‘Um…I was just checking it.’ Ore decided to check what was in the envelope so Julia wouldn’t suspect she had any ulterior motives.
Julia’s heart cringed at the sight of Ore going through her stuff. She was petrified and immensely shocked from her experience at the office; she was prepared to let it all out on Ore.
‘Give me that, fool.’ She moved closer and dragged the envelope from Ore.
She had pulled the envelope with so much force that it made the old photograph to be torn into half. The first half was her older sister’s picture, the one who was dead by now.
‘You don’t have to be that rude, look at what you have done now.’ Ore moved backwards with the other half of the picture which she was yet to see.

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At once, all the anger she felt towards Gavin and Paul’s secret moves fled as she stared into the gentle eyes of her sister. She realized something about the photograph, but she couldn’t admit the strangeness that she felt while staring at it.
‘What is it Julia? You have not been yourself.’ Ore noticed that the fire in Julia’s eyes had grown dim, she seemed a bit sad now.
Julia was not concerned with who freed her victim; she guessed one of the attendants had done so, but what bothered her was just one thing.
‘Why are you still here? You are free, you were supposed to run.’ She took her eyes off the photograph for a minute.
Ore shrugged, she had wanted to leave, but she felt it in her heart, that her purpose in Julia’s life had not been completed.
‘I couldn’t leave without seeing your face one last time.’ Ore smiled.
‘Whatever, just get the hell out of here.’ Julia was tired of having one more person related to Gavin Adediran around her.
Ore was not scared or discouraged by Julia’s rudeness. She felt it stronger than before that she was meant to play a role in Julia’s conversion to Christianity. And she wouldn’t leave without that mission being accomplished.
Angrily, Julia tossed the photograph on the dressing table and moved towards the bed.
Ore wanted to do same, but her curiosity got the better of her. She decided to take a look at the picture once, before joining Julia on the bed.
A feeling of déjà vu washed over her as she stared at the slender little girl underneath a mango tree. A memory of this mango tree flashed through her mind, it seemed she had been in this picture before.
This was strange, it seemed so real.

