‘I don’t think she is jogging, she just wants time alone after everything that has happened.’ Cassie insisted.
The heavy breathing and sweating of their neighbor Mrs. Daniel drew their attention to her.
‘What happened to you Kehinde?’ Tamar rushed to the woman’s side. Mrs. Kehinde Daniel was a middle aged woman, and she was diabetic, her heavy panting was a sign that something grave had taken place.
Mrs. Daniel had been enjoying the morning scenery of the green belt neighborhood when she spotted two men dragging Eno into a car.
‘It’s your…’ she took in some air.

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‘Would you like some water?’ Elena knelt beside her, but the woman declined. She wasn’t in need of water; she just wanted the courage to relay such a bad news to Tamar’s family.
Everyone was getting impatient with her forced breathing. Why couldn’t she just agree to drinking water?
‘I am so sorry…but your daughter has been kidnapped.’ The woman broke into tears after telling them all that had happened. Eno had been strolling back to the house, when a maroon car pulled over and some men took her against her will.
Tamar couldn’t move. Her legs were numb and everything in her died instantly on hearing this.
‘I don’t understand…’ Elena’s voice cracked.
Cassandra placed her hands on her head, how could they receive bad news on such a glorious day?
‘I think the King is behind this.’ Tears dribbled down Tamar’s cheeks as she realized it could be his only way of paying her back for keeping Eno away from him.
Cassandra swore never to forgive her mother should something happen to their sister.
‘I warned you about this, there is something blatantly evil about Yemi but your greed blinded you to the truth. I am going to call dad and tell him everything that you have done, I guess he would be very happy with you.’ She ran up the stairs without one glance at her mother, or Elena who was weeping silently.
Tamar knew things would escalate should her children tell their father what had just happened.
‘You cannot let her tell him, he will kill me.’ Tamar moved over to where Elena sat and placed a hand against her shoulder. Though her husband wasn’t wealthy like she’d wanted him to be, he cherished his daughters very much and would never forgive her if he got to hear about the kidnap.
Elena patted her eyes dry with the back of her hand, ‘I think I’ll have to call Elvis. I don’t care what you say mum, but the King has no right to kidnap my sister. Eno has made enough money to cover up all that he exhausted in funding her studies. She can pay him, but she doesn’t need to marry a man against her will.’
Those were her last words before she left to call her brother and alert him about the kidnap.
Once her kids and the neighbor had gone, Tamar quickly rushed outside of the house. She fled to her garden, a place where she usually received confidential calls.
A mischievous smug settled on her face as she pulled out her phone from her purse. She knew King Yemi was behind the kidnapping, and she wasn’t bothered a bit. He had sowed enormously into Eno’s life, and it was time for him to reap the benefits that accrued his investment.
‘Hello,’ she called in a shaky voice.
‘Who is on the line?’ A female voice inquired.
Tamar guessed that was the King’s personal assistant, ‘My name is Tamar Benjamin. Please, I would love to speak to the King urgently.’ She hoped her request would be granted.
‘Do you have an appointment with him?’ The lady asked.
‘No, but I have something important to share with the King.’ Tamar was getting impatient and angry at her useless questions.
The line went quiet for a few minutes before she said, ‘Okay, let me put you through to the King.’
In a matter of seconds, the King who’d been in another meeting with his younger sister was told about the call.
‘Good afternoon my King,’ Tamar couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice.
‘Afternoon,’ Yemi had been trained not to relay his emotions to commoners.
‘I know that your men are the ones that have taken my daughter. Please forgive me for not giving her to you the proper way. She is your wife my King, do with her whatsoever you please.’ Tamar returned.
At first, Yemi wanted to ignore the woman for the humiliation from last night, but he changed his mind.
‘Thank you Queen mother.’
Being addressed in such an honorary manner tickled her insides, and she began to rain praises on the King in accented Yoruba.
‘It shall be well with your reign. You are the best my King.’
‘Have a lovely day ahead.’ The King ignored her accolades and broke the connection. Apart from welcoming his bride to the palace, he had other important matters to attend to.
         You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep11
‘Beast, get away from me!’ Eno tried to break free from the cords that bound her. Her fears had been confirmed the minute the men drove into a luxurious mansion which was obviously the Palace of King Yemi.
Her lips shivered as he walked closer to her, ‘Whatever plans you had with my mother doesn’t concern me. I don’t love you and I will never marry you!’ She cried, feeling defeated as she realized that there were seven guards in the room, to prevent her from escaping.
Yemi ignored her screams, he wanted to have a feel of her silky skin. All these years he had kept the image of her face in a special place in his heart. Those eyes that haunted him the first time he set eyes on her picture were right before him and he could do anything he’d wanted with her.
‘I am not asking you to love me, we were meant to be together from the beginning.’ He stroked a side of her face.
Eno flinched away the moment his hands made contact with her skin. Why couldn’t he understand that she wasn’t aware of the plans he had with her mother?
‘Please…just let me go back to my family.’ Her teeth clattered together in a desperate plea for freedom. She had just returned from a journey, she was supposed to be resting and hanging out with her sisters like she had planned.
Being kidnapped by a King who’d already assigned his role as her husband wasn’t what she had foreseen when she had planned a trip back home.
‘Why are you so afraid of me?’ Yemi felt slightly hurt by the way she’d pulled her face away.
He was in awe of her delicate features. She was like glass in his hands, so precious and fragile. Why couldn’t she understand that they were meant for each other?
‘I am not afraid of you…’ Eno started, trying to hard to sound strong but her voice gave her away. It was shaky and laden with pain and regret. It seems she paying for her failure to save Jahnvi’s life.
A tear scurried down her face as she beheld Yemi’s eyes closely for the first time.
‘I know you are a good person. You have a beautiful soul but you try to hide it because you are a King. I don’t know what agreement you had with my mother, but it is obvious that I know nothing of that plan. Please let me go, you can always find more beautiful and younger women. I am beneath your league…’she hoped her words would work magic on him.
A sad smile played on his lips as he regarded her, ‘I am not a fool Eno. I paid your way through school and you will sit by my side on the throne as payment.’ He moved closer and began to stroke her long hair.
She was disgusted by this act which seemed innocent.
‘I can pay you back! I will give you all of the money that you spent on me.’ Eno offered to redeem herself.

To be continued………………………

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