He was tall and dark; he wore an afro hairdo; he had cute brown eyes, a straight nose and deep red lips. He had a nice and lean body so the tux he wore was a perfect fit.


Diamonds In A Jar S1 – Eps Five


‘Thanks’ she blushed and tore her eyes away from his penetrating gaze.

This was the happiest day of Jake’s twenty-four years on earth; he had fallen in love with Emerald after reading her mind bugging post about the artwork her mother had discovered in Budapest. Such intellect was rare and he was drawn to it.

He loved the fairness of her skin; she glowed like a porcelain doll, Emerald was flawless; her hair was curly and short but nevertheless still beautiful; her eyes were almond shaped and brown. She had a small round nose and cute pink lips.

Emerald wore a decent gown and little makeup.

‘So, would you like to meet my mother later’? Emerald asked.

‘Are you sure about that? She may not approve of our relationship’ Jake stepped closer and reached for her hands.

This was true, considering the age difference, so Emerald did not push it, but she knew what she felt deep inside for Jake. She was in love with him.

‘Okay, whatever you say’ she nodded.

There was so much energy between them; so much attraction that she feared he would kiss her. No, he couldn’t kiss her. She had promised to be a virgin until marriage.

Jake was about to cup her face into his hands and kiss her passionately when his phone rang loudly.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: Diamonds In A Jar S1 - Eps One

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They were in the area of artwork display, so there wasn’t much noise at this part of the hotel compared to the rest of the Karina.

‘Um, excuse me; I’ll have to take this’ Jake quickly moved away from her.

She watched as he took the call and wondered what it was that made him look so scared.

‘I have to go home now, my father needs me’ he planted a kiss on her cheek and left immediately.

‘Great! I am dateless now’ Emerald rolled her eyes. She needed to find her mother as she had sneaked away from her.

‘Hey pretty’ a deep male baritone brought her to a halt. Her heart raced at the sound of this masculine voice. She swirled round to find a pair of adorable dark eyes staring at her.

‘Hello,’ she waved.

‘I am Ime’ the handsome guy grabbed her hands without her permission and bruised it with his lips. She forgot totally about her other date, Jake, in that moment.

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‘Where are you Emerald’? Uduak’s lips moved as she scanned the thick crowd. She had warned her daughter to stick close to her but the moment as reporter cornered her, Emerald slipped away.

She quickly fetched her phone and begun texting. She was only relived after Emerald replied, telling her that she was okay.

She released the breath she held and was about taking a seat in the well-decorated hall when there was an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen please we would have some refreshments before the show begins”.

She was starting to get uncomfortable from the stares some men sent to her direction. It wasn’t as if she had not been to occasions like this before, no she had been; only that this was the biggest of them in Africa.

She hated it when men ogled her; she was done with them; she only lived for her passion for discovering artifacts and for the love of her daughter.


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She could never love any man, neither could she trust them; they were all birds of the same feather.

She was slightly shaken as the memory of her affair with Emerald’s father came running through her mind.

What had happened that day wasn’t her fault; it had happened to fast; it was a mistake, her mistake but Rachel didn’t listen to her; she didn’t give her the opportunity to explain herself.

When she discovered she was pregnant, things got worse for her at home. Her mother would wake her up with curses; she would run her down verbally till Uduak got tired and decided to leave Nigeria.

She had been at the University, her final year when this happened; with the money her father had left for her; she took a flight to New Philadelphia first, where she stayed with a friend for two years and acquired a Master’s degree in archaeology before she moved permanently to China. She had been twenty-three years old when all these had taken place and she had given birth to Emerald in America.

As she was still going through the past, a waiter moved closer to her with a confident smile on his face.

‘I am so pleased to meet you in person, do you mind if we snap’? The young man grinned.

‘Sure, that wouldn’t be a problem’ she smiled back.

Back in China, people that recognized her took pictures with her all the time she set foot outside of the house and she didn’t have any problem with this.

“Click”! “Click” the camera snapped.

‘Thanks Doctor, you are my inspiration. Here, this is your wine’ he fetched a glass from the tray he carried and handed it over to her.

‘And here is your seat reservation’ the wine was followed with a pamphlet with her face on it.

‘Thanks very much’ she acknowledged him with a nod as he moved away.

She dropped the wine on the table closest to her and flipped through the pamphlet; she didn’t take alcohol and she wasn’t going to start now.

Her face lit with curiosity as she found the names of some South African archaeologists that had also been invited for the Art Ball.

Works of Nigerian artists like Bruce Onabrekpeya, Ladi Kwali e.t.c were being displayed in the pamphlet.

‘Interesting’ her lips moved again.

Unknown to her, he had been watching. He had been watching her from a distance; each time he watched, he would stare at the picture at the pamphlet to be sure she was the one.

Uduak Eshiet was his icon and he had so much admiration for the woman but he had not seen her picture before; maybe if he had taken a glance at the magazine that Kemi had given to him, he would’ve been prepared for this.

Derek was stunned by her beauty; it was rare; it was sophisticated. She was tall almost his height.

Her skin was white and creamy, it seemed like the only light that radiated in the hall; it dazzled before his eyes; it as calling him to meet her.

Her eyes were large and brown; they were heavily veiled by a canopy of black lashes which made them more seductive; her nose was firm and cute and so were her red lips that were made full by the lipstick that she wore.

‘I need another glass’ Derek called to a waiter as he continued staring at the archaeologist from where he stood.

‘But sir…that is the fourth glass and there’s a lot of alcohol in it’ the waiter was hesitant.

‘I don’t care, I need the wine’ he glared darkly at the guy. He needed all the courage he could gather to help him approach such a stunning lady.

The waiter couldn’t argue, this was Derek Akpabio, the owner of the Karina and he couldn’t refuse his wish.

‘I can do this’ he straightened the edges of his suit and moved towards the beautiful woman whose face was all over the pamphlet.

‘Hey there’ he grinned as he neared her; his skin tingled as he took in her beauty.



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