Did she trust him? She wondered briefly. Well, it took years to build trust and not a matter of days or hours. She couldn’t say yes or no, but she felt comfortable around him.
‘I feel comfortable around you.’ She said to him, and this made him feel relieved.
‘I could never harm you darling, why don’t we take the questions one day at a time?’ he promised to answer all of her questions when the time was ripe.

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She quickly pulled away her hand, ‘What makes you think you’ll see me again?’ He was so confident in himself, just like he had wanted to pull away the cigarette from her fingers.
Sam shrugged, ‘We keep bumping into each other. I don’t know what you believe, but I have a feeling we are destined for something.’
The ride back home was terribly quiet. Sam fed on the thoughts that troubled him. He hadn’t thought about the implications his true identity would have if Eno eventually agreed to be with him. For the first time, he understood why her brother Elvis had kicked against his attraction to Eno.
He tried to imagine what her reaction would be, if she ever got to know that he was the infamous Mask who led a group of militants that troubled the country.
‘She isn’t going to like me very much,’ Sam thought as he stole a glance at her face.
What if he just gave up now? What if he just walked away and killed his feelings now that it was early?
‘Stop staring at me.’ Eno could feel his heated gaze, even though her eyes were on the beautiful scenery. This part of town was very close to nature. There were a lot of little hills, scattered upon the place and their edges were covered with the yellow faces of sunflowers.
She wondered how Sam had known that she had been taken by Yemi. How? What if Sam was working for the King? What if the King had been the one to send him to spy on her at the airport?
‘Tell me the truth, are you working for the King? Did he put you up to this?’ She asked.
Sam laughed, she sounded ridiculous. If he’d wanted to work with any of the royals, it would’ve been Tayo. She was fiercer than her brother, and he loved her spirit.
‘Nope,’ He quickly riveted his eyes back to the road.
‘So why are you helping me?’ She wondered.
‘How did you even know about this?’ She swallowed, hoping he wouldn’t go quiet on her. She was desperate for answers.
Sam didn’t know where to begin, ‘I promised to tell you everything that you need to know. I am not a dangerous person. I truly care about you and that is why I came to rescue you from the King.’ He explained slowly.
‘I still don’t get it, how did you know I was in trouble?’ At least he owed her that part. And if he told her the truth, she would learn to be more patient with him, while waiting for the other answers.
Sam inhaled slowly, ‘Word travels quickly. I can’t tell you more than that.’ He couldn’t tell her that Elvis was his best friend. He just wanted her to trust him.
She wasn’t satisfied with his response, but she decided to let the matter die…for now.
‘What is your name?’ She was curious about his personal life. She had figured out that he had gotten her name from one of the air hostesses. But she was yet to know his’ and that had been her biggest regret.
Sam’s heart skipped when she asked that. It meant they were making progress in their relationship.
‘My name is Ugly.’ He grinned, enjoying the look of confusion on her face.

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‘Ugly?’ Her cheeks pinked as she remembered telling him how unattractive he was. She swallowed and looked away from him.
Sam wasn’t the traditional dark and handsome guy, his looks were just there. But there was something in his eyes and in his heart. Eno felt deeply in her heart that he was a good person and she could trust him. And that was enough for her.
‘Listen, I am sorry that I called you unattractive the other day. You may not have the Hollywood sexy boy’s face, but you’re a cool person to be with.’ She wasn’t bold enough to tell him that she’d been thinking about him.
Sam shrugged, ‘Sam, that’s the name.’ He smiled at her. She regretted talking him down that night in the plane, but he hadn’t cared. All he wanted was for her to like him back.
‘It’s a lovely name.’ She returned his smile, showing off two beautiful depressions in her cheeks.
He told her that he lived in New Jersey and had gone to Iowa for some business. He had decided to use the Iowan international airport to travel home at once.
‘I see…so what do you do?’ She asked.
Sam giggled, he hadn’t planned for all these questions, but he quickly figured out that if he didn’t tell her the basics, she could lose interest in him.
‘My father was into the real estate business. I took over from him when he died…’Sam’s voice trailed off as he remembered how hardworking the old man had been.
He wasn’t lying about this. He had studied Estate Management in school and he was still actively involved in his father’s business, though as a silent partner.
‘Real estate huh? That’s a good one. Can I know the name of your company?’ She threw him another question.
Sam knew she wanted to ascertain whether he was telling the truth or not.
‘Eldorado,’ he replied swiftly.
Eno quickly pulled out her mobile phone in his presence and did a search of the real estate company online. She sighed with relief when she came across a long standing brand which dealt which real estate related problems.
‘I can’t believe you’d do that when I am here.’ Sam laughed.
‘Well, you walked into the king’s garden with a gun and a mask. Women are naturally inquisitive, and last I checked, I don’t have a scrotum.’ She felt more comfortable knowing he wasn’t a shady person. She decided to trust him and wait for the time he would reveal himself to her.
Sam’s loud laughter filled the car, she had good sense of humor and he felt pleased with that.
‘Well unlike you, I deal with the human heart. I am a cardiologist and I’ve been doing that for many years. I decided to come home to family so I could spend this Christmas with them.’ A smile flashed on her face as she stared at the weak mirage at the middle of the road.
Her dreams of celebrating the yuletide almost came to an end after the King’s action, but Sam had found her and restored her hope.
‘Good one, I have a problem with my heart…’ his voice was husky, suggestive.
‘What is that?’ Her voice became serious. She had forgiven herself for the death of Jahnvi, but she wasn’t going to let any other person die under her watch. Heart diseases were very serious and had to bet treated early before things got out of hand.
By now, they had reached Lagos Mainland and it wouldn’t take long before they reached her home. Of course, he had to pretend like he didn’t know her address because if he didn’t act that way, she’d be totally freaked out. Elvis had given him all the necessary details about his family, just before they had embarked on the journey to King Yemi’s palace which was far away from human habitation.
To be continued……..

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