Sam was having a view of her well rounded backside when she suddenly turned round and caught him staring. Luckily for him, he had slipped on his yellow mask, so she wouldn’t know who he was.
She wasn’t wearing any make-up, but she looked perfect. Her eyes were even clearer than what he had seen at the airport. Her skin was refreshed and glowing. Her forehead was drenched in sweat, and tendrils of frontal hair, which added a babyish look to her face.
‘It is time to go home.’ Sam deliberately made his voice deeper so she wouldn’t recognize it. He was still unsure of how she would react if she knew whom he truly was.

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He knew Eno wasn’t attracted to him, but he was willing to take a risk with her. He just wanted to find out a few things about her before proceeding.
‘Home?’ She quickly stepped back as she stared into the eyes of the masked man. Eno felt wrong about leaving with this man. For heaven’s sake, she didn’t even know him.
Following him would amount to signing her death warrant. Maybe the King had decided to hand her over to an assassin for rejecting his marriage proposal.
‘Yes, I convinced the King to release you. I want to take you to your home.’ Sam replied coolly.
He had told Elvis to return to the camp with the boys after a successful bargain with the King. On his instructions, Elvis had also left one of the cars behind, so Sam would use that to take his sister back home.
‘Wait, how did you know my home and who are you?’ Eno quickly moved away from the man, her eyes were pinned to the enormous gate. If only she could get closer, she would run all the way home.
He could see she was afraid. The fire he had spotted in her eyes at the airport had diminished. Her eyes were now pale, making her look helpless. He knew she wasn’t comfortable around him, especially the fact that he was putting on a mask.
‘I am not here to answer your questions.’ He had to get her out the King’s palace, before Yemi went back on their agreement.
Sam quickly pulled out his gun and pointed it at her, ‘If you don’t follow me, I’ll blow your brains out.’
Eno froze at the sight of the weapon. She suddenly remembered the bang that had awoken her from sleep. She had been right! Someone had fired a gun and this made her wonder a lot of things.
What if the palace had been attacked by this strange man? What if the King wasn’t aware that he was taking her out of the palace?
Eno was no longer excited about leaving. She had desired her freedom, but not under this sort of condition.
‘Please…’ she knew better than to argue with a man holding a gun. A man whose face she couldn’t see.
‘Perfect, now come closer.’ He beckoned on her to draw nearer to where he stood.
Gingerly, Eno strutted towards the masked man, willing to do his every bidding.
‘Good girl,’ he grabbed her hands at once and together they flounced towards the golden gate, which would lead them to where the car was being parked.
Eno was confused by the way her body reacted to the touch of her captor. She was supposed to be appalled by the skin contact, but she wasn’t. Whenever she was nervous, her heart would take a marathon and her body would be drenched in perspiration. But with this man, she felt nothing.
There was something about his height and scent that spoke to her. Was she imagining things? She felt strongly within her that she had met this person before, though she couldn’t place where.
Sam relished the feel of her soft skin. He loved the way their hands bonded. He only wished she would like him back.
Her brother probably thought him crazy for giving up the vermillion to save his sister, but he wasn’t. He had never come across such an intriguing personality and he couldn’t miss the opportunity of showing her what she meant to him.
‘Can…can you show me your face?’ Eno dared to ask, once they reached the car.
She had a feeling the man holding her hands wasn’t that dangerous. He wasn’t some beast that would tear her skin and rip her flesh from the bones. He seemed kind. He seemed compassionate.
The thought of those great qualities reminded her of the stranger in her dream and how he had encouraged her.
‘Are you sure you can handle what lies underneath?’ Sam gently released her. He noticed that she was gazing directly into his eyes this time. She wasn’t afraid of him. She was curious about him.
Eno quickly nodded and took a sharp breath.
‘Do you promise that you wouldn’t run away?’ Sam asked.
‘I promise not to run.’ Eno agreed.
He knew there would be no turning back at this point. He would rely on her promise of not running away.

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She died a million times while waiting for the mask to come off completely. Why would someone wear a mask in this hot weather? And why would he choose a yellow one?
‘Odd, very odd,’ she thought while watching his slender fingers work through it.
Sam released the breath he held and pulled the woolly fabric completely over his head. He couldn’t wait to see he reaction when she finally realized that the man that had kissed her at the airport had come to save her.
‘No,’ Eno placed a shaky hand against her chest, the moment the mask came off.
Something strange was happening to her. How could she see him again? Was this magic? Was she paranormal?
‘Eno…’ he called her name and moved closer.
‘I am sorry for pointing a gun at your face. I just wanted you to follow me. I wanted you to trust my lead. I am also sorry about the mask. I came here to save you and I have achieved that.’ He reached out for her free hand.
Her right hand travelled from her chest to her mouth which she quickly covered to prevent herself from screaming.
She was yet to recover from the shock. Her brain was fogged with different scenes which flashed swiftly like lightning. There had been something about his scent and his forced accent.
‘You…wait…’ she released her hands and stepped back.
‘Please don’t run away from me sweetheart. I apologize for speaking to you that way.’ He was desperate for her attention,
‘How did you even find me here? How did you know that I was in trouble?’ There were a lot of gaps in this experience and she expected him to fill them up.
Sam’s shoulders sagged as he realized that he hadn’t considered the possibility of being asked this sort of questions. Answering those questions would mean revealing his identity. Was he ready for that? Could he sacrifice his safety just for a woman he wasn’t sure would consider him?
‘If I tell you who I am…you’ll run.’ He ran a tongue over her lips. He felt like trapping her delicate lips in his graphite mouth.
Eno blushed; she had caught his eyes on his lips another time. And whenever that took place, she would always remember the kiss in the plane.
‘Do you trust me?’ He caressed her hand gently.

To be continued……………………..

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