Elena had decided to go simple. She wore a multicolored Palazzo and a milky sequin blouse which revealed the pale white skin of her chest, almost leading to her cleavage. She was distressed by what she had seen earlier. At a point, Elena doubted her own thoughts. What if her experience wasn’t real? What if her hallucinations started because she was the writer of Demon Hall2?
Demon Hall games had little to do with reality, but a lot to do with a fictional underworld. What if her mind was playing games on her?
“But I already sensed a strange presence before Aniekan appointed me as Lead writer,” she murmured as she got out of the cab.
How could an age long piano play itself and produce such sweet melody? There was no one else in the room with her, but she could feel a great sadness that covered the room like a thick veil. Elena pushed away her doubts, and replaced them with faith. She wasn’t crazy. She had seen a dark figure, and from the look on Idara’s face, she knew something about it.
Researching a bit about the underworld would not only help her write better for Demon Hall2, it would help her understand the experiences that she was going through.
She felt her phone beep. Elena ignored the beeping until she got into the elevator. When she pulled the device out, she noticed it was a text message from her mother, Tamar Benjamin. Elena felt a bit guilty. She smacked her forehead lightly with her slim fingers. Since she moved in with Aniekan, she had forgotten everything about her family.
Okay, she didn’t forget them. How could she forget her kindhearted father and her melodramatic mother? Hell no, she hadn’t forgotten them. She had just become overwhelm by her latest experiences. First, Aniekan had appointed her as a lead writer, and now she was seeing things that weren’t there.
The text message read: I love you baby. I and your father are so proud of your achievements. You should drop by on my birthday; your father intends to throw me a big party.
Elena smiled and pressed a hand against her chest. Tears stung her eyes as she read the message a second time. From the look of it, her parents were in good terms. Well, it surprised her a bit. But as she pondered on the possibility of them getting back together, everything became clearer to her. She blushed as she remembered her father checking out her mother’s backside.
Those two still had the spark between them, but they were stubborn. They were unyielding to the rhythm of love.
Once the elevator stopped at her floor, she got out and ran her fingers hurriedly over the keys.
I love you too momma. I promise to visit on your birthday. I am sorry that I haven’t dropped by the mansion, it is not easy with me here. Mr. Aniekan has just appointed me as the Lead Writer for Demon Hall2(you may not understand this) but I will stop by soon. I love you!

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While typing, Elena had failed to see the figure that approached. It was the harsh tone of Regina that alerted her, and her phone quickly tumbled from her hands.
“Come on, don’t tell me that you are blind as well as stupid!” Regina gritted her teeth.
Elena had wanted to apologize for almost bumping into her, but seeing that the rude secretary was unrepentant, she withheld her apology.
“It takes a blind and stupid person to recognize one.” Elena lowered herself and picked up her phone. She flashed Regina a very sweet smile and continued towards the office.
Regina was stunned by the girl’s confidence. Normally, when she attacked people for two or three days, they always reacted by cowering before her or avoiding her totally. But with Elena, it was different. The girl wasn’t even angry by her rudeness. She wasn’t even bothered by it!
Regina couldn’t help it. She quickly turned round and stared at Elena’s back. It seemed that she had found her match for the first time. One person had to bend, else Games Village would be on fire! Determined to break Elena, Regina followed her right to the boss’ office, where she was destined to stay.
Elena could smell the rudeness of Regina’s heels. Even in her sleep, she would recognize the bitch. Elena had come across people like Regina before, and from what she observed, there was a hollow in them.
You see, violence, rudeness and all forms of toxicity were a reflection of a person’s inner struggles. Something was definitely wrong with Regina. And if she didn’t keep off, Elena vowed to give her the most ruthless form of verbal attack.
“Hey! You don’t just talk to people the way you want. I understand that you are sleeping with the boss! But you have to apologize for bumping into me.” Regina rudely dragged Elena by the shoulder.
Elena sucked in enough breath that would last her. She had to put Regina in her place. She was about spinning on her heels and facing the troublemaker, when she heard a loud sound! Regina had slipped and fallen on the marble floor, and she was bleeding from a side of her mouth.
After tapping Elena on the shoulder, Regina couldn’t explain what followed next. She saw a dark figure looming over Elena, and before she could say anything or scream, the light skinned woman in black, pushed her to the ground. It had happened like a flash of lightning.
“Geez, oh my God,” Elena threw her bag on the floor and moved towards Regina. A tear ran down her cheeks, “I am sorry Regina. I didn’t mean for this to happen. You shouldn’t have pushed me. I am sorry…”
Regina straightened and wiped the blood from her cracked lips. The fall had not been too serious. With the salty taste of blood on her tongue, Regina decided that she had learned a lesson. Something eerie had happened, something that she couldn’t share with anyone. Who would even believe her? But she was certain of one thing; Elena Benjamin was more than what met the eyes.
“Say something to me Regina, speak to me…” Elena fell on her knees and begged. She didn’t like Regina much, but she wasn’t happy that the secretary had fallen. What if she had broken a knee?
Regina shuddered as the face of the angry woman in black played back. It was definitely xanax; the drug that she was hooked on since her mother died. Regina had been devastated by her mother’s mysterious demise that she had vowed to find the killer. Find the killer, did she?
No, but she was able to discover what ailment had taken her mother’s life prematurely, after the postmortem. She swallowed the pills everyday to pull through the day. She was an addict, but no one knew her secret. One of the side effects of long term use was delusions.
“You didn’t push me, there’s no need to apologize,” Regina replied in a calm voice.
“I…I thought I did,” Elena wiped her tears.
Regina scoffed, the girl was even crying! The thought of hating on someone as innocent and sweet as Elena made her feel guilty. She was blinded by her desperation for Seun, the desire to be relevant in Games Village and the pain that turned her emotions to ice.
“I am the one that is supposed to apologize.” Regina rarely did this, but she couldn’t go against someone like Elena. Not many people would have cared about her bleeding, but Elena softened at the sight of her humiliation.
Elena’s chest fluttered. Was Regina apologizing?
“I…I know I have been an ass to you, but I was just jealous that Seun liked you and the boss liked you as well. You just got everyone’s attention, even CJ has been going on and on about your pretty face.
I am sorry.” Regina winced, as a sharp pain hit her ankle.
“Seun?” Elena was startled. She had sensed that Regina had a thing for Seun, from the way the secretary had eyed them both on her first day.
Elena shook her head, “I am not into Seun. I don’t even like him like that. He doesn’t like me like that. I swear, and as for CJ…I don’t even know what to say.”
Regina raised a finger into the air and smiled, “I was stupid. I don’t need you to explain yourself, because you haven’t wronged me in any way. It’s just that. I really liked Seun, but he doesn’t feel the same about me. He thinks that I am after his money. Don’t get me wrong, I like money, but I love his personality more.”
Elena couldn’t believe Regina had thought her and Seun were together.
She moved closer to Regina and collected her hands.
“Look at me,” Elena started, Regina obeyed.
“If you have been this toxic to everyone around, that could explain why Seun doesn’t want to be with you; you are a very beautiful and classy woman. I am sure Seun knows this. Maybe if you are nicer to people, he could have a change of mind.”

To be continued…

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