‘Both of you are hopeless,’ Tamar hissed and made for the door.
‘You should be celebrating this mother, King Yemi has finally seen that Eno doesn’t, cannot and would never love him. Unlike you, he is a more realistic person.’ Cassie winked.
Elena wasn’t going to be left out; she walked towards her mother and grabbed her hands gently.
‘Why can’t we manage what we have, mum? We are all working for a better future; all we need is your patience and blessings.’

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Tamar sighed, ‘I came from a very poor family, you kids would never understand why I fought so hard to get your sister into the King’s family. Now we are back to square one…’
Cassie joined Elena by their mother’s side and leaned against the woman’s shoulder.
‘No we are not. I know you are afraid of what we will become, but I promise you that we will not fail you.’ She pecked her mother lightly on her cheeks.
Tears rushed down from Tamar’s eyes as she realized what she had lost, but she wouldn’t let this go. Something had to be done to change her family’s financial status, and placement in the social strata.
‘Thank you girls, I believe in you two. One of you will make us very rich.’ Tamar brushed her tears and pulled them into her arms.
“Amen,” Cassie and Elena chorused, hoping that Tamar had given up on her plans to use her children as pawns, in the quest of wealth acquisition.
A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of her small mouth and she thought briefly.
‘Who would it be? Elena or Cassie?’
The beautiful moment was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.
‘What if Eno is back?’ Elena was the first to pull away.
Immediately, all three women scurried like squirrels towards the door. They couldn’t wait to welcome their sister back to the house.
‘I assure you that my mother and sisters are very friendly. All you need to do is smile and nod, especially when my mother is talking.’ Eno was briefing Sam on how best to act, once he stepped into the Benjamin’s mansion.
Sam hadn’t planned to come this far, but he liked Eno and would do anything to make her happy.
‘Yes boss,’ he quickly grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze.
Elena pulled the door open excitedly, ‘She is the one! She’s back!’ She called to her mum and sister who arrived immediately.
Tamar raised a brow in scrutiny of the young man beside her daughter, ‘And she has got a man…’
Cassie noticed how her sister’s hair scattered and how she flushed at their mother’s statement. It was obvious these two would be tearing the sheets soon.
‘I have a feeling this Christmas would be more special than others.’
Sam was welcomed by three light skinned women who shared a resemblance with Eno. They had almond eyes and pink lips, and he found Cassie to be the most alluring, though her eyes lacked the serenity that Eno’s possessed.
‘Hello,’ he waved at them. Sam knew they would ask him a ton of questions should he step into the house and he wasn’t prepared for them. He had to cook up an excuse and leave immediately.
Eno smiled and stared into his eyes, she could tell that he was uncomfortable.
‘Um…this guy rescued me from the King. You should all thank him.’ She pointed a finger at Sam.
Elena’s eyes brightened as she looked Sam straight in the eye, ‘Really? Do you know my brother Elvis?’ Elvis had promised to rescue Eno, so it would make sense if Sam had been working with him.
Eno rolled her eyes and wondered why her sister would ask such a question. Their brother Elvis, had been gone for a long time.
‘Um, no…’Sam quickly pulled out his phone and pretended like he had just received an important message.
‘Is something wrong?’ Eno asked.
‘Um, I have to go darling. I’ll call you.’ He flashed a smile. Eno didn’t argue, she understood that he wasn’t too comfortable with her family, and she liked that move.
‘Take care honey,’ she blew a kiss his way.
Sam knew it would be rude to leave without saying a word to her mother or her sisters.
‘I have to go everyone, see you some time.’
But Tamar wouldn’t make his escape so easy, ‘What is your name dear?’ She stepped out of the house and walked towards the young man. He wasn’t good looking like Yemi, but she noticed how relaxed Eno was around him.
It was obvious that they had met before now. For a long time, she had considered the possibility of Eno being a lesbian or frigid. Her daughter had never been in a relationship and she had always been evasive about the subject of marriage.
Tamar couldn’t force Eno to marry the King, but if this man made her happy, she was willing to give her blessing.

       You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep22
‘Sam,’ He bit his lip, hoping the woman wouldn’t ask for his surname.
‘Nice name, in a few weeks we’ll be having a family dinner on the eve of Christmas. I’d love you to come.’ Tamar was inviting him into her family, and she hoped he wouldn’t fail.
Eno felt happy and proud of her mother, she hadn’t expected the woman to welcome Sam this warmly after rejecting King Yemi.
‘Thank you,’ Sam waved at everyone, spun on his heel and walked towards his car.
‘He has a sexy ass.’ Cassie giggled.
‘There is something about him…’Elena whispered.
At once, all eyes turned on her, especially Eno who’d felt the question she had asked Sam was unnecessary.
‘I think you should mind your business Elena. You are old enough to bring your own man home for questioning.’ Tamar Benjamin called her youngest daughter to order as they all marched into the house.
‘I am sorry everyone, I’ll never speak out of line.’ From the heated gazes Tamar and Cassie fired her way, she had a feeling they didn’t want Eno to know about Elvis involvement in her rescue, because he was closest to her. And she had missed him terribly.
‘So what did I miss while at the King’s palace?’ Respite rained on her as she scanned the family house that she had missed.

To be continued…

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