‘Where do you live?’ He ignored her question. He wondered if she truly cared about him, or she just felt like acting that way because he had rescued her from the King.
Eno hated being ignored, ‘Answer the question, what is wrong with your heart Sam?’ She called his name gently, and that stirred something within him. The sound of her voice resurrected stillbirth memories.

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Tears pricked his eyes and he fought so hard not to let them out as he remembered his dead fiancée. Anne had been the woman who’d truly understood him.
‘Are you alright?’ Eno noticed that his eyes were glowing, those were tears.
Sam quickly drove the car off the main road, he parked by the side and rushed out. A gust of wind messed up his hair, but he ignored it and moved farther from the car.
He was hurt. Eno did a mental check on all her responses back in the car. Had she said something to upset him?
‘Sam?’ She jumped out of the car and ran after him.
‘What is it?’ She touched his shoulder lightly.
‘Nothing,’ he wiped his face and drew in a deep breath.
‘Is it your heart? Medical science has advanced, I can help you. Just tell me what exactly is wrong…’ She wasn’t happy with his refusal to share whatever it was that bothered him.
Sam swirled round and faced her, ‘No. I don’t have a problem with my heart…I was just teasing you.’ He forced a smile, but she could see through it.
‘If you don’t have a problem with your heart then why are you crying?’ She wondered.
‘Let’s get you home darling, just tell me where you live.’ He ignored her question and advanced towards the car. He couldn’t believe he had just wept because of a memory. It meant his wounds weren’t totally healed.
His heart was still fragile and that wasn’t a good thing. He liked Eno and would want them to get serious, but he wasn’t even sure if he could handle his emotions if things ever went wrong.
‘Sam!’ Eno bellowed his name. Something was bothering him and he wouldn’t share. It wasn’t a heart disease but something very personaly.
She increased her pace till she caught up with him.
‘Yes?’ He turned around.
‘I like you. I like you a lot.’ She confessed, and before he could come in terms with what she had just said, she moved closer and spread her slender fingers across his broad chest.
She felt comfortable around him. Sam drove out all of her fears and that made her trust him.
Without his approval, she lowered his head closer to hers and dropped her lips on his’. This time, Eno was the one offering, and she hoped Sam would accept her sacrifice.
Unfortunately for her, he quickly pushed her away and demanded they return to the car.
‘Look, I am sorry if I gave you the wrong signals, but I am not ready for any romantic involvement.’
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She wass dumbfounded as she looked into his eyes, realizing that he had rejected her advances. He had been the one to lure her out of her shell, and now he was acting the coward.
‘I…I don’t understand.’ She searched his eyes hungrily for an explanation. Where had she gone wrong?
But Sam didn’t have the patience to explain, he already saw the end and regretted flirting with her in the first place. He had to fix himself before starting a relationship with a woman like Eno. Sam suddenly realized that he wasn’t ready for anything.
‘Look, I don’t have time to explain. We can never be together. I am sorry.’ He rushed towards the car, expecting her to trail behind but she didn’t.
Never in her life had she been this humiliated, she couldn’t believe that Sam could do this to her. If he didn’t like her, why did he kiss her at the airport? Why did he rescue her from the King?
Her lips shivered as the chilly wind danced in the atmosphere. Tears blurred her vision. Her mind was clouded by a torrent of wild thoughts. She had never given any man the chance to come this close to her, and now that she had opened up herself, he was rejecting her offering.
‘No,’ with determination she moved back to the car. She couldn’t let him walk away from her like she was damaged goods. There was nothing wrong with her, and there was nothing wrong with him.
Angrily, Eno pulled open the door and got into the car. The manner with which she yanked the door apart surprised Sam who had prepared himself to take a phone call from her brother Elvis.
‘Are you alright?’ He noticed her teary eyes, and felt guilty for pushing her away. If only she knew staying far away from him would do her more good, she would gladly listen to him.
She scoffed, ‘Are you alright?’ She directed his question back at him, because she didn’t think he was.
Sam dropped the phone he carried gently on his lap, ‘I don’t understand…’
She quickly brushed her lashes to prevent the tears from rolling down her cheeks.
‘You found me at the airport smoking and you tried to stop me. You kissed me without my permission and you just rescued me today. Whether you believe it or not, you are the man for me. You found me at my worst and help kick start the healing train in my life…’ She looked into his eyes adoringly why speaking.
‘I have never loved any man and I don’t know what that feels like. My parents were very unhappy in their marriage, and I swore never to get married or fall in love. My work was my pleasure. I was successful until everything fell apart and I decided to come home. Then I found you at the airport…don’t you think there’s something special about you? You are mean to save lives. You a good man Sam and I like you. I refuse to believe that what we shared that night in the plane was just a kiss…because it was more.’ She held her breath, hoping he wouldn’t push himself farther away from him.
There was this far away look in Sam’s eyes as she spoke, the same she had spotted when she’d first met him at the airport. It wasn’t happy or sad. It was the look of a man who wasn’t living but existing because he had no choice.
Sam agreed that her words were very inspiring and beautiful, but could she really be with a man like himself?
‘You don’t know me, I am not special. I don’t deserve someone like you. I am sorry that I tried. You need to forget that kiss Eno and move on with your life.’ He smiled back, but she wasn’t having his rejection.
This man had helped her forgive herself for what had happened to Jahnvi, and she wasn’t letting him go easily.

To be continued…………………..

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