Gavin was not comfortable with the way she had raked his body with her eyes. It wasn’t an arduous look or anything related, she just looked really surprised to see him in the office and that scared him a bit.
‘Okay.’ He nodded and watched her leave.
Delilah was still on her knees begging and crying, even after Julia had left.
‘Hey, I don’t care about what you did. It doesn’t matter to me but to God what you do with your body. You should be more mindful of what the Holy Spirit would think than what people would say about you.’ Gavin caressed her shoulders.
‘Are you sure? Does that mean you have forgiven me and we would still get married?’ Delilah searched his eyes, looking for the answers that she needed.
Gavin scoffed, he didn’t remember promising Delilah marriage. He just nodded to end this scene, before someone walked in on her crying.
‘Just get up, everything will be alright,’ he replied.
She couldn’t describe the rush of relief that flowed through her veins. Gavin had forgiven her! He believed her every word and would still be with her.
‘Thank you.’ She rose up quickly and grabbed her purse.
‘Where are you going?’ He raised a brow.
‘Somewhere, tell Lily I would be back.’ She drew in a deep breath and hurried out of the office. She needed to find Julia or whatever she was called around here and give her a stern warning.
Whatever she had with Julia in Carida was ended. She had a new life in Dania with her man, and no one would come in between.
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He chuckled as Delilah’s words replayed in his mind; he never made her any promises. It was his mother and Lily that were feeding her with lies and vain imaginations, which he would address once the dust was settled.
Gavin dropped his briefcase on his desk and settled in his swivel chair. He grabbed his phone and tried dialing Lily’s number.
He had not set eyes on his sister since his arrival.
‘Pick up, pick up.’ He drummed his fingers on the table slab.
Tired of ringing her, he tossed the phone aside and pulled out a file from his drawer and ran his eyes over it.
Gavin had not heard a word from the Spirit since he came to the office. He was even tempted to ask about the enemies that had poisoned him, but he was careful not to intrude.
In time, the Spirit would reveal all things.
Tired of running through the documents, he decided to call on his secretary to get him some help.
When she had come in, he quickly handed the files to her and also asked after his sister.
‘I haven’t seen her around here, where is she?’ He grabbed his phone, ready to call her again.
‘Sir…I don’t know…’ the girl stuttered.
‘What do you mean by that?’ Gavin’s eyes furrowed together.
‘Um, a man came to see her and they both walked out together.’ She answered.
‘A man, who is he?’ Gavin asked.
‘Mr. Paul. That was the name he gave to me.’ His secretary answered.
‘Oh, it makes sense now.’ Gavin waved her away.
He felt a powerful stir in his Spirit the moment he was alone. His skin prickled and tingled like beams of electricity were passing through his system. His hands and feet trembled; he could feel the Spirit right there with him.
“Gavin…” The Spirit whispered.
‘Yes…’ He waited.
“Prepare yourself for what is to come next. Don’t panic. I will lead you to the Den of the Phoenix. With my power, you’ll destroy them all.”
Gavin was still not sure what the “phoenix,” represented, but he wasn’t about to argue with the Spirit of God.
‘You mentioned enemies; I don’t think I have seen anyone that would have wanted me dead.’ Gavin quickly reminded him.
“You have, you just didn’t look closely. Now pick up your phone and call your sister. Do not panic. I am with you, wherever you go and whatever you pass through.” With that, the Spirit retreated into His vacuum of Holy silence.
‘Thank you lord,’ Gavin murmured, and quickly grabbed his phone.
He could tell that something unpleasant was about to happen, but he didn’t know what exactly. The Spirit had prepared his mind to absorb it.
‘Hello?’ He was glad that Lily had finally taken her call.
‘Gavin!’ She cried in a loud voice.
‘Lily? Are you okay?’ His blood thumped, he could tell that his sister was crying.
‘No! Please don’t let them hurt me.’ She begged.
‘Who, what are you talking about?’ He swallowed, trying to make meaning out of her disjointed words.
‘Them…’ she sobbed.
‘Lily, talk to me, where are you?’ He wished she could just give him a name.
‘The Phoenix, they got to me, they…’ she was about to say more, when the phone was snatched from her and the line went dead.
Phillip sank into his chair screaming, ‘Jesus!’ He wished he was having a bad dream, but he wasn’t. This was real, his sister had been kidnapped.
            You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP6
‘Thank you for everything, you are a nice cook Fatimah.’ Ore had just finished taking breakfast, and she planned to hit the bathroom next.
‘You are welcome, I must go now. I would return later for the bill.’ She smiled.
‘Wait Fatimah…’ Ore blurted out, she had not planned to say anything to the lady at all. She just had the urge to talk to her.
‘Yes, Ms. Ore?’ Fatimah stopped.
‘You are deeply worried about something. In fact, you have been battling with depression and bottle addiction. It’s over today. Jesus has seen your suffering and he wants you to know that it is over. The struggle is ended.’ Ore said.
At first, the attendant grinned and wanted to offer a sarcastic response. But she realized that Ore’s words had touched her in a very deep place and that made her broken and excited, that someone up there cared about her.
‘How did you…?’ She bit her lip. No one knew her secret. No one knew what she had been passing through in her closet. She went to church every Sunday, praying and believing that everything will be alright but nothing ever changed, so she stopped going.
‘The Holy Spirit told me, now go on. You are free Fatimah, Jesus loves you dearly.’ Ore was surprised that the Spirit could use her this mightily.
Fatimah resisted the urge to ask Ore questions. Wasn’t she a lesbian again?
‘I am not. I only said that so you could release me. Don’t tell anyone about what you saw. God wants to use us to set someone free.’ It seemed Ore could see through her thoughts.
‘You’re really awesome.’ Fatimah rushed towards her and hugged her without permission.
‘No I am not, God is.’ Ore smiled.
Fatimah pulled away from her, she couldn’t contain her joy.
‘I must go now Ms. Ore, but I will be back later. I am amazed that Jesus cares this deeply for me.’ She rushed towards the door.
‘You are always welcome.’ Ore smiled and waved at her.
‘Now what?’ Ore jumped into the scattered bed, and decided to get some rest before taking a bath.
While on the bed, she noticed an envelope on the dressing table. A strong desire to open the envelope and read its contents consumed her.
Without hesitation, Ore jumped to her feet and marched to the dressing table. Unknown to her, the envelope contained a childhood picture of herself and Oye, her sister whom she had not seen for many years.
As she was about to open the envelope, Julia stormed in with an angry look on her face.
‘What are you doing there bitch?’ Julia screamed.

To be continued…

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