‘Yes you will, else I walk out of this palace and leave you to handle things on your own. We both know how things turned out when I left your side.’ Tayo jerked her hands away from her brother in annoyance.
If she had her way, she would slit Eno’s throat so she could put an end to her brother’s abnormal fixation with the lady.
A smug sat on his face as he watched the bickering between the siblings. He had achieved one of his aims, and that was throwing confusion between them. There were just like the elites that ruled the country, even worse on the part of Tayo.
She was self driven and terribly ambitious. And she preyed on the weakness of her elder brother, the king.
‘I cannot lose my pride! Her mother deceived me all these years. If I am letting her go, I must regain my honor as the king.’
Furiously, he stormed out of the throne room feeling deprived and greatly humiliated. Somebody had to pay.
‘I guess I can have my bride now…’Sam rubbed his palms in anticipation.
Tayo smiled, ‘It was nice doing business with you, but if you think for one minute that you could go back on our agreement…’ She walked closer to Sam and waved a finger over his face.
‘I will make sure I hunt you and your men down. I don’t think you would want to taste my wrath, Mr. Mask.’
Sam wasn’t afraid of the princess. He admired her courage, because not many people could stand up to him the way she did.
‘As you wish your majesty,’ He lowered his head in a mocking gesture.
        You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep17

She was still stuck in her fantasy of kissing the stranger another time, when the door to the room where she was being held captive flew wide open. Her eyes struggled to adjust to the sudden inflow of light after many hours in darkness.
‘What now?’ She wondered as she stared into the empty hallway.
She cringed at the thought of the King returning to run his filthy hands on her. She just wished he could understand that she wasn’t in love with him and could never be.
She was ready to refund all of his money if she had the chance. Like himself, she had been tricked into thinking she had won a scholarship by her mother. Eno shook her head in disappointment as she thought of the woman, who had felt she was doing her a favor.
‘You are free to go now. Get out of this palace and don’t contact my brother for anything.’ Tayo marched into the room with two strong looking guards. Eno could never understand the princess’ aggressiveness towards her.
‘I don’t understand…’Eno’s mouth fell open in surprise as the men began working on the ropes that restricted her freedom. Why had the King suddenly changed his mind? What had changed?
Tayo eyed her in disdain. She wondered what was so special about the commoner. In the past, her brother had come home with better looking girls. Why had he been so obsessed with this old hag?
‘Get her to the Mask!’ Tayo ignored Eno’s questions and spun on her heel. Now that the Mask and his men were out of their way, she needed to strategize. She had to work very fast before he changed his mind again.
Tayo was suddenly curious about the Mask and his personal life, she decided to do a little digging before coming up with her strategy for the vermillion.
She pulled out her mobile phone and typed his name on the search engine.
‘Ironic…’ she grinned. The first thing that was written about the Mask was the mystery of the personality who bore that name. Not many people had seen his face, only top Government officials and members of the Secret Service had encountered him on a personal level.
This was her second time of seeing the Mask. The first had been in a fundraiser in Bayelsa. She had gone there with the King, and one of his wealthy friends had pointed at Sam who’d been busy in discourse with the Governor of the state.
‘Elvis Benjamin…’ she murmured as she came across a picture of a man that was believed to be the Mask’s most trusted accomplice.
Tayo pressed a hand against her chest as she stared into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. For the first time in her twenty eight years on earth, she acknowledged that this man was handsome.
‘Sexy…’ she ran three fingers from his forehead down to the base of his chin.

‘Where are you taking me?’ Eno struggled with the guards that led her out of the room towards the long hallway which led to the exit of the palace. Fear gripped her as she imagined what these men would do to her.
She had a lot of concerns, and it irked her that Tayo had completely ignored her. Why hadn’t the King come himself to release her, if she was really free?
‘I demand to speak to the King!’ She cried out in a loud voice, but none of the men seemed to be listening. She was restless. She was frightened, but at this point, there was nothing that she could do to save herself.
She stopped struggling, and allowed the men to lead her calmly till she found herself in the King’s garden.
‘Wait here for the Mask.’ One of the men instructed her. Before she could ask them further questions, they both released her at once and quickly retreated to the palace.
Her eyes fluttered as she tried to adjust to the piercing radiation of the mad sun. She ran her eyes over the impeccable flowers that sprouted from all corners in the garden.
‘The Mask?’ She licked her lips while thinking of the instruction from the man. There was only one personality she knew that bore that name. The Mask was a notorious criminal and she had heard the King talking about him with his younger sister.
What was really happening to her? Why couldn’t anyone answer her questions? What business did she have with the Mask?
The vibration in her pocket lured her mind from the bugging questions. She suddenly realized that her phone had been in her pocket all this time.
Quickly, she pulled it out and decided to put some calls across to her sisters. She knew they were worried about her, but she had to calm their fears first. She was about dialing Cassandra’s phone number when a strange thought entered her mind.
Eno wasn’t convinced that the King had really released her. How could he just let her go after funding her education for seven years? Everything that she had ever wanted had been prepared for her. Why would he let her go without a fight?
A chill ran down her spine as she sensed another presence in the garden. The musky scent was strong. It was kind of familiar, but she quickly dismissed the possibility of seeing him again.
Her thoughts quickly returned to the King who had just released her without a fight. Why had he taken her against her will in the first place?

To be continued……………..

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