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Ore quickly reached the dressing table for the other half of the photograph, maybe she was hallucinating or going crazy. Maybe she had missed her younger sister Oye so much, that her mind had began to play tricks on her.
‘Stop going through my things! I have already told you to get out and find you way back.’ Julia hopped out of the bed angrily, determined to get rid of Ore.
But she wasn’t fast enough, as Ore had already taken the other half of the picture. And the moment she glared at the innocent brown eyes of the younger girl, she couldn’t deny the image of her younger self.
This picture had been taken many years ago in their grandfather’s compound before he died. She had stood beside her younger sister Oye, underneath the mango tree.
Her heart thumped against her chest, her breathing grew ragged, but there was nothing she could do to control it.
‘Give them to me!’ Julia snatched both photos from Ore.
‘You’re such a bitch! I hate you! I hate you all! Get the hell out of my sight.’ Julia released a string of curse words into the atmosphere, hoping to make Ore more uncomfortable.
To her dismay, Ore said nothing in return. She watched her quietly, and with discerning eyes like she had discovered a grave secret about her.
‘Look, I don’t have time for this. You need to leave my hotel room.’ Julia rushed to her purse and pulled out a gun.
Still, Ore didn’t move. She had known it from day one, that there was something strangely familiar about Julia, but she couldn’t place it.
‘I will blow your fuckin’ brains off!’ She pointed the gun at Ore.
‘Oye…’ Tears welled up in Ore’s eyes. She hoped she wasn’t dreaming, she wished this was her lost sister.
The gun fell from Julia’s hands at the mention of the name she dreaded most.
‘What did you call me?’ She swallowed and stepped away from Ore.
‘Oye, your name is Oye. You are my sister and the Holy Spirit had led me to you, but I was too blind to know the great plans he had for me.’ Ore fell on her knees, not believing any of these were real.
Julia had noticed that the girl in the other half of the picture that she held, shared the same eyes with her Ore. She had wondered briefly if Ore was her sister, but as she was trained to have no family, she quickly pushed the thought away.
‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’ Julia licked her lips nervously.
Deep down, she was greatly shaken by this revelation. Why were strange things taking place today?
She had failed to kill Gavin, and now this? The woman standing before her was an older version of Ore, her only sister whom she had not seen for many years.
‘Yes, you do. I see why the Holy Spirit didn’t allow you to kill me. You would have lived in regret for the rest of your life, should you have discovered the truth.’ A tear dribbled down Ore’s cheeks.
Truly, the Lord had good plans for her, but she had let herself wander in the valley for her past for too long.
‘I spared your life because I didn’t want to kill you. I don’t know what you are talking about.’ Julia moved away, as Ore had begun crawling towards her.
Ore sighed with relief. She felt it deeply that the assassin that had taken her was her sister. This was the reason the Spirit had made their paths to cross.
‘I don’t know why it is hard for you to accept me as your sister. I have been looking everywhere for you. My life has been a mess without you Oye, I love you so much. If you really want me to leave, then say it one more time.’ Ore slowly rose to her knees.
Why would Oye deny this? Her skin was still very light and flawless. Her eyes were clear pools of brown, but with a drop of wildness in them.
Why hadn’t she seen this resemblance before now? Or had Julia known they were sisters? Was this the reason she had kidnapped her from Walstreet Odoja?
Julia’s mouth felt dry. Ore had confirmed her fears from the beginning. Ore had presented her with the greatest truth that she sought.
Where was the courage that she had always mustered up before strangling her victims? Where was her boldness?
She felt subdued by sentiments, something she was not supposed to feel.
‘Just say it! If you want me out of your life, say it Oye.’ Ore wiped her face with the back of her palm.
More than twenty years had passed between them. She missed Oye every day, but it seemed the feeling was not mutual.
‘Get out of my Hotel Room, I don’t know who you are. You are dead to me.’ Julia gritted her teeth.
She accepted in her heart that Ore was her sister, but she couldn’t admit this openly.
She remembered the first cold nights in the Temple of Blood where her initiation had taken place at a tender age of six. She had been kidnapped by some unknown men and turned into this vile creature.
She had been starved for days and tortured, all to make her forget the only sibling she had left, as their parents had both died.
Fresh pool of tears gushed down from Ore’s eyes. From the way Julia sounded, she believed that they were sisters, but she was no longer interested in that bond.
‘Is this what you really want for us Oye? I love you…I miss you, please,’ Ore cried, she wasn’t ready to let go of what she had discovered.
For the first time in her life, Julia allowed the pain she felt within her to take control. She let the tears fall freely.
‘It is not what I want. It is necessary that you must stay away from me.’ Julia’s lips trembled as she spoke.
She couldn’t tell her sister her reason for saying this, but she was doing this out of love.
‘Why? Did I say something to hurt you? I am sorry.’ Ore wasn’t ready to turn herr back on her sister.
Julia sighed and buried her face in her slender hands. She knew deep down that they were coming for her. She had failed to killed Gavin, and for that, her life was to be taken in his place.
‘Please go, you would never understand.’ Julia licked her lips and sobbed hard.
Just when things were starting to take rights turn in her life. Just when she had the chance to make things straight with Delilah, and her sister, the Phoenix would be coming for her.
Like the others that had failed, they would take her down.
Ore knew Julia was an assassin, she had killed that boy they found late in the night. Ore also guessed that Julia had killed a lot of people, she had even confessed it once.
‘Look Oye, I don’t know who you are working for and what they make you to do. I can help you, I can help you conquer your fears.’ Ore moved back and grabbed her by the shoulders.
Julia felt safe and loved as she felt Ore’s arms on her.
‘You don’t understand, it is bigger than what you think.’ Julia replied.
‘It is not bigger than Jesus, I can pray for you, we can leave to my house.’ Ore suggested.
Julia was about to decline her offer when the shrill cry of her phone interrupted her conversation with her sister.
‘I have to take this, it could be important.’ She moved over to the bed where she kept her phone and received the call.
She placed the phone against her left ear and whispered, ‘Hello.’
‘Open the door, I have come.’
Julia didn’t need a soothsayer to tell her whose voice it was. Master Paul had found her, she had a feeling he had come for revenge.
She had no choice but to obey the Phoenix in all things, so she moved straight to the door and opened it.

To be continued…

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