He was about answering when a loud bang shook her from the dream and she was back in real time, wondering what she was doing in a dark room.
‘Damn!’ Eno tried to slow her rush breathing. She couldn’t believe she had been dreaming all that while, it had felt so real.
Suddenly, she became fully aware of the chains that bound her feet and her wrists. She took in the familiar smell of the dark room. Slowly, the pieces of her memories returned and she remembered that she had been kidnapped by Yemi.
‘No…’ she licked her dry lips nervously.

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‘What was that sound?’ She held her breath and listened, but nothing else followed. She could swear that it was a gunshot, living in a country where everyone had access to guns had given her the opportunity to identify a gun by its shots.
Eno sighed, while searching the darkness and wishing there was a way out for her. Her stomach rumbled, and her head throbbed. She had refused the king’ meal, insisting that she wanted her freedom, she felt helpless as the pangs of hunger continued to harass her belly.
She felt defeated as she realized she was all here alone. No amount of crying or screaming would touch Yemi to release her. She had seen the passionate flame that had burned in his eyes for her. How could he even possess such a strong desire for her when he didn’t know her?
Even in her sadness, she welcomed the smile that itched the corner of her lips. She was thinking of her dream. She was thinking about the stranger that had kissed her in the plane.
Eno concluded that he knew her better than the King. He knew that she was rude at times and that she smoked.
‘He knows I am afraid of love…’her weak voice trailed off as she imagined what kissing him another time would feel like.
Her heart began to dance unsteadily as his delicate eyes stared back at her in the dark. Even though she was alone in this eerie room, she felt strong just thinking about the words the stranger had spoken to her in the dream.
“‘I love you darling; you should learn to forgive yourself. Jahnvi’s death is not your fault and you know that. You tried your best to save her.”
Foolishly she grinned in the dark and whispered, ‘I love you too, whoever you are.’
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Sam noticed that the king had a fine taste in the arts, from the paintings that hung on his world.
‘That is very beautiful,’ Sam slipped his gun into the pocket while marching to the throne room for negotiations. The painting was a very simple one, but carried a profound and poetic meaning.
Yemi had wanted to ignore the criminal. He was still confused and angry was he pondered on Sam’s last words before they got into the palace. What relationship did he have with Eno and why did he address her as his wife?
Could his sister Tayo be telling the truth about Mrs. Benjamin playing him?
‘The Sand domes of Sudan by Pita Ohiwerei. He is a famous Nigerian American who did a portrait of an ex Nigerian president once…’ Yemi offered Sam a brief explanation of the painting.
Tayo rolled her eyes in disapproval, she didn’t trust Sam one bit and she wished he could just keep his mouth shut.
‘I commend your fine taste in exquisite things.’ Sam’s eyes travelled from the paintings to the pearly décor and excellence of the throne room.
Tayo quickly snapped at him once they reached, ‘Can you just stop talking? You may fool everyone into thinking that you are genuinely interested in the arts when you are not. Just tell us why you have come before I lose my patience and order for your head.’
Yemi felt emasculated that his sister would talk in his presence. It would show the mask that he lacked the power and authority to rule his own household.
‘Tayo!’ He called her in a gruff voice.
She ignored him and settled in one of the chairs, cross-legged.
‘Well if you are always this aggressive my princess…I fear you may never find a man to love.’ Sam pulled a chair closer and sat on it. He observed that she had the King wrapped over her little fingers. And the only way he could ever stand a chance against King Yemi was to take out his sister.
Tayo glared at him angrily, ‘Of all the things that I have envisaged for my life, love isn’t one of them. It is the language of the weak. I don’t love.’
Yemi was tired of Sam and Tayo picking at each other, so he cut in.
‘What do you want Samuel Ojonugwa?’
A sigh escaped him as he drew in a deep breath. The King was prepared for him and he wouldn’t go back on what he had planned.
‘I already told you, Eno Benjamin. I know that you have taken her against her wish but I am pleading with you for her immediate release.’
Yemi lifted a brow cynically, ‘And why should I release her to you?’ He couldn’t believe the Mask’s audacity.
‘Eno is the woman I love. She would be my wife. You are stealing something that belongs to me.’ Sam replied.
Yemi was upset that he would refer to his angel inanimately.
‘She is not a THING, watch your tongue while you’re in my palace.’
‘Very well then, I want to trade.’ Sam murmured.
At first, Tayo had felt bored with the conversation, but the mention of trading got her attention.
‘Trade?’ She eyed the criminal suspiciously.
‘Yes, in vermillion.’ He returned, while watching the faces of the royals. He told them about his willingness to let go of all the rock fields, even promising to send some of his boys to protect the King’s workers while they mined.
Tayo scoffed, ‘Now that is a big joke.’
‘Did you come into this palace to insult me?’ The King narrowed his eyes, ‘Even if you meant what you are saying, I would never give up my love for vermilion.’
Sam laughed, ‘Of course you will. You are nothing without power my King. Once you have the mineral in your possession, foreign companies would send their representatives to your palace. You’ll be the richest and strongest man in Africa and beyond. I know you want that, but you have to release Eno.’
Yemi leaned back on his golden throne, ‘No!’
Tayo had been looking at Sam’s face the whole time. She was trying to access if he was telling the truth or trying to lure them into a trap.
‘How do we know you will uphold to your own part of the deal when we release her?’ Tayo bit her lip and focused on his eyes.
Sam knew the princess was watching him, he had to play his part perfectly.
‘We can sign some documents and if I go against it, you take all the members of her family. I love this woman and I can’t let her go.’
‘And the Federal Government, how sure are we that you wouldn’t snitch on us?’ Princess Tayo pressed on, getting her brother more peeved with her unreasonable questioning.
Sam knew this one was tricky, ‘Why don’t you trust me? Already you have pinned the Ughelli explosion on I and my boys. You are very powerful princess, and I know you will deal with me if I fail to keep my end of the bargain.’
Tayo didn’t trust him. He thought he was a smart guy, but she could see the evil glint in his eyes. The Mask was up to no good, but they could still benefit from what seemed like a temporary truce.
The Mask and his men would stand down for a month or two, and that will afford the company enough time to mine the rock fields for the vermillion.
‘We’ll take your offer,’ she rose to her feet and moved to her brother’s side.
‘I knew you would.’ Sam was impressed by her intelligence. He couldn’t wait to see Eno again.
The King was petrified that Tayo would take such a delicate decision without consulting with him.
‘No! I would never let her go.’ Yemi rose to his feet.
‘Brother, you have to…we have worked so hard for this. You can always get another woman like Eno. There’s nothing special about her.’ Tayo touched his hand gently.
Unlike her brother, she never allowed sentiments to influence her while taking important business decisions.
‘I can’t.’ Yemi swore under his breath to keep Eno to himself.

To be continued………………

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