‘Why are you so afraid of us? Are you married?’ She considered this possibility.
‘Hell no,’ Sam laughed, he felt more relaxed.
‘Okay then, I don’t care about other reasons why you don’t want us to be together. I have a suggestion.’ Eno nostrils flared with the influx of more air.
‘What is that?’ Sam wondered why she was so bold and confident that they were meant for each other.

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‘I just want us to try something; if it doesn’t work then we’ll go our separate ways and never see again.’ Eno leaned closer to him. She wanted them to kiss another time, and if there wasn’t any spark or chemistry, she’ll walk away from him without looking back.
Sam felt uneasy about her suggestion, ‘Look, we don’t have to do this. I am not the good guy you’ve always wanted.’
‘I don’t remember telling you that I’d always wanted a good guy. Can I share a secret?’ She winked.
Eno told him about one of her teenage fantasies which she carried into adulthood.
‘I have always fantasized about dating men like Robin Hood. I love a mix of good and bad, but more of good for the society.’ She confessed.
Sam couldn’t believe his ears, ‘Interesting? Did you ever find your Robin Hood then?’
‘No, but I have a feeling he is sitting next to me with a mask…’ she cupped his well chiseled face between her palms, ‘and a gun,’ she completed her sentence before dropping her lips on his.
He took in the scent of her shampoo as they kissed. He allowed her to take the lead, while he followed. Her lips were incredibly soft and plump and he could feed on them all day.
Tired of perusing the fleshy cloves, Eno slipped her tongue into his burning mouth. She loved the clean scent of his breath. Their tongues rolled together, tumbled in the juices that poured out generously from the fountain of their lips.
She sucked his tongue, like it was oxygen. She fought desperately to win his love and his trust. Her hands roamed wildly through his thick black hair. She was hungry for more, she felt little sparks flying all around them.
Sam hadn’t expected this passionate expression from Eno. She was a very good kisser, even better than most women that he had come across. He loved that she was unashamed about what she felt. She deeply felt something for him, and he would be a liar, if he denied that there weren’t any sparks between them.
‘Uhm…’ she whimpered as Sam pulled her closer to his chest, so her boobs were touching the little hairs that shot out of his shirt.
His tummy fluttered at the thought of making love to her right there, but he wouldn’t act on his feelings then. He respected her, and wouldn’t do anything without her consent.
‘Wait…’Sam broke the kiss and pulled back, he had to stop everything while he still could.
Eno flushed as she realized what she had just done.
‘It is okay if you don’t…’ she was about concluding that he didn’t want her when he cut in.
‘I felt something.’ Sam confessed.
‘You did?’ Her face broke into a smile.
‘Yes, I am sorry for wanting to walk away. But you must know that I am not a saint. All my life I have fought for justice; only that the people I’ve been fighting for don’t understand what I am about.’ Sam shrugged.
Eno wasn’t paying attention to his last sentence, ‘I don’t care what people think. My heart is whispering, it says I should believe in you. I will listen.’
Sam smiled, ‘Good, my heart is whispering too. It says I should kiss you again…’ he winked and pulled her closer to his arms.
He would seal his promise to her with a kiss, after which he would take her home.

          You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep21
Elena had been doing a little research about the Mask, so she could post about the explosion in Ughelli with a fresh perspective when Cassie rushed into the room.
‘Elena?’ Cassie’s eyes were on her phone as she stepped into her sister’s room.
‘Yea?’ Elena pulled off her glasses and stared at her older sister, who had a lot of things to say.
Cassie had been surfing the web when she heard something new on the Mask.
‘The first blog that published that post on explosion have taken it down. They claim it wasn’t the Mask or his men that were behind the explosion. Please, don’t publish that story anymore, before you get into trouble for spreading fake news.’ Cassie advised Elena.
Elena’s mouth widened in shock, ‘Are you saying those fuckers posted a fake story and made everyone believe it? I have a feeling the Mask threatened them to take it off.’ She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, something was wrong somewhere and she could feel it.
The blog that had first published the story was a reputable one and had won several awards, both nationally and internationally.
‘Look, I care about your blog Ellie. Just take it down like other blogs are doing.’ Cassie advised.
‘I am even more curious about the Mask. I am going to find him one day and show the whole world whom he truly is.’ Elena shrugged and decided to discard the story she’d been working on.
Cassie could spot a glint of admiration in her sister’s eyes, ‘Are you crushing on him now?’ She rolled her eyes. And her question made Elena laugh.
‘Nope, but I admire him. Our Government is a conglomeration of greedy fools, men like the Mask, remind them of the masses. I know he is taking justice the unconventional way, but look at the Niger Delta, look at oil spillage. The people are being neglected, while the rulers are growing fat every year. Something must be done.’ Elena returned.
Cassie rolled her eyes, ‘Your President isn’t fat, and you should forget politics. Has Elvis called you yet? We still need to find our sister.’ Cassie knew Elena had a curious mind, and she could go on and on about the situation of the country for hours.
Elena explained to Cassie that Elvis had promised to find Eno. She also relayed his greetings to Cassie, who seemed very happy to hear it.
‘I miss Elvis; I wish he could return home…’ Cassie murmured in a sad voice.
‘I wish that too, but he is an adult. He can take care of himself.’ Elena folded her laptop and rose to her feet.
The girls were about vacating the room for the veranda where they spent most afternoons talking about their lives and dreams when their mother walked in with a scowl on her face.
‘What now?’ Elena crossed her arms over her chest.
‘Is everything alright?’ Cassie asked their mum.
Tamar had just received a call from King Yemi, who had told her that he was no longer interested in her daughter Eno.
‘Can you imagine that? I am surprised that he doesn’t want her again. He had been waiting for her all these years, and now that she was finally back, he was rejecting her.’
The girls clapped and screamed in excitement, to the annoyance of their mother who had high hopes of pitching a tent in Yemi’s palace.

To be continued……………………

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