‘Tears poured down her face; her heart yearned for Hamza, but she belonged to Lafa, how would she live with herself?



‘You are not saying anything, someone tried to kill Fatma, why are you so calm?’ Lafa was surprised by his Uncle’s silence.

‘Before you speak, you must first listen, this shows that we have enemies amongst us’ Umar replied.

‘I don’t think Hamza is our enemy, if that’s what you’re saying; if he were, he wouldn’t have come to Fatma’s rescue’ Lafa said.

‘Don’t be a fool Lafa, the fact that Alilat’s son decided to save you from the rain doesn’t mean he is by your side; he must have something to gain’ Umar said.

‘Something like’? Lafa raised a brow.

‘Your trust. He wants you to trust him but he is a usurper; that’s why you need to get married to Fatma as quickly as possible; without a wife, an Emir’s powers aren’t complete’ Umar warned.

‘Okay, I shall be careful of Hamza, I’ll get married to Fatma once she recovers’ he nodded in agreement.

‘Someone’s coming’ Umar heard footsteps.

‘You said we could talk here, isn’t your secret chambers safe anymore?’ He asked.

‘Maybe a guard needs me, let me check that out’ Lafa caressed his dagger, only few selected guards knew of this secret chamber, he needed to be sure he was safe.

‘Who’s there? Show yourself’? he scanned the dimly lit hall.

‘It’s me. Hamza, we need to talk’ he moved closer to his cousin.

‘How is Fatma doing? Would she live?’ Lafa asked with concern.

‘She’ll live’ Hamza moved past him and opened the door to Lafa’s secret chamber; anger rose in him as he stood face to face with his father’s murderer.

‘Oh, I forgot to tell you, Uncle Umar is in town’ Lafa paused, obviously Hamza wasn’t pleased to meet their uncle.

‘You know what? We’ll talk later? Fatma would recover in a day or two, just keep your eyes on her. Sleep well cousin’ Hamza replied curtly and moved away.

‘Boy, show me respect’ Umar felt insulted. How could his nephew ignore him in that manner?

‘Respect is for noble men and not dogs’ Hamza’s jaw tightened as he gripped his sword. He felt like ripping the betrayer’s throat apart.

‘I see, Alilat had bought you over. Send my love your mother’ a crooked smile curved on Umar’s lips.

‘Savage!’ Hamza cursed and rushed out of the palace.


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Davina Diaries Fiction: Hadiza Forever S1-Eps Six

Hadiza Forever S1-Eps Six



Dawn crept in like a thief, giving the early morning sun a bright start; Hadiza had dreamt a sweet dream of herself and the stranger kissing before Aisha’s cold hands shook her.

‘Wake up sister, sleeping time is over’ Aisha shook her friend.

‘Oh no, I was having a beautiful dream’ Hadiza yawned.

‘Well, wake the hell up, we have to go to the river. We have a garden to water and animals to feed’ Aisha folded her mat and slipped on her Hijab.

‘Why are you covering your head today’? Hadiza asked.

‘I am fasting, praying for a good man to come my way’ Aisha mumbled.

‘A good man eh?’ Hadiza smiled, Aisha never ceased to amaze her.

‘Specifically, I’m praying I meet with that stranger again’ she added.

‘Why the stranger’? Hadiza felt slightly uncomfortable.

‘He seems like a noble man; a high born’ Aisha replied, she had a strong feeling the man that had saved her friend was noble and she needed to get him by all means.

‘Alright, I pray Allah grants your wish’ Hadiza rose to her feet. She couldn’t stop thinking about the stranger but she needed to keep her feelings to herself; if Aisha was meant for him, she would never fight it.

They left for the river with their clay pots and knives in hand to get fodder for the animals.

The slave girls made small talk as they approached the river; they spoke of the coronation and how scanty El Kabar was still.

‘I guess Sukura still bubbles with people’ Hadiza remarked as they neared the river.

‘Sure’ Aisha replied and slipped off her Hijab as they reached the river.

‘What do you think you’re doing’? Hadiza wondered. The skies had cleared and the atmosphere was graced by the visit of the sun.

‘Bathing, you should join me Hadi’ Aisha began to pull off her clothes.

‘I don’t bath in rivers’ Hadiza smirked, she had come for business and she planned to do her chores early.

‘Well, I think you should join me, last time you refused; a serpent crawled next to you, maybe that’s a sign that you should always bath at the river’ Aisha winked.

‘Go on. Enjoy yourself, next time a serpent nears me, my savior would show up’ she replied dreamily.

‘Your savior? Why call the stranger that? He is mine and not yours. Don’t call him your savior’ Aisha wasn’t happy with her friend’s words.

‘Well, this man doesn’t even know you, what if he is married? Have you thought about that?’ Hadiza asked coolly, though she felt slightly hurt by the way Aisha had spoken to her.

‘You’re just jealous he likes me, I saw the way you looked at him. Stay away from him’ Aisha warned as she rushed out of the water to confront her friend.

‘I cannot be jealous of you Ai, you know you are my best friend’ Hadiza retreated as she stormed out of the water.

‘Friend? I am starting to think otherwise’ Aisha sneered and got into her clothes.

‘You know what? We should stop arguing and do that which we came for’ Hadiza fetched her clay pot.

‘It seems we aren’t alone’ Aisha heard the hooves of horses.

‘Maybe Allah has answered my prayers! My lover has come’ she yelled excitedly.


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Hadiza Forever S1-Eps Six

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He had pondered on what his mother had told him, he believed her completely, what reason did she have to lie? Seeing Umar and Lafa in the secret chambers made him believe her even more; Umar had stared at him with so much hatred and disdain.

‘You’re awfully quiet’ Aimal observed as they arrived El Kabar.

‘Silence is golden’ Hamza replied and adjusted his straw hat.

‘I don’t understand why we are doing this, dressing like farmers, this doesn’t look good on you, my lord’ Aimal wondered what Hamza was up to. He had readied the horses very early and forced him to put on the bizarre looking farmer clothes.

‘I have picked a special interest in the girl I saved, I want to court her’ Hamza replied. He wasn’t a man of many words, he was a pragmatic one. He knew what he wanted and he was going for it.

‘So how does your noble intention bear connection with the way we’re dressed?’ Aimal arched a brow as they neared the river.

‘I don’t want to be recognized in El Kabar’ he replied.

‘You have so much faith we’ll see her again, you don’t even know her name or where she comes from; we should return to Sukura before darkness falls upon us’ Aimal advised.

‘Well, watch me’ Hamza had faith he would see her again. She had refused to leave his thoughts, he hoped she had recovered from the serpent bite.

‘So what do you plan to do with the rumors?’ Aimal asked.

‘I don’t know, I met with my cousin last night; it is strange that Lafa would think me a usurper, maybe it’s time I played the part’ Hamza hit the horse and it came to a halt.

‘You are a very lucky man my lord’ Aimal smiled as they spotted the two young women they’d seen the previous day by the river.

‘She’s so beautiful, the morning sun caresses her dark skin; my beautiful one’ Hamza held his breath as he stared at her. She held a water pot and faced him, with a look of surprise on her face. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, it was her friend’s voice that interrupted the moment.

Hadiza Forever S1-Eps Six

To be continued….

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