‘I am only a wife, she is your mother’ Hadiza cried.

‘Burn her body and throw the ashes in the Sukura river; she shall not be remembered for anything good’ Hamza said to Nestak.

‘As you wish your majesty’ Nestak bowed before the king.

‘Please my lord, spare my cousin, I promise to take her far from her’ Kabiru fel on his knees.

‘Ask that of my wife, she didn’t wrong me but the Queen.’

‘No need to beg Kabiru. I made this same mistake with Hajia Alilat and Aisha; I forgave them and gave them a second chance and I almost paid for it with my life; Ummi would remain in Al-Gor till she dies. I have spoken, take her away’ Hadiza snapped her fingers and her warriors dragged her out amidst her pleas of repentance.

‘As you wish my Queen, you are right, some people don’t need saving’ Kabiru bowed his head and walked out of the palace. Maybe Ummi’s eternal damnation was the only way to keep their dirty secret.

‘Kabiru, save me’! She cried in a loud voice.

Tears filled his eyes and he jumped on his horse; rode away without flinching or looking back.

Ummi felt weak and terrified; she wondered what Al-Gor was like; her greed for power and the king had brought her here. Now that Alilat was dead? Who would save her?

Hadiza Forever – S2 – Final Episode

Hadiza had slept in the king’s room that night; Hamza had adored her whole body with kisses; he had made love to her like never before; she swam in a sea of pleasure and they both woke in each other’s arms.

‘My angel, my darling, my queen’ he warmed her face with a morning kiss.

‘Husband’ she smiled shyly and climbed out of bed.

The golden sun peeped through the window; the air was cool and smelt nice; everything was at peace in Sukura; Justice that once was displaced was now found.

Everything was peace except Hadiza’s heart; now that her enemies had paid for their sins, it wasn’t going to end the fact that she could never bear a child.

‘I have something to show you’ Hamza slipped on his robe.

‘What is it my lord?’ She asked.

‘Wear your robe and follow me’ he instructed, and she obeyed.

Together they walked into the throne room. She saw Umna and the healer of the twin forests.

‘What is happening?’ She whispered to her husband.

‘Umra’ the old woman fell on her knees and cried.

‘Umra? What is that?’ Hadiza wondered why the woman was crying.

‘She is your mother Hadiza, Uman is your twin; you were stolen at birth’ Hamza explained everything.

It now made sense; the mark on Umna’s wrist; the connection  she felt when she looked at him.

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‘You were stolen at birth child; I have searched the world for you till your brother found that mark on your wrist and told me all about it; that mark is unique, you would never find it on anyone else’ the woman cried.

‘Mother?’ Hadiza raised her up.

She had yearned for a mother’s love all her life; that was why she was so hurt by the way Hajia Alilat had treated her.

‘Yes. Umra, that was the name I gave you when you were born. You are so beautiful child’ the healer caressed her face.

‘Why didn’t you tell me since? That you were my mother and you, my brother’ she turned to Umna.

‘I don’t know, I was afraid of so many things; what if you rejected us?’ The woman said.

‘No, there is proof. She had your eyes and your long hair’ Hamza cut in.

‘True’ the woman nodded.

‘So what about my father?’ Hadiza asked.

‘He died in battle, he was a warrior for Sukura; you look just like him’ the woman smiled as she remembered her husband.

‘When he died, I couldn’t take it, I ran into the forest and lived there, months after I discovered I was pregnant with twins and I bore you two on my own’ she narrated her ordeal.

‘Strong woman, I have yearned for a mother my whole life, I am happy to know you’ Hamza wrapped her hands over the woman.

‘And you brother? Are you older or younger?’ She smiled and pulled him close.

‘Younger’ their mother chipped in and they laughed.

‘So, do you forgive me for locking your mother up?’ Hamza asked.

‘You know the answer to that, I could never hold a grudge against you’ she smiled at him.

‘Thank you my Queen’ he bowed before her.

Hadiza Forever – S2 – Final Episode

‘I know I said you could never bear a child Umra, but I found a cure. You must chew these leaves for a moon, the leaves from the Ibaka tree, they will cure you and you shall bear children for your husband’ she handed Hadiza a gourd filled with black leaves.

‘Are you sure?’ She stared at her husband and then her mother.

‘Yes. You shall bear children for him’ her mother replied confidently.

Before her eyes, hope sprung up; before her eyes, she envisioned a future of her kids playing in the courtyard. She was happy, she prayed to Allah to make this work.

She had suffered enough in life; it was time to be fulfilled.

When they had returned to his chambers; he lifted her up and dropped her on the bed.

‘What are you doing?’ She laughed.

‘Giving you a baby’ he replied and covered his wet mouth on hers.

He was going to make love to her like never before.

Hadiza Forever – S2 – Final Episode



Stay strong Hadiza, please my darling do not leave meHamza caressed her forehead.

‘I cant go on Hamza, I am weaktears rolled down her face.

Pain tormented her; blood flowed through her; darkness threatened to consume her; only his loving words encouraged her.

We have come a long way Hadi, you cannot give up nowHamza planted a quick kiss on her forehead.

I know, but the pain, it is too much for me to bearHadiza cried.

We need our children; we need our family; you can do thishe replied.

You need to push for the last time daughter, you need to be strongthe Healer said to her.

Alright mother, I shall be strongHadiza held her husbands eyes, they were filled with love and longing. She couldnt disappoint him now, she couldnt disappoint herself now.

She drew the deepest breath and dragged it out slowly and groaned.

‘Its a girlher mother announced as the new born surfaced the earth.

A girl, she is so beautifulHamza rushed to see her.

Hadizas mother quickly wrapped the child in clothes and gave her to the father.

Tears ran down his cheeks as he stared at this beautiful delight; he walked close to the window, the place where the sun came from and stood there watching her.

Welcome childhe kissed her and then returned her to the mother.

She is so beautiful, Allah has blessed usHadiza wept softly.

Yes. Yes he hasHamza placed a kiss on her lips.

What shall you call her?’ Hadiza smiled at him.

Her name shall be “Zora” for Joy has found usHamza replied.

‘Zora, I love you ZoraHadiza laughed.

How about me?’ Hamza laughed.

I love you too. You are my whole world; your brought me happiness and fulfillmentshe said to him.

I love you too, my desirehe gave her hand a squeeze.

And so, Hamza and Hadiza begat Zora; they lived in peace, joy and happiness.

Sukura blossomed and prospered; everything was at peace; the sand, the sun, the air and the rivers and all the elements of nature were pleased with the ruler of Sukura.

                                       THE END.

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  1. Aww! What a happy ending, love really conquers all,Hamza is truely a man of his words, from the first day he saw Hadiza even to the end of every thing, his love for her remains fresh. All their enemies had paid for their sins.Rosy u ar the best,DD,keep it up!!!!


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