Regina scoffed, “Nah, I don’t want to be nice. Mean Old Regina is best for Games Village. I make the place come alive!” She winked.
Elena shrugged, “But if you really liked Seun, you can adjust for him.”
While Elena was speaking, Regina caught the scent of her breath. Her heart almost stopped.
“I am sorry, but have you had any drink from someone today?” Regina held her breath.
Elena released her hands, and ran her fingers through her hair.
“Um, yes, someone brought me an expensive wine.” Speaking of Ada, Elena felt like the day was a good one for her. All her haters were coming closer, and she was willing to forgive them.
“No…No…” Regina struggled to rise to her feet. When she eventually did, she blocked the tears that blurred her eyes from a clear vision. No one could see her cry. But the memories of the last moments that she had shared with her late mother flashed in her mind, as the scent of Elena’s breath grew stronger.
She remembered all of it. Regina remembered the little vial that the mortuary attendant had presented to her. It was the cause of her mother’s death, cherry powder.
“Are you alright?” Elena rushed towards Regina’s side.
“Who gave you the wine?” Tried to control her voice, she couldn’t let Elena know what she was thinking. But the scent of the cherry powder on her breath was unmistakable.
Elena was confused. She didn’t see the importance of this question, but she answered anyway.
“Um, Ada…” Elena scratched her chin.
Regina blinked the tears away, it didn’t matter who’d given her the wine. What happened was finding an antidote, because Elena had been poisoned.
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She grabbed a large black dress from her wardrobe and scrutinized it. It was old. She hadn’t worn the cloth for a very long time.
“This will do,” Ada sniffed the dress. She moved towards her table and grabbed two perfume bottles, which she intended to plant in Idara’s room. Once she was satisfied with her outcomes, Ada held them tightly against her chest, and marched out of the room. But not without the bag that she carried.
The house was quiet. This was the first time that she would be spending time alone at the White House. She wasn’t a fan of serene areas. But she loved being alone today. It was her time to push the plans she had with Ese, forward.
Ada marched confidently towards the wing where Idara stayed, she paused and turned around. That eerie feeling that made the hairs on her back to stand had returned. Ada pulled in a deep breath and bit her lip; she tried to shake the feeling off. For all she knew, she had been stressed out the past week, maybe this was the reason for her paranoia. It was purely stress induced anxiety, and nothing more.
Convinced that there wasn’t anyone in the room, she held her head high and straightened her shoulders. The time to set Idara up was now or never. Slowly, she inserted the bunch that Ibrahim had instructed her to, into the keyhole. Effortlessly, the door creaked open.
“Finally, the bitch is going to leave,” Ada ran her eyes over the poorly furnished room, which was only befitting of a maid like Idara. She couldn’t wait to see the girl out of the house.
Ada was about to step into the room when her ears itched. She ignored the itchiness of her lobes, but when the irascible feeling moved to her eardrums, she quickly inserted her fingers into her ears and scratched them. It didn’t take long before the itching stopped. Soon, the air was filled with the sweetest and rarest melody that she had ever heard.
A heaviness replaced the serenity that she once enjoyed. Though the rooms were empty, though no one was with her, Ada could swear that there were many people in the White House. A strong and consuming fear fell over her, and she found breathing difficult. Hot droplets of perspiration zig-zagged down her face.
In a rush, Ada threw the black dress and the items that she had carried along and rushed out of the room. Someone somewhere was watching her. Though she couldn’t see the person, she could feel it.
“No, no…” Ada threw the kids on the floor and rushed towards the exit door. The more she ran, the louder the mysterious music played. Her feet were heavy, and her steps were slow. It seemed that she was being dragged by a force that was more powerful than she was.
Tears stung her eyes. Fear engulfed her mind. If only she could see the sunlight, and get a touch of the cool breeze, she would have a rethink about everything; because there was a strange battle going on. Ada didn’t believe in spiritual things, but she strongly believed that Idara was evil.
Why hadn’t she felt so afraid or heard the music while she had been in her own room? She had to fight for her life. They could still execute their plans without sending Idara away. She had settled this in her heart.
With a loud thud, Ada fell on her knees. She thought that crawling would be easy. Her finger nails caressed the shiny marble floor as she tried to reach the exit. But she failed to move again.
Ada’s mouth fell open as she noticed a powerful wind that had rushed into the White House. The curtains were intoxicated. They followed the waves of the wind, and spiraled to her rhythms. The glasses and bottles at the cellar were taken midair, by a nonexistent hand that she couldn’t see.
“No, this isn’t happening! This isn’t real!” Ada sobbed. Something was happening to her. What was going on?
She covered the sides of her face with her hands. Just when she thought that she had seen it all, the glasses and bottles dropped from midair and smashed on the floor.
Tears rolled on her cheeks.
Ada knew she sounded crazy, but maybe ghost stories were true.
“You are a fucking coward! You do not terrify me, show yourself you demon!” She cried and spat on the floor.
As if the mysterious force had been waiting for this opportunity, the turbulent wind fled the room and calmness was once again restored. Ada’s lips parted as she tried to take in deep breaths; hoping that she would never have such a weird experience again.
But she was wrong. The being that she had challenged, had come to pay her a visit.
A horrible odor filled the air. It smelt of rotten garbage and stagnant water. She wrinkled her nose and tried to rise to her feet, but she couldn’t. It seemed that she had been pinned to the ground.
She first saw the greenish nails, with a scary pigmentation. Her heart jumped. When her head was fully raised, Ada came face to face with the woman that she had murdered in cold blood, with the help of Ese.
“No!!!” Ada screamed in a loud voice. She was definitely dreaming or imagining. Goosebumps spread all over her skin, as she felt cold all over. Her eyes were glued to the figure’s dead eyeballs.
The figure in black grinned, showing a set of yellow teeth.
“Please…please…go away” Ada pleaded. She couldn’t bear this torture anymore.
“Please, Imaobong, I am begging you. Please do not kill me, forgive me for what I did,” she began to sob. Her head was bowed. And her shoulders jerked back and forth and she cried. Due to her posture, she failed to notice that the figure in black had melted into the atmosphere when it had sensed an intruder.

To be continued…

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