Time had passed and Adaora could feel it. The gods hadn’t spoken to her again and this got her worried. The King’s palace was the last place that she wished to be. Images of the dead maidens haunted her each night. She found it difficult to sleep after princess Uli had led her to the deadly dome. If Chiemelie had the guts to slaughter women without conscience, it was obvious that she wasn’t safe.
As Adaora paced the mud house where she had been kept, she couldn’t help but wonder aloud. The room she was placed in was befitting of a regal. The walls were polished with new clay; the floors were adorned with shells of periwinkles and snails. Artistic designs made from cowpea blood and charcoal marked the walls and the floor. The bamboo bed which had been provided for her was very large and strong. As Adaora observed the excellent furnishing, she briefly remembered her life as a slave.
Close to the bed lay a huge wooden box. The King had filled it with different costumes and expensive beads. It was obvious that he desperately wanted her attention. But Adaora couldn’t forget her purpose. She covered her face in her palms and bowed her head.
“Why did you bring me here? You have given me powers of the moon and sun, why can’t you help me to harness it and set the people free from this cursed king?” She grumbled.
Everyone in Amabara was afraid of Chiemelie. The only person who didn’t cower before him was his sister, Uli and Adaora feared for her safety. She waited for an answer from the gods. She desired a vision, a voice or a dream, but she got none. She was about asking another question when the door to her room fell open and she rose to her feet. Whoever had come in without knocking was definitely not a serving girl. It had to be someone from the royal family.

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When she peered towards the door, she saw that it was Uli.
“My princess,” Adaora cast the worries aside and welcomed her with a smile.
Uli was looking exceptionally beautiful in a blue wrapper piece. Her slender neck was adorned with pink clay markings a one black bead.
“My Queen,” Uli bowed her head.
Adaora laughed, “You don’t have to call me that. We both know that I am not marrying your brother. At least, I don’t want to.”
Uli flashed a smile, “I know that you are destined for a king. You have a queenly nature.”
Adaora thanked her for the compliment and offered her a seat on her bed. Princess Uli eyed the room with a smile before settling.
“I hope you love this room.”
“I do. It is very beautiful.”
Adaora knew the princess had come to discuss something important with her. it definitely wasn’t about the state of her room; it was something more. Adaora guessed it could be another secret.
Uli had dreamt of her future. She was very good with dreams as the spirits of the water showed themselves to her because of her kind nature. This time, she found it difficult to understand her dream, so she had come to share it with Adaora.
“I had a dream last night…” she looked away from Adaora shyly.
“Tell me about it,” Adaora nodded.
“I embraced a stranger under a tall udara tree. His eyes were dark and sad but I was able to comfort him. From the way he was dressed, he isn’t a man from this land. I do not know what to make of my dream.”
Adaora’s brows lifted as she regarded the princess’ face.
“This is good news indeed! Are you in love with any stranger?”
“I have never been in love with any man. I detest the way my brother behaves and treats women. A lot of men in Amabara are cruel to their wives so I never desired to be married.”
While she said this, Adaora stifled a laugh. The princess was simply afraid of being mistreated by the one who claimed to love her. Adaora gently grabbed her hands and stared into her eyes.
“You do not have to be afraid, princess. What the gods have destined for you shall come to pass.”
Uli felt a wave of relief when she heard these words. She was happy that someone finally understood her.
“One more thing…” Uli raised a finger into the air. Adaora waited.
“In the dream, he came into Amabara like a thief. I don’t know what to make out of that. I do not want to end up with a thief.”
Adaora explained to the princess that dreams weren’t always as they were given.
“He isn’t a thief but he may not spend a long time in Amabara. You must keep your eyes on the ground to recognize this man. I have a feeling that the gods are about to reward you with a very good man.”
When Adaora later escorted Uli out of her hut, they both noticed an influx of youths into the palace.
“What is happening?” Adaora was curious.
“I don’t know. Chiemelie and his mother are up to something mischievous.” Uli quickened her steps as she walked towards her the palace while Adaora decided to hang around. When she stepped in, her eyes met with Chiemelie who quickly looked away.
Uli noticed a bronze box in the middle of the palace and a bleeding human head upon it. Her lips shivered as she found a headless man next to it. Her eyes travelled back to Chiemelie who had a sword in his hand which dripped of blood. Uli didn’t know what to make out of this situation, she was confused. When silence had taken over the great hall, the King rose from his throne and stepped towards the bronze box.
“For many years, Amabara has played second fiddle to Ezeudo. They stole our lands. They renamed our rivers. They took everythin away from us but no longer do we have to be their slaves.”
When he paused, the men cheered and clapped him.

To be continued…

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