Ada had never felt this broken and remorseful. All the scenes of her plots with Ese played back. They had conspired and killed Imaobong, because she had been in control of the White House. Aniekan had loved her with everything in him, and he was set to marry her. If he had done that, Ese would have become totally irrelevant to him, and that would keep her at the losing end. So, Ada had come up with the idea of killing Imaobong, while Ese carried out the act.
The intruder had returned from his stalking activity. Ese had returned his gun and decided to share his discovery with Ada. He planned to pay the dweller of the underground house a special visit. He could swear with his life that the prototype was there.
On his return, he had sighted Ada’s classic Peugeot. He got down from the car and rushed inside, while ignoring the cheerful greeting of the gateman.
At first, he had thought that Ada was talking to someone, but when he moved towards the kitchen area, where her voice emanated from, he couldn’t see anyone!
“Imaobong please…” she continued to beg while pounding her fists on the floor.
“Ada?” Ese swallowed. What in god’s name had come over her? Why would Ada do something like this, knowing that it could get them into trouble? What if someone else had walked in?
Ada’s mind had drifted. She was torn between her mind and reality. She didn’t notice Ese’s entrance. Tears sprouted in her eyes, and hurried down her cheeks in a rush. She had murdered someone and she was planning to do it again!
“Ada!” He lowered himself and grabbed her with his skeletal fingers. Maybe it was his strong grip, or the violent way with which he shook her, but Ada quickly snapped back to reality.
She tried to twirl out of his grip, but he was firmer, stronger.
“Let go of me!” Ada fought hard for freedom.
“I won’t, until you give me a valid explanation to your stupid behavior.” Ese fired at her.
She licked her lips and looked away from him.
“You don’t get to call me names. I wasn’t exhibiting a stupid behavior. I know what I saw. I am not stupid! I am not crazy!” She tried to kick his legs, but he was smarter, he dodged her kick.
“What is wrong with you Ada? I came back home to report my findings to you, and you’re not even stable.” He moved closer to her, so he could sniff her breath.
Ada scoffed, “You don’t even trust me. You think I am high.”
He released her at once, “What did you want me to think with your strange behavior?” Ese was still mad at her, but he decided to let it go. They had more important issues to discuss.
“Ese…I think Aniekan was right about the black figure. I think this house is haunted.” Ada’s voice broke, and the tears that had stopped began to flow again.
Her interruption angered him, “Don’t tell me you believe in my brother’s fictitious tale? There is no ghost in this house! Get that sick thought out of your mind. We have more important things to do.”
For the first time, Ada noticed how selfish Ese was. She had just been traumatized by a visit from Imaobong’s ghost. He didn’t care about her experience. He didn’t ask questions. All what he was willing to talk about was the prototype.
“I saw her! I saw Imaobong!” Ada couldn’t keep it in anymore.
Ese scoffed, “Imaobong is dead and buried. I killed her myself. I am certain of it. your fears are your imaginations. She would never return to hurt us again or take away what rightfully belongs to us again.” He moved closer and grabbed her shoulders; his tight grip was followed by a violent shaking of her body.
“Don’t even think of crossing me. We are in this together. I am this close to the prototype…get your act together!” He continued to shake her.
Tears spiraled down her cheeks. She felt awful that the man she loved didn’t understand what she was going through. He disbelieved her. But her conviction was firm; she had seen Imaobong.
“You don’t get to tell me what to do! Who came up with these plans?” Ada mustered her energy and pushed Ese with all the strength that her fears left in her. The powerful push moved him backwards, it surprised him as well.
Ese was enraged. He had never seen Ada behaving like this.
“I warn you Ada, do not get me angry.”
She licked her lips, “You do not understand because you didn’t see the ghost! I know what I saw. There is something going on in this house. I am moving out, before our deeds come to light. I am no longer interested in the prototype. You can run that on your own.”
She didn’t wait for him to reply. Ada rushed back towards Idara’s room. She had to pack those things and leave without a trace. One thing was certain, the White House, would no longer be her place of abode.
“You can only run, but you wouldn’t hide. I will find you Ada!” Ese gritted his teeth angrily.
How could his partner in crime just sign out without any reasonable explanation? The thought of Ada seeing a ghost amused him, and he began to laugh hysterically.
When the silence had vanished from his veins, Ese smacked his hands together. Well, Ada had helped him get this far, but he was determined to get the prototype and kill his brother. He would accomplish two goals with one stone.
The thought of visiting the underground house energized him. He caressed the .47 in his pocket. He would wait for a few days before striking. It was only a matter of time…

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Aniekan showed gratitude to Uncle George who had agreed to keep the prototype in the underground house. He later left for the Games Village, while Seun stayed back with his uncle. A wicked smile split his face into two, as he drove into the tall building that housed many offices.
Aniekan sensed that Seun’s uncle had not trusted him completely. So he had left a device that could record voices and trap a few images. The chip that he had given to George Bankole wasn’t the prototype. It was an advanced form of a voice/image recorder. He wasn’t that stupid to drop his prototype with a total stranger.
The prototype was hidden in a very safe place that no one knew about. Aniekan had deliberately dropped the chip at the underground house, to see if his brother or anyone else was tracking him.
“Genius,” he chuckled and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.
He pulled a twin chip which looked very much like the one he had given Seun’s uncle, out of his pocket. Whatever was being said would be recorded and transmitted to this chip. All he needed was his laptop, where he would insert the chip and read its contents.
He got out of the car excitedly. Now that he had solved the problem of the prototype, he couldn’t wait to set his eyes on Elena Benjamin.
That teenage boy feeling returned to his chest as he stepped into the building. He remembered her angelic face as she slept. He remembered her smooth skin and the flowery scent of her perfume. How long would he fight back what he felt for Elena?

To be continued…

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  1. Smart move… i can’t wait to read to the end… i really want to know what happens next… well done author.


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