The shock of Lily’s kidnap pinned him to his seat. For a moment, Gavin’s mind went black.
Even though the Spirit had assured him that everything will be alright, he couldn’t help but feel worried about his sister.
‘Lord, Please…’ He adjusted his tie and jumped out of the chair. He didn’t know what to think anymore. He didn’t know the next step to take.
He couldn’t lose two people that he loved at the same time. Fear gripped him as he thought about his Ore, who was still declared a missing person.
‘What do I do? Where should I go from here?’ Gavin murmured, he yearned desperately for the direction of the Spirit. God had assured him, that he would be there whenever he passed through the fire. He needed his presence right now.
He heard his phone ring, so he took it at once.

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‘Hello, Gavin Adediran on the line.’
A chilling and eerie silence responded at the other end, propelling Gavin into another wilderness of unending wonder.
‘Hello?’ He scratched his chin, not knowing what to do next.
‘You think you are smart Gavin, can you really go up against the Phoenix?’ A strangely familiar voice croaked in the background.
Gavin bit his lip and pondered on the question, “The phoenix!” suddenly, the dream about the large bird and the Temple of Blood where a young girl was being defiled by a group of men flashed through his mind.
It seemed the Holy Spirit had been trying to warn him about something, but he wasn’t listening and had gotten his sister into this mess.
‘Look, speak in clear terms. Who are you?’ Gavin ignored the threat.
‘The Phoenix, the keepers of the great bird; the worshippers of the blood Temple; the people you despised with your words.’ The voice replied.
Everything sounded very strange to Gavin, ‘Bird, Temple…’ but a careful thought helped him link the man’s words with his dream.
‘What do you want?’ Gavin snapped. This was a confirmation of the revelation her had earlier. The Phoenix was a cult of some sort, but he knew nothing about them.
‘You.’ The voice replied coldly.
‘Why?’ Gavin scoffed.
‘I don’t know how you escaped Gavin, but don’t think you will live forever.’
Gavin’s wrists began to shake as he heard cries of a female nature in the background. He held his breath, hoping these strange men hadn’t gotten to his sister.
‘Hello?’ Gavin’s lips quivered.
‘Smart man, you must have heard your sister crying and you are a bit worried. ‘The macabre laughter that followed felt like pins against Gavin’s ears.
His fears were confirmed, they had Lily.
‘What do you want? Don’t you dare hurt my sister; I will make sure you all rot in jail.’ He was so upset and he felt totally helpless against these faceless men.
‘I know you can do all that, but we have someone else here with us, would you like to speak to her?’
‘Oh no,’ Gavin whispered in his mind, praying his mother had not been taken along.
Gavin felt like there was a little scuffle in the background, but everything was settled when a female voiced said, ‘Gavin, it is I, Ore, please…don’t come it is a trap!’ but before he could make meaning out of her message, the phone was snatched away from her.
Tears welled up in Gavin’s eyes as he realized who owned the voice.
‘Ore…Ore!!!’ he called her name several times, but there wasn’t any response, the line went dead.
Quickly, Gavin grabbed his phone and searched his contacts for the Director of the Dania Police force. He had a lot of connections, and hoped to use their services to save both Ore and Lily.
Everything that was happening in that moment was unexpected. So Ore had also been kidnapped by this same people?
‘Pick up, pick up.’ He swallowed hard, while praying in his Spirit for the safety of the two women.
He had ringed the man six times, all to no avail. Gavin tossed the phone on the table and rushed towards the door, not knowing what to do next.
‘Lord! Please don’t turn your face away from me. I need you now, I need you desperately.’ He fell on his knees and cried.
But there was no answer. There was no presence of the Spirit, as he didn’t feel it. He opened his eyes and scanned the room once more, but there was nothing.
He felt lost and alone. He was immersed in a sea of confusion. Where would he go next?
                 You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Dessert Rose EP8
Julia had been the one to open the door for Master Paul, but she had quickly sneaked into the wardrobe and hidden herself there, so he wouldn’t find her.
Before opening the door, she had peeped through the keyhole and realized Master Paul had come with someone else, Gavin’s younger sister. She guessed he had brought her here, so they could have something to use against Gavin.
The Phoenix was aware of Gavin’s love for these two women, even greater love for Ore, but they were unwilling to use her as bait.
She held her breath while thinking of the next step to take. Julia was surprised that Ore had not given her up, or called her name. It seemed her sister knew she would be in trouble, and this was the reason she was covering for her.
‘Help me.’ Julia whispered, this was the first time she was praying since her initiation to the Phoenix.
She had been watching Ore closely before they started talking and she had noticed one thing: her strong faith in her God.
Tears sprang up in her eyes as she listened to the conversation between Ore and Master Paul, who obviously knew each other before now.
So her sister had been raped multiple times and by different men? And these sexual abuse cases had spanned from her childhood to early adulthood?
‘No.’ she cried silently, wishing she could find all those men that hurt her sister and put a bullet or more in their stupid brains.
‘Fuck them.’ She swore underneath her breath, and continued to listen.
Her heart fluttered as she heard Ore telling Paul that she had faith that her God would rescue her from his hands.
Julia was stunned by Ore’s devotion to this creature that didn’t care about anyone but himself.
Yes, she never believed in God because he was a selfish creature. Julia lost interest in religion after her forceful initiation to the Phoenix.
She always carried this thought around, “If God really existed, why was I kidnapped and initiated?” But right there in that wardrobe, she was starting to believe that there was a force outside of man, one that was stronger than human desire and technology.
Gavin was a living Testimony.
Ore’s eyeballs had almost popped out of her eye sockets when Paul had walked into the room with a slender pretty girl who had a striking resemblance to someone she once knew.
At first, she had expressed her surprise at seeing him here. She was about calling Julia when he pulled out a gun and dragged Lily violently into the Hotel room.
‘What is the meaning of this? Have you come to kill me?’ Ore scoffed and quickly moved away from the man that had dumped her after revealing to him that she was not a virgin.
Paul was not surprised to see her; in fact, he had looked forward to this moment.
At first, he had wanted to pay Gavin a visit, but he had received a call from one of his superiors in the Temple of Blood to kill Gavin within twenty four hours before it was too late for them.
And the only way to accomplish that was to kidnap Lily and meet up with Julia in her Hotel room, so they could all leave for the Temple in Carida. However, there was a little hitch in his plans.
‘If you are done talking, I would love to see Julia. Where is she?’ Paul gritted his teeth and scanned the room angrily.

To be continued…

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