Julia hesitated briefly as she noticed a pretty light skinned woman, whose face she couldn’t see fully as she was looking downwards. For some reason, the woman reminded her of her lover back in Carida, Delilah.
‘Good morning Ms. Adediran and thank you.’ Julia smiled.
She was careful not to let her feature betray her. It was a part of their intensive training at the temple of Blood, not to allow certain emotions find expression on their faces.
Hence, she couldn’t act like she had known Master Paul before. She just had to pretend like this was her first meeting with him, even though, she was deadly curious as to his presence there.

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Paul was not surprised to see her. He had a feeling he would see Julia around, but they couldn’t speak to each other here.
‘Can you sit over there for a while? I would speak with you shortly.’ She pointed at an empty chair next to Delilah.
‘Thanks.’ Julia walked briskly towards the attractive woman whom she couldn’t wait to have a chat with.
Lily shrugged and turned her attention to Mr. Paul, ‘So where were we sir?’
‘At the point we were heading to your home to meet with Gavin.’ Paul replied sweetly.
‘Okay, that can be arranged. I will call the company driver, give me ten minutes.’ Lily straightened her dress and rose to her feet.
‘Why don’t I come along with you?’ Mr. Paul smiled; he wasn’t really comfortable with Julia in the room.
‘Sure, why not?’ Lily strolled towards the door in a casual gait, why he fell behind.

At first, she had dismissed the possibility of Julia walking into the room as the woman whom Lily addressed as Ms. Irene sounded so much like Julia.
No, Julia was dead to her and buried. She had fallen in love with someone whose life was a mirage and full of secrets.
They had been at their happiest place, when Julia had suddenly announced her departure to Dania for undisclosed purposes.
Delilah kept searching for the name “Ore Martins,” but she couldn’t find any dirt on her, it was disheartening to know that Gavin’s heart was for another woman.
‘You have beautiful hair.’ Julia tried to start a conversation.
‘Thank you.’ The woman murmured without looking up.
Julia felt the woman was not in the mood to talk to a random person, so she let it drop. She had a lot of things to figure out.
First, why was Master Paul here? They had spoken the night before and he had failed to mention he would be coming over to Gavin’s office?
‘Um, hey do you know that man, Mr. Paul?’ Julia asked, hoping the lady could fetch her something.
Frankly, Delilah was not in the mood to talk, but it seemed the woman next to her, with her fake accent wouldn’t let her be.
She dropped her phone in her bag and tilted her head upwards, her eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she realized that Julia had been the one sitting next to her this whole time.
‘Delilah?’ Julia’s heart skipped as she realized Delilah had been the woman next to her.
‘Julia, what are you doing here?’ Delilah rose to her feet. She couldn’t believe what was happening.
‘I should be asking you that, are you stalking me?’ Julia asked.
‘And why would I stalk you? You think I care about you like I used to? Come on, get over yourself, I don’t like you anymore. You are a big mistake; a part of my life that I would never share with anyone.’ Delilah released a torrent of curse words which hurt Julia very much, though she was careful not to let her know.
Julia clamped the anger that built up within her.
‘You still love me, Dee. You are only mad that I left you high and dry. I had my reasons, you should trust me. Once, everything plays out, we’ll both return to Carida and live our normal lives. Don’t you want that?’ She moved closer to Delilah and cupped her beautiful face between her palms.
Tears splashed Delilah’s cheeks as she remembered how Julia had humiliated her.
‘I don’t care about you. I don’t care about your sweet words. What we have is like a labyrinth. It would never lead anywhere. We would keep walking in circles.’
She had Gavin now, she had a man to love and to protect and Julia couldn’t ruin her chances at true love.
‘You are still lying. Look at me.’ Julia began to caress the sides of her face, then whispered, ‘You still love me, don’t deny it. I know you are mad and you have every reason to be. But I love you Delilah and I will always be here for you.’
Delilah had wanted to push Julia away, but she wasn’t fast enough. Julia pulled her closer and planted a soft kiss on her lips.
The minute their lips met, the door was pushed open from the outside and Gavin walked in looking shocked.
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‘It is not what you think Gavin, please…’ Delilah quickly pushed herself away from Julia and rushed to Gavin’s side.
Gavin was stunned out of his ears, he couldn’t believe what he had seen. Two women, whom he knew, had been passionately engaged in a kiss.
Was this the reason the Spirit had asked him to come to the office? Well, this part of Delilah surprised him, but he wasn’t overly surprised because she had tried seducing him some weeks back but he had resisted.
He was now certain that she was not of God. She was never meant to be his wife and his family had to come to that realization.
‘Please…Gavin…’ Delilah fell on her knees sobbing. She cursed the day she set her eyes on Julia. She prayed and hoped that Gavin would listen to her, else she was doomed.
Julia was confused as she watched Delilah’s emotional display. She couldn’t understand her connection with the man she thought she had killed. She gritted her teeth and walked closer to have a better look at Gavin Adediran.
How had he survived the poison she had slipped into his coffee?
‘Good morning Sir.’ She muttered.
‘Morning, Ms. Irene, can you tell your friend to get up?’ Gavin had tried relentlessly to help Delilah up her feet but she wouldn’t listen to him.
He wasn’t pissed that she was lip locking with another woman, he only felt sorry for her and that was all there was to it.
Gavin was also surprised at Ms. Irene’s behavior, she wasn’t bothered that he had found her kissing Delilah in his office. She even seemed a little angry about something, but he wasn’t sure what.
Julia said nothing in return, she continued to stare at Gavin. No strand of his hair was out of place. He seemed very normal and that got her wondering if what she had slipped into his drink was actually poison.
It had to be, she had killed a statesman in Gambia with two droplets of the vial and he had died within twenty four hours.
Julia swallowed a bitter lump that clogged her throat as she admitted that there was more to this man.
She had made an attempt on his life and had failed woefully. Maybe Master Paul knew she would fail, maybe this was the reason he had come all the way from Carida to see her.
‘Excuse me sir, I have to go. I am really sorry about everything that happened.’ Julia grabbed her bag from the chair and rushed towards the door.

To be continued…

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