dark colors, but she appeared differently this morning.
Julia had taken time to dress impeccably. She wore a flowery mini dress and purple pumps which matched the milky white ribbon she used on her black hair. She had come to celebrate her victory over Gavin.
Her eyes ran swiftly over the people in the room. She recognized Master Paul instantly, and that was a shocker as she had not expected to see him in Dania republic.

To be Continued…

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